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Also Known As: Big Bad Beetleborgs (Season One), Beetleborgs Metallix (Season Two)
Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 07 September 1996 - 02 March 1998
Voice Director: David Walsh

Season One was adapted from "Juukou B-Fighter." Season Two was adapted from "B-Fighter Kabuto."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Amphead Bob Papenbrook "Monster Rock"
Aqualungs Bob Papenbrook "Ghoul Trouble"
Borgslayer Dave Mallow "Borgslayer," "Vexor's Last Laugh"
  Bob Papenbrook "Borgslayer," "Vexor's Last Laugh"
Brain Sucker Brett Walkow "Attack of the Brain Suckers"
Cataclaws Alex Borstein "Yo Ho Borgs"
Cataclyzmic Damian Pappahranis "She Wolf"
Centipix Mondo Woodford
Changeling Ezra Weisz "Monster Imposter"
Crimson Creep Patrick Thomas "Bride of Frankenbeans"
Cyber-Serpent Ezra Weisz "The Doctor Is In"
Detestro Rick Tane "Raiders of the Tomb"
Dicehead Steve Jones Watson "The Brain in the Attic"
Dragonborg Doug Stone
El Scorpio Lowell Bartholomee "Halloween Haunted House of Horrors"
Emily the Seed of Evil Anne Britt Makebakken "How Does Your Garden Grow"
Evil Eye Frank Adelia "Big Bad Luck"
Fangula Bat Monster Joe Hackett "The Curse of the Mummy's Mommy"
Fernzilla Juliana Bolden "Horror Hotel"
Fireborg Gene Holliday
Firecat Tom Fahn "Cat-Tastrophe"
Furocious Brad Orchard "Operation Frankenbeans"
Garganturat Will Long "Locomotion Commotion"
Graxxis Tom Wyner "Lights, Camera, Too Much Action"
Green Cannon Machine Ezra Weisz "A Friend in Need"
  Tom Wyner "The Treasure of Hillhurst Mansion"
Grenade Guy Michael Sorich "Bye Bye Frankie"
Hammerhands Bob Papenbrook "Jo's Strange Change"
Hornix Neil Kaplan
Hypnomaniac Joe Ochman "Svengali, By Golly"
Jara Rajia Baroudi
Karato Richard Epcar "Convention Dimension"
Kombat Knat Billy Forester "Buggin' Out"
Ladyborg Barbara Goodson
Lightningborg Richard Epcar
LottaMuggs Ezra Weisz "Nano in the House"
Mace Warrior Peter Greenwood "Haunted Hideout"
Malavex Brian Tahash "This Old Ghost"
Mantix Ezra Weisz
Mole Monster Michael McConnohie "The Poe and the Pendulum"
Mucant Steve Kramer "Pet Problems"
Mums Michael Sorich "Beetle Rock"
  Blake Torney
Noxic Derek Stephen Prince
Photominator Gregg Bullock "The Littlest Brattleborg"
Piranha Khan Robert Axelrod "Son of Frankenbeans"
Porkasaurus Neil Kaplan "Fangs Over Charterville"
Repgillian Anne Britt Makebakken "Mega Borg Power"
Roboborg Michael Sorich
Rocket Man Oliver Page "A Monster is Born"
Scorpix Bob Papenbrook
Shadowborg Bob Papenbrook
Shellator Dave Mallow "Booger Man"
Skullhead David Walsh "The Curse of Mums' Tomb"
Super Grenade Guy Michael Sorich "The Good, The Bad, and the Scary"
Super Noxic Derek Stephen Prince "Brotherly Fight"
Swamp Creature Stephen Apostolina "Horror Hotel"
Swamp Scumoid Dave Mallow "Something Fishy"
Sword Warrior Peter Greenwood "Say the Magic Word"
Terror Bear Mike Reynolds "The Ghost is Toast"
Torch Mouth Brad Orchard "Extra...Beetleborgs Revealed!"
Triplesaurus Rex Ari Ross "The Old Gray Flabber"
Typhus Dave "Foots" Footman
Ultimate Conqueror Skip Stellrecht "Sunset Boo-levard"
Ultra Vulture Gene Holliday "Who's That Ghoul?"
Unctuous Jimmy Theodore "Fangula's Last Bite"
Venus Claptrap Neil Kaplan "Root of All Evil"
Vexor Joey Pal
Vilor Dave "Foots" Footman
Witch Doctor Neil Kaplan "Horror Hotel"
Wolfgang "Wolfie" Smith Michael Sorich "Never Cry Werewolf"
Wolfgang "Wolfie" Smith" Scott Page-Pagter

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