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Power Rangers: Time Force
Power Rangers: Time Force

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 03 February 2001 - 17 November 2001

Adapted from "Mirai Sentai Timeranger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Angelcon Kirk Thornton "Reflections of Evil"
Artillacon Bob Papenbrook "Full Exposure"
Black Knight Dave Mallow "Beware the Knight"
Brickneck Michael Sorich "The Quantum Quest"
Chameliacon Kerrigan Mahan "Nadira's Dream Date"
Cinecon Terrence Stone "Movie Madness"
Circuit Brianne Siddall
Commandocon Dave Mallow "Clash for Control"
Contemptra Valerie Vernon "Love Struck Rangers"
Conwing Sean Cw Johnson "Quantum Secrets"
Electropede Steve Kramer "Uniquely Trip"
Fatcatfish Tom Wyner "Jen's Revenge"
Fearog David Stenstrom "Ransik Lives"
Frax Eddie Frierson
Gluto Neil Kaplan
Ironspike Richard Cansino "Reflections of Evil"
Izout David Lodge "The Time Shadow"
Jetara Derek Stephen Prince "Something to Fight For"
Klawlox Tony Oliver "Bodyguard in Blue"
Mainframe Computer Monica Louwerens "Circuit Unsure"
Mantamobile Richard Steven Horvitz "A Blue Streak"
Medicon Dan Woren "Short-Circuited
Miracon Philip Proctor "Reflections of Evil"
Mister Mechanau Mike Reynolds "Undercover Rangers"
Notacon Barbara Goodson "Trip Takes a Stand"
Quarganon Ron Roggé "Time For Lightspeed"
Red Eye Wendee Lee "Uniquely Trip," "Reflections of Evil"
Serpicon Mark Richardson "Circuit Unsure"
Severax Paul Schrier "Dawn of Destiny"
Steelix J.W. Meyers "Time Force Traitor"
Tentaclaw Ezra Weisz "A Parting of Ways"
Time Ship Computer Monica Louwerens "The End of Time" Pt. 1
Tronicon Kim Strauss "The Time Shadow"
Turtlecon Steve McGowan "Trust and Triumph"
Univolt Bob Papenbrook "World's Apart"
Venomark Kim Strauss "Frax's Fury"
Vexicon Richard Epcar "Future Unknown"
White Knight Oliver Page "Beware the Knight"

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