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Pound Puppies, The
Pound Puppies, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 10 October 2010 - 16 November 2013

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Agatha McLeish Betty White
Banjo Player Diedrich Bader "Barlow"
Buddy Richard Lewis "Rebel Without a Collar"
Cap Wilder Jeff Corwin "The Really Weird Dog"
Captain Gumble Gavin MacLeod "Bone Voyage"
Checkers Kath Soucie "No Dogs Allowed"
Chip Danny Cooksey "I Never Barked for My Father"
Chuckles Tom Kenny "Dog on a Wire"
Cookie Yvette Nicole Brown
Corky Georgina Cordova "McLeish Unleashed"
Cuddlesworth Ted Biaselli "The Prince and the Pupper"
Cupcake Cree Summer
Dash Whippet Corey Burton "Barlow"
Dinky Lauren Tom "Homeward Pound"
Dot Grey Griffin "Lucky Gets Adopted"
Fang Luke Perry "Rebel Without a Collar"
Freddy Justin Shenkarow "Nightmare on Pound Street"
General EG Daily "The General"
Gertrude Washburn Ellen Greene "Olaf in Love"
Greasy Kath Soucie "Bone Voyage"
Humphrey Danny Cooksey "Squawk"
Jean Luc Glaciaire Maurice LaMarche "Snow Problem"
Kiki Jentle Phoenix "Olaf in Love"
Kippster Jessica DiCicco "Barlow"
Lenard McLeish Rene Auberjonois
Lily Tara Strong "Kennel Kittens Return"
Lucky Eric McCormack
Madame Pickypuss Tress MacNeille "The Prince and the Pupper"
Mayor Jerry Dabney Coleman (2010-2012)
  John Larroquette (2012 -)
Mildred Katherine Helmond "My Fair Rebound"
Milton Feltwaddle Jim Parsons "Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine," "McLeish Unleashed"
Mittens EG Daily "Catcalls"
Mr. Julius George Takei "My Fair Rebound"
Mr. Stankmeyer Eddie Deezen
Napoleon the Parrot Frank Welker "Squwak"
Niblet John DiMaggio
Olaf M. Emmet Walsh
Patches Jessica DiCicco
Pepper Jennifer Carpenter
Piper Anndi McAfee "Good Dog, McLeish!"
Princess Dom Irrera "The Fraud Princess"
Ralph Fred Stoller "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve"
Ralphie Wayne Knight "Good Dog, McLeish!"
Rebound Brooke Goldner
Rick Dave Foley "Homeward Pound"
Ringmaster Kevin Michael Richardson "Dog on a Wire"
Rover the Alligator Sam McMurray "The Really Weird Dog"
Salty Clancy Brown "Salty"
Slick Gary Cole "I Never Barked for My Father"
Smashinator Kevin Michael Richardson
Squirt Michael Rapaport
Strudel Alanna Ubach
Suds Rob Paulsen "Salty"
Taboo Pamela Adlon "Taboo"
Tip-Tip EG Daily "Barlow"
Todd Dave Thomas "Homeward Pound"
Toyoshiko Ashley Johnson "Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine"
Tundra Hunter Parrish "Snow Problem"
Tyson Clancy Brown "King of the Heap"
Wally Banks Tim Conway "The Fraud Princess"
Yipper Danny Cooksey "The Yipper Caper"
Zipper Tara Strong "Zipper the Zoomit Dog"
Zippster Cree Summer "Barlow"
Zoltron French Stewart "Zoltron"
(additional voices) Gregg Berger
  Elan Garfias
  Charles Shaughnessy
  Michael Stanton

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