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Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 06 February 1999 - 18 September 1999
Voice Director: David Walsh

Adapted from "Seijuu Sentai Gingaman."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alien Kirk Thornton "The Rescue Mission"
Barbarax Richard Epcar
Brunt Kirk Thornton "Race to the Rescue"
Cannonbrawl Tom Wyner "Green Courage"
Captain Mutiny Mike Reynolds
Chameliac Tom Fahn "The Chameliac Warrior"
Chillyfish Tony Robinson "Silent Sleep"
Crumummy William Butler "Stolen Beauty"
Decibat Kim Strauss "Turn Up the Volume"
Destruxo Neil Kaplan "Orion Rising"
Deviot Bob Papenbrook
Fishface Richard Epcar "The Sunflower Search"
  Derek Stephen Prince "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Freaky Tiki Blake Torney "Redemption Day," "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Furio Tom Wyner
Gasser Dave Mallow "Homesick"
  Blake Torney "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Green Shark Tom Fahn "Shark Attack"
Hardtochoke Ken Merckx "The Lost Galactabeasts"
  Michael Sorich "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Hexuba Rajia Baroudi "Dream Battle," "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Horn Blake Torney "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Icy Angel Barbara Goodson "Blue to the Test"
Impostra Nancy Van Iderstine "Orion Returns"
Ironite Eddie Frierson "Protect the Quasar Saber"
Kegler Richard Cansino
Kubak Stephen Apostolina "An Evil Game"
Loyax Simon Prescott "Loyax's Last Battle"
Magna Defender Kerrigan Mahan
Magnetox Dave Mallow "Facing the Past"
Maronda Brianne Siddall "A Red Romance"
Motor Mantis Michael McConnohie "Mean Wheels Mantis"
Mutantrum Robert Axelrod "The Lights of Orion"
  Neil Kaplan "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Nightmare Monster Walter Jones "Dream Battle"
PA Announcer Tom Wyner "Quasar Quest, Part 1"
Psycho Ranger Black Michael Maize "To the Tenth Power"
Psycho Ranger Blue Wally Wingert "To the Tenth Power"
Psycho Ranger Pink Vicki Davis "To the Tenth Power," "The Power of Pink"
Psycho Ranger Red Patrick David "To the Tenth Power"
Psycho Ranger Yellow Kamera Walton "To the Tenth Power"
Quakemaker Michael Sorich "The Blue Crush," "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Radster Bob Papenbrook "Race to the Rescue"
Red Shark Patrick Thomas "Shark Attack"
Rocketron Glen McDougal "Beware the Mutiny"
Rojomon Randy Swerdlick "Until Sunset"
Ruptor Brianne Siddall "The Magna Defender"
Rykon Carol Hoyt "Memories of Mirinoi"
Samuron Kirk Thornton "The Magna Defender"
Scorpius Kim Strauss
Skelekron Doug Stone "Destined for Greatness"
Spikaka Brett Walkow "Protect the Quasar Saber"
Teksa Michael Sorich "Hexuba's Graveyard"
  Kim Strauss "An Evil Game"
Treacheron Derek Stephen Prince
Villamax David Lodge
Wisewizard Ezra Weisz "Double Duty"

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