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Escape From Monkey Island
Escape From Monkey Island

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2000

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral Casaba Darryl Kurylo
Bagel the LUA Bar Patron Tom Kane
Bank Manager Paul Eiding
Brittany the Bank Teller Maria Bamford
Caricature Artist Peter Lurie
Carla the Swordmaster Pamela Tyson
Castenada the Chess Player Rob Paulsen
Charles L. Charles Earl Boen
Clive the Jambalaya Tourist Cam Clarke
Dainty Lady Figurehead Pamela Adlon
Daisy the Knuttin Atoll Pirate Tress MacNeille
Deadeye Dave Tom Kenny
Digg the Lucre Lawyer Joe Alaskey
Drunk Jim Ward
Duck Dominic Armato
Elaine Marley-Threepwood Charity James
Estaban Jess Harnell
Freddie the Walking Stick Maker Lewis Arquette
George the SCUMM Bar Dart Player Pat Fraley
Gunner Paul Eiding
Guybrush Threepwood Dominic Armato
Harbor Mistress Lauri Johnson
Heckler Tom Kane
Hellbeard Nick Jameson
  Peter Weiss (German)
Herman Toothrot Wally Wingert
Ignatius Cheese W. Morgan Sheppard
Inspector Canard Peter Jessop
Jojo Jr. John Mariano
Judge Edd Joe Alaskey
Judge Kahuna Rob Paulsen
Judge Tripps Jess Harnell
Jumbeaux LaFeet Charlie Adler
LUA Bar Chef Jess Harnell
LUA Bar Waitress Debi Derryberry
LeChuck Earl Boen
Mabel the Jambalaya Tourist Tress MacNeille
Manatee Operator Jim Wise
Marco de Pollo Jeff Bennett
Meathook Cam Clarke
Miss Rivers Edie McClurg
  Ursula Vogel (German)
Monkey S. Scott Bullock
Monkey 3 Darryl Kurylo
Monkey 4 Dominic Armato
Monty the Jambalaya Tourist Philip Proctor
Mungle the Pirate Student Charlie Adler
Murray Denny Delk
Ned the SCUMM Bar Dart Player Peter Lurie
Otis S. Scott Bullock
Ozzie Mandrill Nick Tate
Parrot Rob Paulsen
Pegnose Pete Tom Kane
Perfume Spritzer Neil Ross
Pirate 1 Jess Harnell
Pirate 2 Wally Wingert
Pirate 4 Neil Ross
Pirate 5 Paul Eiding
Pirate 6 Tom Kane
Pirate A S. Scott Bullock
Pirate B Wally Wingert
Pirate C Earl Boen
Planet Threepwood Waitress Heidi Shannon
Reverend Rasputin Keith Szarabajka
SCUMM Bartender Rob Paulsen
Salty the Bait Shop Owner John Mariano
Santiago the Chessplayer Pirate Denny Delk
Simkins Paul Eiding
Stan Pat Fraley
Starbuccaneer's Clerk Jim Wise
Thrawtle the Lucre Lawyer Tom Kenny
Three-Headed Monkey Philip Proctor
Timmy the Monkey Debi Derryberry
Tony DiBoulda the Catapult Operator Jim Ward
Voodoo Lady Leilani Jones
Whipp the Lucre Lawyer Bob Bergen
Yangja the Pirate Student Grey Griffin
Yoshen the LUA Bar Patron Grey Griffin

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