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Avatar: The Game
Avatar: The Game

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2009
Voice Director: Richard Dumont
Official Website: http://avatargame.us.ubi.com

Based on the movie of the same name.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abel Ryder Chris Edgerly
  Audrey Wasilewski
Amanti Susan Blakeslee
Batista Bumper Robinson
Beyda'amo Emerson Brooks
Boss Conrad Nolan North
Boss Sean Jon Curry
Colonel Miles Quaritch Stephen Lang
Commander Falco Paul Eiding
Dalton Keith Ferguson
Dr. Epstein David Lodge
Dr. Grace Augustine Sigourney Weaver
Dr. Harper Ron Orbach
Dr. Langley Wally Wingert
Hukato Josh Robert Thompson
Kendra Midori Kimberly Brooks
Kyuna Marcella Lentz-Pope
Na'vi Kimberly Brooks
  Kat Cressida
  Robin Atkin Downes
  Parisa Fakhri
  Keith Ferguson
  Gavin Hammon
  Marcella Lentz-Pope
  Mona Marshall
  David Pizzuto
  Enn Reitel
  Keith Silverstein
  Roger Craig Smith
  Andre Sogliuzzo
  Catherine Taber
  Josh Robert Thompson
Parker Selfridge Giovanni Ribisi
RDA Gregg Berger
  Kimberly Brooks
  Robin Atkin Downes
  Parisa Fakhri
  Keith Ferguson
  James Horan
  Neil Kaplan
  David Kaye
  David Lodge
  Liam O'Brien
  Ron Orbach
  Peter Renaday
  Bumper Robinson
  Tara Sands
  Andre Sogliuzzo
  April Stewart
  Josh Robert Thompson
  James Urbaniak
  Wally Wingert
Rai Uk Kyle Hebert
Rai Uk's Mother Mona Marshall
Scientist Anna Graves
Soldier Anna Graves
Swawta David Kaye
Sylwanin Catherine Taber
Tan Jala Andre Sogliuzzo
Tasun Paul Eiding
Trudy Chacon Michelle Rodriguez
Unipey Parisa Fakhri
Winslow David Kaye

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