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T.U.F.F. Puppy
T.U.F.F. Puppy

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 02 October 2010 - 04 April 2015

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Agent Bossy Maddie Taylor "Mall Rat"
Agent Goldfish Grey Griffin "Thunder Dog"
Agent Groundhog Jeff Bennett "Hot Dog"
Agent Jumbo Grey Griffin "Share-A-Lair"
Agent Moby Maddie Taylor "A Doomed Christmas"
Agent Nutz Jeff Bennett "Purr-fect Partners"
Agent Rodenski Butch Hartman "Share-A-Lair"
Agent Seabiscuit Daran Norris "The Dog Who Cried Fish"
Agent Weaselman Butch Hartman "Share-A-Lair"
Al Croaker Jeff Bennett "Cold Fish"
Bad Dog Jeff Bennett "Purr-Fect Partners"
  Daran Norris
Bango Rob Paulsen "Monkey Business"
Becky Grey Griffin "Love Bird"
Biff James Arnold Taylor "Dog Save the Queen"
Billy Grey Griffin "Toast of T.U.F.F."
Bingo Jerry Trainor "Monkey Business"
Bird Brain Rob Paulsen
Blitzen Jeff Bennett "A Doomed Christmas"
Bob Daran Norris "Kid Stuff"
Bob Barky Daran Norris "The Rat Pack," "Diary of a Mad Cat," "Barking Tail"
Bobby Jeff Bennett "Candy Cane-ine"
Bunny Grey Griffin "Share-A-Lair"
Caped Cod Chris Parnell "The Dog Who Cried Fish"
  Mick Wingert "Cold Fish"
Charmaine Grey Griffin "Time Waits for No Mutt"
Chief Herbert Dumbrowski Daran Norris
Coach Delvecchio Maddie Taylor "Diary of a Mad Cat"
Counting Cougar Grey Griffin "Lucky Duck"
Cow Judge Rob Paulsen "Super Duper Crime Busters"
Dorothy Camel Jennifer Hale "Chilly Dog"
Dr. Fineberg Maddie Taylor "Lie Like a Dog"
Dr. Rabies Jerry Trainor "The Doomies"
Dudley Puppy Jerry Trainor
Escape Goat Maddie Taylor
Ewe Grey Griffin "Monkey Business"
Fifi Oui Oui Daran Norris "Puppy Love"
Francisco Daran Norris
General Warthog Jeff Bennett "Internal Affairs," "Lucky Duck"
Guard #1 Eric Bauza "Doom-Mates"
Guard #2 Jeff Bennett "Doom-Mates"
Ida Bromstein Grey Griffin "Dog Tired"
Jack Rabbit Daran Norris
KIL-R Maddie Taylor "Dog's Best Friend"
Keswick Jeff Bennett
  Moisés Iván Mora (Spanish (Latin American))
Kitty Katswell Grey Griffin
Larry Jeff Bennett
Leather Teddy Eric Bauza
Librarian Grey Griffin "Share-A-Lair"
Little Chipmunk Girl Grey Griffin
Lunch Lady Bug Candi Milo "Big Dog on Campus"
Martin Dumbrowski Jerry Trainor "Dog's Best Friend"
Mayor Teddy Bear Maddie Taylor "Dudley Do-Wrong"
Meerkat Daran Norris
Miss Hopper Jennifer Hale "Bored of Education"
Miss Petropolis Grey Griffin "Dudley Do-Wrong"
Mole Maddie Taylor "Snapnapped"
Mouse Magician Jerry Trainor "Operation: Happy Birthday"
Mr. Wong Maddie Taylor "Monkey Business"
Mrs. Grizzlebaum Jennifer Hale "Bored of Education"
Mrs. Katswell Grey Griffin "Operation: Happy Birthday"
Mrs. Snaptrap Grey Griffin
Mysterious Lester Maddie Taylor "Frisky Business"
Ollie Jeff Bennett
Peg Puppy Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
Percival Will Matthews "Law and Odor"
Phil Maddie Taylor "Lie Like a Dog"
President of the Universe Daran Norris "Big Dog on Campus"
Quacky the Duck Maddie Taylor
Queen of England Candi Milo "Dog Save the Queen"
R. Suspect Maddie Taylor "Big Dog on Campus"
R.I.T.A. Grey Griffin "Toast of T.U.F.F."
Rachel O'Foxy Grey Griffin "Big Dog on Campus"
Rat #1 Jeff Bennett "Purr-Fect Partners"
Robespierre Maddie Taylor "Monkey Business"
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Grey Griffin "A Doomed Christmas"
Sally Mander Grey Griffin "Doom-mates"
Santa Claus Maddie Taylor "Mission: Really Big Mission," "A Doomed Christmas"
Sharing Moose Jeff Bennett
Skunk Jeff Bennett "Cruisin' with a Brusin'"
Slush David Boat "Chilly Dog"
Snowflake Mary Birdsong "Chilly Dog"
Stink Bug Carlos Alazraqui "Law and Odor"
Tammy Grey Griffin "Toast of T.U.F.F."
The Chameleon Daran Norris
Tourist #1 Daran Norris "Purr-Fect Partners"
Tourist #3 Grey Griffin "Purr-Fect Partner"
Verminious Snaptrap Maddie Taylor
Wanna-Bee Jerry Trainor
Willy Wombat Jeff Bennett "Candy Cane-ine"
Wolf Spitzer Daran Norris
Zippy Grey Griffin
(additional voices) Dee Bradley Baker
  Fred Tatasciore
  Kari Wahlgren
  Jim Ward

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