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Transformers: Prime
Transformers: Prime

Also Known As: Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters (Season Three)
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 29 November 2010 - 26 July 2013
Voice Director: Jamie Simone

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Agent William Fowler Ernie Hudson
Airachnid Gina Torres
Airborne Trooper Kevin Michael Richardson "Darkmount, NV"
Alpha Trion George Takei
Arcee Sumalee Montano
Bombshock Steve Blum
Breakdown Adam Baldwin
Bulkhead Kevin Michael Richardson
Bumblebee Will Friedle "Deadlock"
Cannon Gunner Josh Keaton "Rebellion"
Cliffjumper Billy Brown "Out of the Past"
  Dwayne Johnson "Darkness Rising" Pt. 1
Colonel Leland "Silas" Bishop Clancy Brown
Decepticon Miner Nolan North "Rebellion"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Stronger, Faster"
Dreadwing Tony Todd
Fast Willy Kevin Michael Richardson "Speed Metal"
General Bryce Robert Forster
Hardshell David Kaye
Insecticons Steve Blum "Armada," "Thirst"
  James Horan "Hurt"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Armada"
Jack Darby Josh Keaton
June Darby Markie Post
Knockout Daran Norris
M.E.C.H. Agent Steve Blum "Crossfire"
M.E.C.H. Commando Kevin Michael Richardson "Operation: Breakdown"
M.E.C.H. Navigator Steve Blum "Operation: Breakdown"
  Josh Keaton "Convoy"
M.E.C.H. Soldiers Jeffrey Combs "Convoy"
M.E.C.H. Surgeon Josh Keaton "Crisscross," "Operation: Bumblebee," "Nemesis Prime"
M.E.C.H. Trooper Kevin Michael Richardson "Operation: Bumblebee" Pt. 2
Makeshift Kevin Michael Richardson "Con Job"
Megatron Frank Welker
Miko Tezuka Tania Gunadi
Mrs. Esquivel Sumalee Montano "The Human Factor"
Nemesis Prime Peter Cullen
Nemesis Warship Kevin Michael Richardson "Flying Mind"
Newsperson Steve Blum "Speed Metal"
Optimus Prime Peter Cullen
Predaking Peter Mensah
Rafael "Raf" Esquivel Andy Pessoa
Ratchet Jeffrey Combs
Ripclaw Grey Griffin
Science Fair Judge Kevin Michael Richardson "Masters and Students"
Security Guard Reggie Bannister "Deus Ex Machina"
Seeker #1 Daran Norris "Scattered"
Shockwave David Sobolov
Skyquake Richard Green
Smokescreen Nolan North
Soldier Richard Green "Masters and Students"
  Josh Keaton "One Shall Fall"
Starscream Steve Blum
Starter Guy Josh Keaton "Speed Metal"
Tailgate Josh Keaton "Predatory"
Truck Driver Frank Welker "Legacy"
Ultra Magnus Michael Ironside
Unicron John Noble
Vehicons Steve Blum
  Peter Cullen "Thirst"
  David Kaye "Hurt"
  Josh Keaton "Orion Pax" Pt. 2, "Flying Mind"
  Daran Norris "Stronger, Faster"
  Nolan North "Legacy"
  Kevin Michael Richardson
  David Sobolov "Prey"
  Frank Welker "Con Job," "Armada," "Hurt," "Thirst"
Vogel John DiMaggio "Tunnel Vision"
Wheeljack James Horan

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