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Adventures of the Gummi Bears
Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Also Known As: Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears; The Gummi Bears; Disney's Gummi Bears/Winnie-the-Pooh Hour
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 14 September 1985 - 1991
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

This series was later repackaged as Disney's Gummi Bears/Winnie-the-Pooh Hour for the fifth season, then aired as part of The Disney Afternoon block for the final, syndicated year.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Angelo Davini Bill Scott "The Sinister Sculptor"
Aquarianne Patricia Parris "Water Way to Go"
Arte Deco Brian Cummings (1986-1991)
Bubble Dragon Lorenzo Music "Bubble Trouble"
Buddi Dana Hill "Return to Ursalia," "The Rite Stuff"
Carpie King Will Ryan "A Gummi in a Gilded Cage," "Queen of the Carpies"
Carpie Knight Will Ryan
Cavin Sophie Arthuys (French)
  David Faustino (1987)
  Christian Jacobs (1985)
  Brett Johnson (1986)
  Jason Marsden (1989-1990)
  R.J. Williams (1990-1991)
Chillbeard Jr. Frank Welker "Snows Your Old Man"
Chillbeard Sr. Brian Cummings "Snows Your Old Man"
Chummi Jim Cummings "Up, Up and Away"
Clutch Corey Burton
  Paul Winchell
Counselor Woodale June Foray "The Knights of Gummadoon"
Cubbi Gummi Noelle North
  Monique Thierry (French)
Cubby Sabine Bohlmann (German)
Ditto the Boggle Frank Welker "Boggling the Bears"
Doctor Dexter Andre Stojka "A Gummi a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"
Dom Gordo of Ghent Bob Holt "Duel of the Wizards"
Duke Igthorn Michael Rye
Erwillian Corey Burton "The Crimson Avenger"
Flint Shrubwood Corey Burton "For a Few Sovereigns More"
Gad Will Ryan
Giant of the Wishing Stone Bob Holt "When You Wish Upon a Stone"
Giggalin Corey Burton (1987-1990)
  Paul Winchell
Grammi Gummi June Foray
Great Oak Tress MacNeille
Gritty Peter Cullen "Return to Ursalia," "True Gritty," "King Igthorn, Pt. 2," "The Rite Stuff"
Gruffi Gummi Corey Burton (1986-1991)
  Veikko Honkanen (Finnish)
  Bill Scott (1985-1986)
Gusto Gummi Rob Paulsen
King Gregor Michael Rye
King Jean-Claude Hamilton Camp "Princess Problems," "May the Best Princess Win"
Lady Bane Tress MacNeille (1989-1991)
Malsinger Michael Rye "If I Were You"
Marquis de Bouillabaisse Frank Welker "May the Best Princess Win"
Marzipan Tress MacNeille "Eye of the Beholder"
Mobile Tree June Foray
  Katie Leigh
  Noelle North
Most Peaceful Dragon in the World June Foray "Someday My Prints Will Come"
Mother Tress MacNeille
Nogam Billy Barty "Gummies Just Want to Have Fun"
Ogres Will Ryan
  Bill Scott (1985-1986)
Prince Yen Moon Keone Young "The Magnificent Seven Gummies"
Princess Calla Noelle North
Princess Marie Kath Soucie "Princess Problems," "May the Best Princess Win"
Sir Gowan Michael Rye "Over the River and Through the Trolls," "He Who Laughs Last"
Sir Plucky Jim Cummings "The Knights of Gummadoon"
Sir Ponch Howard Morris "Too Many Cooks"
Sir Thornberry Walker Edmiston "The Road to Ursalia," "Return to Ursalia," "Thornberry to the Rescue," "True Gritty," "King Igthorn, Part 2," "The Rite Stuff"
Sir Tuxford Roger C. Carmel (1986)
  Brian Cummings (1987-1991)
  Walter Reichelt (German)
  Bill Scott (1985-1986)
Slumber Sprite Paul Winchell
Sunni Gummi Katie Leigh
Tadpole Chuck McCann "Just a Tad Smarter"
Toadwart / Toadie Corey Burton (1986-1990)
  Bill Scott (1985-1986)
Trina Patricia Parris "What You See Is Me"
Troll the horse Michael Rye
Tuck Jim Cummings (1990-1991)
  Paul Winchell (1987-1990)
Tummi Gummi Lorenzo Music
Unwin of Dunwyn Will Ryan
Ursa Pat Musick "Return to Ursalia," "True Gritty," "King Igthorn, Pt. 2," "The Rite Stuff"
Zook Will Ryan
Zorlock Lennie Weinrib "For Whom the Spell Holds"
Zummi Gummi Jim Cummings (1990-1991)
  Manfred Lichtenfeld (German)
  Paul Winchell (1985-1989)

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