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Star Trek: Generations
Star Trek: Generations

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 1997

Based on the movie of the same name.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Amargosa Computer Lani Minella
Arvada Computer Lani Minella
B'Etor Lani Minella
Captain James T. Kirk William Shatner
Captain Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart
Commander Deanna Troi Marina Sirtis
Commander Pavel Chekov Walter Koenig
Commander Tala Lani Minella
Commander William T. Riker Jonathan Frakes
Dr. Beverly Crusher Gates McFadden
Dr. Tolian Soran Malcolm McDowell
Henchman Lani Minella
Lt. Commander Data Brent Spiner
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge LeVar Burton
Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott James Doohan
Lt. Commander Worf Michael Dorn
Lursa Lani Minella

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