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Amazing World of Gumball, The
Amazing World of Gumball, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 02 May 2011

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alan Rob Paulsen
Alan Keane Kerry Shale (2011-2013)
Anais Watterson Kyla Rae Kowalewski
Bobert Kerry Shale
Carmen Teresa Gallagher (2011-2013)
Clayton Rupert Degas (2011-2013)
Coach Russo Dan Russell
Colin Egghead Kerry Shale
Darwin Watterson Kwesi Boakye (2011-2015)
  Christian J. Simon (2018)
Doughnut Sheriff Lewis Macleod (2011-2013)
Felix Egghead Rupert Degas (2011-2013)
Gaylord Robinson Rupert Degas (2011-2013)
Grandma Joanna Watterson Sandra Dickinson
Grandpa Frankie Watterson Rich Fulcher
Gumball Watterson Nicolas Cantu (2016-)
  Logan Grove (2011-2013)
  Jacob Hopkins (2013-2016)
  Nicky Jones "Early Reel"
Hector Jotunheim Kerry Shale
Hot Dog Guy Dan Russell (2013-2016)
Idaho Kerry Shale (2011-2013)
Larry Needlemayer Kerry Shale
Leslie Kerry Shale
Margaret Robinson Teresa Gallagher (2011-2013)
Marvin Finklehimer Dan Russell
Mr. Steve Small Lewis Macleod (2011-2013)
Ms. Lucy Simian Lewis Macleod (2011-2013)
Nicole Watterson Teresa Gallagher
Penny Fitzgerald Teresa Gallagher
Principal Nigel Brown Lewis Macleod (2011-2013)
Richard Watterson Dan Russell
Rocky Robinson Lewis Macleod (2011-2013)
Sal Left Thumb Kerry Shale
Teri Teresa Gallagher
Tina Rex Dan Russell (2011-2013)
Tobias Wilson Rupert Degas (2011-2013)

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