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Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 12 February 2000 - 18 November 2000

Adapted from "Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoV."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aquafiend Peter Greenwood "Neptune's Daughter"
Arachnor Catherine Battistone "Web War"
Bird Bane Michael Sorich "The Great Egg Caper"
Cobra Monster Richard Cansino "The Cobra Strikes"
Cyclopter Richard Epcar "The Chosen Path"
Demonite David Stenstrom "Ryan's Destiny," "Curse of the Cobra"
Diabolico Neil Kaplan
Elestomp Stephen Apostolina "Wheels of Destruction"
Falkar Ezra Weisz "Ryan's Destiny," "Curse of the Cobra," "Strength of the Sun"
Fireor Bob Papenbrook "A Matter of Trust"
Freezard Steve McGowan "In the Freeze Zone"
Gatekeeper Michael Sorich "Sorcerer in the Sands," "Olympius Unbound"
Ghouligan Ken Merckx "Operation Lightspeed"
Gold-Beaked Monster Neil Kaplan "Wheels of Destruction"
Impus Brianne Siddall
Infinitor Paul Schrier "The Mighty Mega Battles"
Jinxer Kim Strauss
Liztwin Archie Kao "Truth Discovered"
Loki David Lodge
Magmavore David Lodge "Rising From Ashes"
  Kim Strauss "Lightspeed Teamwork"
Mantevil Michael McConnohie "Yesterday Again"
Memorase Marc Caldera "The Last Ranger"
Moleman Kirk Thornton "The Fifth Crystal"
Olympius Michael Forest
Queen Bansheera Diane Salinger
Shockatron Herbie Baez "A Face from the Past"
Smogger Richard Steven Horvitz "Up to the Challenge"
Spellbinder Kirk Thornton "The Queen's Return"
Strikning Eddie Frierson "Cyborg Rangers"
Thunderclaw Bob Papenbrook "Olympius Ascends"
Thunderon Alonzo Bodden "Ryan's Destiny," "Curse of the Cobra," "Strength of the Sun"
Treevil John C. Hyke "In the Limelight"
Trifire Dave Mallow "Go Volcanic," "Rising From Ashes"
Triskull Michael Sorich "Trakeena's Revenge"
Vilevine Kim Strauss "As Time Runs Out"
Whirlin John C. Hyke "Riding the Edge"

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