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Genre: Anime Film
Release Date: 1988
Voice Director: Kevin Seymour

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Army Steve Kramer (Streamline Version)
  Kurt P. Wimberger (Animaze Version)
Colonel Shikishima Tony Pope (Streamline Version)
  Jamieson Price (Animaze Version)
  Erich Ršuker (German)
Doctor Ōnishi Watney Held (Streamline Version)
  Matthew Mercer (Animaze Version)
Dr. Onishi Hans-Gerd Kilbinger (German)
Eiichi Watanabe Jan Rabson (Streamline Version)
Harukiya Bartender Yousuke Akimoto (Japanese)
  Bob Bergen (Streamline Version)
  Ivan Buckley (Animaze Version)
Kaisuke Bob Bergen (Streamline Version)
  Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)
  Matt K. Miller (Animaze Version)
Kaori Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese)
  Barbara Goodson (Streamline Version)
  Michelle Ruff (Animaze Version)
Kei Carmen Ambrůs (Spanish (Latin American)) (2nd Dubbing)
  Lara Cody (Streamline Version)
  Mami Koyama (Japanese)
  Wendee Lee (Animaze Version)
  Barbara Tissier (French)
Kiyoko Sandy Fox (Animaze Version)
  Melora Harte (Streamline Version)
Masaru Bob Bergen (Streamline Version)
  Corinna Dorenkamp (German)
  Cody MacKenzie (Animaze Version)
Mitsuro Kuwata Bob Bergen (Streamline Version)
Miyako Steve Kramer (Streamline Version)
Nezu Tony Pope (Streamline Version)
  Mike Reynolds (Animaze Version)
Nurse Steve Blum (Animaze Version)
Ryusaku Bob Buchholz (Animaze Version)
  Tessho Genda (Japanese)
  Steve Kramer (Streamline Version)
Shotaro Kaneda Johnny Yong Bosch (Animaze Version)
  Cam Clarke (Streamline Version)
  Mitsuo Iwata (Japanese)
Takashi Barbara Goodson (Streamline Version)
  Mona Marshall (Animaze Version)
Tetsuo Shima Jan Rabson (Streamline Version)
  Nozomu Sasaki (Japanese)
  Joshua Seth (Animaze Version)
Yūji Takeyama Eddie Frierson (Streamline Version)
Yamagata Michael Lindsay (Animaze Version)
  Tony Pope (Streamline Version)
(additional voices) Julie Ann Taylor (Animaze Version)
  Stephen Apostolina (Animaze Version)
  William H. Bassett (Animaze Version)
  Rebecca Forstadt (Animaze Version)
  Eddie Frierson (Streamline Version)
  Jessica Gee (Animaze Version)
  Dougary Grant (Animaze Version)
  W.T. Hatch (Animaze Version)
  Watney Held (Streamline Version)
  Christopher Joyce (Animaze Version)
  William Frederick Knight (Animaze Version)
  Lex Lang (Animaze Version)
  Patricia Ja Lee (Animaze Version)
  Cody MacKenzie (Animaze Version)
  Mona Marshall (Animaze Version)
  Michael McConnohie (Animaze Version)
  Steve McGowan (Animaze Version)
  Kurt P. Wimberger (Animaze Version)
  Guy Pinkham (Animaze Version)
  Tony Pope (Streamline Version)
  Derek Stephen Prince (Animaze Version)
  Joe Romersa (Animaze Version)
  Michael Sorich (Animaze Version)
  Skip Stellrecht (Animaze Version)
  Kirk Thornton (Animaze Version)
  Ezra Weisz (Animaze Version)
  Dan Woren (Animaze Version)

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