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Power Rangers: Wild Force
Power Rangers: Wild Force

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 09 February 2002 - 16 November 2002

Adapted from "Hayakujuu Sentai Gaoranger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Animus Charles Gideon Davis
Artilla Michael Sorich "Homecoming"
Automon David Walsh "Forever Red"
Barbed Wire Org David Lodge "Darkness Awakens"
Bell Org Bob Papenbrook "Never Give Up"
Bowling Org Richard Epcar "Tornado Spin"
Bulldozer Org Jason Faunt "Soul Searching"
Bus Org David Leisure "Predazord Awaken"
Camera Org Michael Sorich "Click, Click, Zoom"
Cell Phone Org William Holmes "The Bear Necessities"
Circuit Brianne Siddall "Reinforcements From the Future" Pt. 2
Flute Org Monica Louwerens "The Flute"
Freezer Org Billy Forester "Soul Bird Salvation"
General Venjix Archie Kao "Forever Red"
Gerrok Walter Jones "Forever Red"
Helicos Dave Mallow "Homecoming"
Jindrax Stefano Onofri (Italian)
Juggelo Patrick Thomas "Team Carnival"
Karaoke Org Monica Louwerens "Power Play"
Kired David Lodge "Reinforcements From the Future"
Lawnmower Org Kim Strauss "Identity Crisis"
Lion Tamer Org Tom Wyner "Taming of the Zords"
Locomotive Org Michael Sorich "Fishing For a Friend"
Mandilok (Female Face) Barbara Goodson
Mandilok (Male Face) Ezra Weisz
Monitor Org Kerrigan Mahan "Monitoring Earth"
Motorcycle Org Kirk Thornton "The Revenge of Zen-Aku"
Narrator Dave Mallow "The Flute," "Monitoring Earth"
  Michael McConnohie "Lionheart"
Nayzor Ken Merckx
Onikage Dan Woren "The Master's Herald"
Plug Org Tom Wyner "Lionheart"
Quadra Org Frank Adelia "The Lone Wolf"
Retinax Michael Sorich "Sealing the Nexus"
Rofang Kim Strauss "Reinforcements From the Future"
Samurai Org Tom Wyner "A Father's Footsteps"
Ship Org Mike Reynolds "Wishes on the Water"
Signal Org Tony Oliver "Secrets and Lies"
Steelon Scott Page-Pagter "Forever Red"
Takach David Lodge "Reinforcements From the Future"
Tezzla Catherine Sutherland "Forever Red"
Tire Org Derek Stephen Prince "Ancient Awakening"
Tombstone Org Stephen Apostolina "Sing Song"
Toy Org Steve McGowan "The Soul of Humanity"
Turbine Org Steve Kramer "Lionheart"
Vacuum Cleaner Org Dave Mallow "Curse of the Wolf"
Wedding Dress Org Peggy O'Neal "Three's a Crowd"
Zen-Aku Lex Lang
  Dan Woren "Curse of the Wolf," "Battle of the Zords," "Predazord, Awaken"

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