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Calvin and the Colonel
Calvin and the Colonel

Genre: Animated TV Series
Release Dates: 03 October 1961 - 22 September 1962

Animated reworking of Amos 'n' Andy, with the characters renamed and turned into cartoon animals. The protagonists were blowhard fox Colonel Klaxon (based on The Kingfish) and friend/victim Calvin (Andy), a bear.

Rounding out the cast were the colonel's wife Maggie Belle (Sapphire), sister-in-law Sister Sue (mother-in-law Mamma), and shyster lawyer (and weasel) Judge Oliver Wendell Clutch (Calhoun and other lawyer figures on radio). The series ran initially as a prime-time sitcom, complete with laugh track, but was moved to Saturday morning due to low ratings.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Calvin Burnside Charles J. Correll
Chiquita June Foray "Nephew Newton's Fortune"
Clarence Shepard Forrest Lewis "The Polka Dot Bandit"
Colonel Montgomery J. Klaxon Freeman F. Gosden
Ernie Howard McNear "Sister Sue's Sweetheart"
Generous Jerry Marvin Miller "Wheeling and Dealing"
Gloria Gloria Blondell
Harold Frank Gerstle "The TV Job"
Insurance Agent Howard McNear "Wheeling and Dealing"
Insurance Lawyer Paul Frees "Wheeling and Dealing"
Judge Oliver Wendell Clutch Paul Frees
Landlord Paul Frees "The Costume Ball"
Louie Peter Leeds "Sister Sue's Sweetheart"
Maggie Belle Klaxon Virginia Gregg
Mr. Cunningham Peter Leeds "The Costume Ball"
Nephew Newton Joe Flynn "Nephew Newton's Fortune"
Percival J. Twillingham Olan Soule "Sister Sue's Sweetheart"
Policeman Paul Frees "The TV Job"
Refrigerator Salesman Frank Nelson "Thanksgiving Dinner"
Sergeant Thomason Jesse White "The Polka Dot Bandit"
Sister Sue Culpepper Beatrice Kay
Woman June Foray "The TV Job"
X-Ray Technician Paul Frees "Nephew Newton's Fortune"

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