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Regular Show
Regular Show

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 06 September 2010 - 16 January 2017
Voice Director: Kris Zimmerman

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Actor Mark Hamill "Do Me a Solid"
Alpha-Dog Donald Glover "Rap it Up"
Announcer Mark Hamill "Under the Hood"
Answering Machine Rich Fulcher "Butt Dial"
Archibald Robin Atkin Downes "Fists of Justice"
Audrey Courtenay Taylor "Weekend at Benson's" "The Christmas Special"
Barry Steve Blum "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Basketball Jeff Bennett "Rigby's Body"
Basketball King Carl Weathers "Slam Dunk"
Beatnik Roger Craig Smith "Weekend at Benson's"
Beatnik Girl Courtenay Taylor "Weekend at Benson's"
Bellhop William Salyers "Do Me a Solid"
Benson Dunwoody Sam Marin
Benson's Dad Mark Hamill "Think Positive"
Benson's Mom Courtenay Taylor "Think Positive"
Benson's Sister Courtenay Taylor "Think Positive"
Big Head Jeff Bennett "Really Real Wrestling"
Big Trouble Kid Cudi "Rap it Up"
Biker JG Quintel "Busted Cart"
Blizz Comet Tyler the Creator "Rap it Up"
Blondes William Salyers "Bet to Be Blonde"
  Roger Craig Smith "Bet to Be Blonde"
Boss Mark Hamill "Mordecai and the Rigbys"
British Taxi Mark Hamill "Ello Guv'nor"
Bus Driver Roger Craig Smith "Fortune Cookie"
Buttonwillow McButtonwillow Armin Shimerman "The Best VHS in the World"
Carl Putter Christopher McDonald "Daddy Issues"
Carrey O'Key Richard McGonagle "Karaoke Video"
Celia Zosia Mamet "The Postcard"
Centaurs Jeff Bennett "Party Pete"
  Sam Marin "Party Pete"
Chad Roger Craig Smith "Replaced"
Chong Sam Marin "Stick Hockey"
Chuck Roger Craig Smith "Weekend at Benson's"
Clerk JG Quintel "Prank Callers"
Cloudy Jane "C.J." Linda Cardellini
Clown Mark Hamill "Just Set Up the Chairs"
Coffee Bean S. Scott Bullock "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
Colonel Mark Hamill "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Commercial Roger Craig Smith "Eggscellent"
Commercial Voice Jeff Bennett "The Unicorns Have Got to Go"
Computer Steve Blum "Skips vs. Technology"
Cool Police Mark Hamill "Cool Bikes"
Cop Steve Blum "My Mom"
Crickets Steve Blum "Ello Guv'nor"
  Mark Hamill "Ello Guv'nor"
  Sam Marin "Ello Guv'nor"
  JG Quintel "Ello Guv'nor"
  William Salyers "Ello Guv'nor"
  Paul F. Tompkins "Ello Guv'nor"
Dad Five Ghost Mark Hamill "See You There"
Dante Roger Craig Smith "Fortune Cookie"
Daphne Linda Cardellini "Maxin and Relaxin'"
Darryl Andrew Daly "Access Denied"
Dave Mark Hamill "Stick Hockey"
Death Julian Holloway "Over the Top," "Skips Strikes"
Deerman Robert Englund "Camping Can Be Cool"
Demolition MC Lyte "Rap it Up"
Denise Smith Jennifer Hale "Family BBQ"
Destroyer of Worlds Mark Hamill "Just Set Up the Chairs," "Exit 9B"
Detectives JG Quintel "Cruisin"
  William Salyers "Cruisin"
Doctor Roger Craig Smith "Eggscellent"
Don Julian Rebolledo "Don"
Doom-Ma-Geddon Steve Blum "Skips vs. Technology"
Doorman Kyle Kinane "Access Denied"
Doug Roger Craig Smith "Temp Check"
  Paul F. Tompkins "Temp Check"
Dr. Asinovskovich B.J. Ward "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Dr. Kimmy Robin Atkin Downes "Think Positive"
Duck Collector Jeff Bennett "A Bunch of Baby Ducks"
Duck Thief Julian Holloway "A Bunch of Baby Ducks"
Duckling JG Quintel "A Bunch of Baby Ducks"
Dude S. Scott Bullock "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
  William Salyers "Mordecai and the Rigbys"
Easton Jeff Bennett "Eggscellent"
Education Mentor JG Quintel "More Smarter"
Eileen Minty Lewis
Employee Sam Marin "The Night Owl," "A Bunch of Baby Ducks"
Evil Creature Mark Hamill "Pilot"
Evil Voice Roger L. Jackson "First Day"
Fire Marshall Lee Reherman "Really Real Wrestling"
Fist Pump S. Scott Bullock "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
Fitch Munderson Robin Atkin Downes "Think Positive"
Forearmageddon Lee Reherman "Really Real Wrestling"
Frank Smith Roger Craig Smith "Family BBQ" "The Thanksgiving Special"
GBF Sam Marin "High Score"
Game Store Manager Roger Craig Smith "But I Have a Receipt"
Garrett Bobby Ferguson Sam Marin "High Score," "Exit 9B"
Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. Roger Craig Smith "Exit 9B"
Gary Robin Atkin Downes
Gene the Vending Machine Kurtwood Smith "Prankless"
Girl in Line Natasha Leggero "Access Denied"
Guardian of Eternal Youth Jeff Bennett "Free Cake"
Guardian of the Friend Zone Wayne Knight "Meteor Moves"
Guy #1 William Salyers "Think Positive"
Guy #2 Troy Baker "Under the Hood"
Guys Sam Marin "It's Time"
  William Salyers "Ello Guv'nor," "It's Time"
  Paul F. Tompkins "Ello Guv'nor"
Head Baby David Kaye "Skips Strikes," "Exit 9B"
Head Guardian of Eternal Youth David Kaye "Free Cake"
Hector Andres Salaff "Firework Run"
High Five Ghost Jeff Bennett "Just Set Up the Chairs"
  JG Quintel
Hot Dog Mark Hamill "Meat Your Maker"
  JG Quintel "Meat Your Maker"
  William Salyers "Exit 9B"
Hot Dog Leader Tim Curry "Meat Your Maker"
Howard Fightington Roger Craig Smith "Grave Sights"
Icedrum JG Quintel "Dizzy"
Igber William Salyers "Dizzy"
Jack Farley Mark Hamill "High Score"
Janitor Mark Hamill "Fortune Cookie"
Jeremy Roger Craig Smith "Replaced"
Jimmy Jeff Bennett "Just Set Up the Chairs"
  James Sie "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
  Roger Craig Smith "Rage Against the TV"
Joanne Hanatronic Minty Lewis "Eileen Flat Screen"
Jogger Mark Hamill "Jinx"
Johnny Crasher Bobcat Goldthwait "The Heart of a Stuntman"
Jones Mark Hamill "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Judge Broseph Chillaxton Robin Atkin Downes "Cool Bikes"
Kid Jeff Bennett "Rigby's Body"
Kid #1 Mark Hamill "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
  David Kaufman "High Score"
  Eamon Pirruccello "Don"
Kids David Kaye "Prank Callers"
  Sam Marin "Prank Callers," "Skips vs. Technology"
  William Salyers "Fortune Cookie," "Skips vs. Technology"
Knight Jeff Bennett "Eggscellent"
LaDonna Natasha Leggero "Access Denied"
Lady B.J. Ward "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Lake Monster Sam Marin "Replaced"
Leon Steve Blum "Benson Be Gone"
Librarian Mitzi McCall "Go Viral"
Llama Guy JG Quintel "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
Low Five Ghost Brandon Richardson "See You There," "Pie Contest," "Every Meat Burritos"
  Roger Craig Smith "See You There"
Major Williams Scott MacDonald "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Man Mark Hamill "Death Punchies"
  David Kaye "Death Punchies"
  William Salyers "Death Punchies"
Manager Jeff Bennett "Eggscellent"
  James Hong "Fortune Cookie"
Manetti Mark Hamill "Eggscellent"
Manslaughter Sam Marin "Cruisin"
Margaret Smith Janie Haddad
Master Prank Callers Tim Curry "Prank Callers"
  Sam Marin "Prank Callers"
Matt Paul F. Tompkins "Ello Guv'nor"
Mega Blonde Mark Hamill "Bet to Be Blonde"
Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorenstein Sam Marin
Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorenstein's Brother Steve Blum "My Mom"
Monster Mark Hamill "The Power"
Mordecai the Blue Jay JG Quintel
Mordecai's Mother Jennifer Hale "The Thanksgiving Special"
  Katey Sagal "Maxin' and Relaxin'"
Movie Guy JG Quintel "Ello Guv'nor"
Movie Shack Hut Manager Roger Craig Smith "Grave Sight," "The Best VHS in the World"
Movie Trailer Announcer Steve Blum "It's Time"
Mr. Maellard David Ogden Stiers
Mrs. Kessler Amy Sedaris "The Eileen Plan"
Muscle Man's Mom Edie McClurg "Terror Tales of the Park IV"
Mystery Guy Roger Craig Smith "Exit 9B"
Natalia Laura Bailey "The Real Thomas"
Nice Guy Paul F. Tompkins "Mordecai and the Rigbys"
Night Owl Roger Craig Smith "The Night Owl"
No Rules Man Roger Craig Smith "House Rules"
Nunchuck Bro Richard McGonagle "Go Viral"
Old Man Horseshoes Richard McGonagle "Go Viral"
Operator Roger Craig Smith "Fortune Cookie"
PA Voice Mark Hamill "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Pajama Sister JG Quintel "It's Time"
Paramedic Roger Craig Smith "Eggscellent"
Park Avenue Troy Baker "Under the Hood"
Parrot Mark Hamill "Temp Check"
Party Pete Jeff Bennett "Party Pete"
Partygoer Jeff Bennett "Party Pete"
Patron David Kaufman "High Score"
Peeps Richard McGonagle "Peeps"
Percy William Salyers "Terror Tales of the Park"
Photographer Mark Hamill "Skips Strikes"
Police Officer Mark Hamill "Temp Check"
Pony Jeff Bennett "Just Set Up the Chairs"
Pops Sam Marin
Quips Matt Price "Quips"
Random Minion David Kaye "Exit 9B"
Rangers William Salyers "Camping Can Be Cool"
Reggie Danny Cooksey "New Bro on Campus"
Reporter Sam Marin "Muscle Woman"
Rigby the Raccoon William Salyers
Sad Sax Guy Jason Mantzoukas "Sad Sax," "Dumptown USA"
Santa Claus Edward Asner "The Christmas Special"
Scabatha Courtenay Taylor "Cruisin"
Scott D. William Salyers "Terror Tales of the Park"
Security Guard JG Quintel "The Night Owl"
Sensei Student David Kaye "Death Punchies"
Sheena Albright Laura Bailey "Skips in the Saddle"
Sherm Eddie Pepitone "Lunch Break" "Just Friends"
Skips Mark Hamill
Skull Punch Robin Atkin Downes "Terror Tales of the Park"
Skunk Paul F. Tompkins "Skunked"
Smoke Signal Rich Fulcher "Butt Dial"
Starla Courtenay Taylor
Stenographer Courtenay Taylor "Cool Bikes"
Strings and Cans William Salyers "Butt Dial"
Susan April Stewart "Benson Be Gone"
TV Advertisement David Kaye "Prank Callers"
TV Detective Jeff Bennett "Really Real Wrestling"
TV Manager Richard McGonagle "Peeps"
TV Voice Jeff Bennett "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
Teacher Sunil Malhotra "More Smarter"
Techmo Steve Blum "Skips vs. Technology"
Telephone Janie Haddad "Butt Dial"
The Hammer Sam Marin "Rage Against the TV"
The Urge Roger Craig Smith "Trash Boat"
Thomas Roger Craig Smith
Ticket Guy Jeff Bennett "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
Tony Roger Craig Smith "Go Viral"
Tough Guy Mark Hamill "Temp Check"
Tracy Ali Hillis "New Year's Kiss"
Translator Mark Hamill "Caffeinated Coffee Tickets"
Trift Store Owner William Salyers "Stick Hockey"
Truckers JG Quintel "Eggscellent"
  William Salyers "Eggscellent"
Unicorns S. Scott Bullock "The Unicorns Have Got to Go"
  Mark Hamill "The Unicorns Have Got to Go"
  Sam Marin "The Unicorns Have Got to Go"
  JG Quintel "The Unicorns Have Got to Go," "House Rules"
  William Salyers "House Rules"
Veronica Jennifer Hale "Mordecai and the Rigbys" (scenes deleted)
Victim Roger Craig Smith "Go Viral"
Video Store Guy Paul F. Tompkins "Brain Eraser"
Voice on Record Paul F. Tompkins "Mordecai and the Rigbys"
Waitress Courtenay Taylor "Fortune Cookie"
Warlock James Hong "Fortune Cookie"
Weather Woman Janie Haddad "Camping Can Be Cool"
Wedgie Ninja Sam Marin "Go Viral"
White Elephant Fred Tatasciore "White Elephant Gift Exchange"
William Ed Begley Jr. "Maxin' and Relaxin'"
  Alastair Duncan "The Thanksgiving Special"
Wizard Mark Hamill "The Power," "Skips Strikes," "Terror Tales of the Park"
Woman Janie Haddad "Terror Tales of the Park"
  B.J. Ward "Grilled Cheese Deluxe"
Zombie Hunter Jeff Bennett "Grave Sight"

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