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VR Troopers
VR Troopers

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 03 September 1994 - 21 January 1996

Adapted from "Choujinki Metalder," "Jikuu Senshi Spielban," and "Uchuu Keiji Shaider." For the second season, a US-exclusive suit was made for Grimlord when the production ran out of footage from "Choujinki Metalder" to use for him.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Air Stryker Dave Mallow
Amphibidor Mike Reynolds "Searching for Tyler Steele"
  Terrence Stone "Mutant Mutiny"
Arachnabot Stephen Apostolina "Virtual Venom"
Bazookabot Brad Orchard "Field and Scream"
Blade Scott Page-Pagter
Blue Boar Mike Reynolds
Bugbot Scott Page-Pagter "Defending Dark Heart" Pt. 2, "The Transmutant," "The Couch Potato Kid"
Cannonbot Richard Epcar "The Dojo Plot"
Charmadors Steve Cassling "The Charmeeka Invasion"
Chrome Dome Richard Epcar "Defending Dark Heart" Pt. 3, "The Couch Potato Kid"
Cobrot Brianne Siddall "Kaitlin's Front Page"
Colonel Icebot Richard Epcar
Combax Matt K. Miller "The Couch Potato Kid"
Crabor Tom Wyner "The Dognapping," "The Reality Virus," "The Transmutant"
Cranoid Tom Wyner "Small But Mighty"
Dark Heart Richard Epcar
Decimator Michael Sorich
Dice Swordbot Tony Oliver "Oh Brother"
  Brad Orchard "Virtually Powerless"
Drillbot Steve Kramer "The Virtual V-6"
Duplitronic Ezra Weisz "The Duplitron Dilemma"
Eliminator Gardner Baldwin "Battle for the Books"
Fiddlebot Michael McConnohie "Fiddler on the Loose"
Fighterbot Tom Wyner
Fistbot Dave Mallow "Defending Dark Heart" Pt. 3
Footbot Bob Papenbrook "Field Goal"
Forkoid Scott Page-Pagter "Galileo's New Memory"
Frogbot Richard Epcar "The Dognapping"
General Ivar Mike Reynolds
Graybot Richard Epcar "Race to the Rescue"
Grimlord Gardner Baldwin
Gunslinger Eddie Frierson "Kaitlin's Little Helper"
Hammerbot Tom Wyner "Grimlord's Challenge"
Horrorbot Michael Sorich "Endangered Species," "Friends in Need"
Hydrabot Chuck Kovacic "Grimlord's Dark Secret" Pt. 2
Irradiator Dave Mallow "Quest for Power" Pt. 5
Jeb the Dog Kerrigan Mahan
Knighttime Wendee Lee
Kongbot Tom Wyner "The Battle Begins" Pt. 1
Laserbot Gardner Baldwin "Lost Memories"
Lizbot Wendee Lee "Forward into the Past"
Magician Dave Mallow "Defending Dark Heart" Pt. 3
  Terrence Stone "A Dirty Trick," "Secret Power"
Mechanoid Kirk Thornton "The Old Switcharoo"
Metaborg Tom Wyner "Error in the System"
Metalbot Mike Reynolds "Race to the Rescue"
  Tom Wyner "Kaitlin's Front Page," "Three Strikes," "The Transmutant"
Photobot Terrence Stone "Kaitlin Goes Hollywood"
Puppetoid Randy Swerdlick "Grimlord's Dummy"
Red Python Wendee Lee "The Rise of the Red Python"
Renegade Scott Page-Pagter
Scissor Fist Stephen Apostolina "The Negative Factor"
Serpentoid Bob Papenbrook "Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass"
Sheep Dog Mike Reynolds "Dogmatic Change"
Silkoid Ezra Weisz "Fashion Victims"
Skullbot Tom Wyner "Message From Space"
Slashbot Richard Epcar
Slice Swordbot Richard Epcar "Virtually Powerless"
  Brad Orchard "Defending Dark Heart" Pt. 4
  Michael Sorich "Oh Brother"
Spiderbot Brad Orchard "Grimlord's Challenge"
Spikebot Stephen Apostolina "Nightmares"
Spitbot Bob Papenbrook "The Disappearance," "The Couch Potato Kid"
  Michael Sorich "Defending Dark Heart" Pt. 1
Tankatron Michael Sorich
Terminoid Steve Kramer "Friends in Need"
Torpedobot Lex Lang "The Dognapping"
Toxoid Dave Mallow
Transformatron John C. Hyke "Into Oraclon's Web"
Transgressor Steve Kramer "The Disk"
Vacbot Michael Sorich "Grimlord's House of Fear"
Vanbot Bob Papenbrook "New Kids on the Planet"
Venobot Scott Page-Pagter "Defending Dark Heart," "The Transmutant"
Wolfbot Chuck Kovacic "Quest for Power"
  Brianne Siddall "The Transmutant," "The Couch Potato Kid"
Zelton Michael Sorich

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