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Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 02 October 1998
Official Website: http://www.antz.com

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Azteca Jennifer Lopez
Barbatus Danny Glover
  Jürgen Kluckert (German)
Bartender Jerry Sroka
Chip Dan Aykroyd
Colonel Cutter Christopher Walken
Drunk Scout Helmut Krauss (German)
  John Mahoney
Foreman Grant Shaud
General Mandible Gene Hackman
  Klaus Sonnenschein (German)
Guard Ant Jim Cummings
Ladybug April Winchell
Muffy Jane Curtin
Princess Bala Sharon Stone
Psychologist Paul Mazursky
Queen Anne Bancroft
Weaver Sylvester Stallone
Z Woody Allen
(loop group) Charles Bartlett
  Jack Blessing
  Thomas Brunelle
  Richard Cansino
  June Christopher
  David Coburn
  Peter Doyle
  Murphy Dunne
  Chad Einbinder
  Rebecca Forstadt
  Nick Jameson
  Lauri Johnson
  Holly Kane
  Daamen Krall
  Katie Leigh
  Anna Mathias
  Don Maxwell
  David McCharen
  Christie Mellor
  Jonathan Nichols
  Julie Payne
  Tony Pope
  Gary Schwartz
  Ruth Zalduondo

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