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Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 11 November 2011 - 16 March 2013

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alana Grey Griffin "Razer's Edge"
Amala Rev Grey Griffin "Beware My Power" Pt. 2
Anti-Monitor Tom Kenny
Appa Ali Apsa Brian George
Atrocitus Jonathan Adams
Aya Grey Griffin
Biara Rev Jennifer Hale "Beware My Power" Pt. 2
Bleez Grey Griffin
Brother Warth Brian George "Blue Hope"
Bumpy Rob Paulsen "Flight Club"
Byth Rok Tom Kenny
Captain Goray Wayne Knight "Into the Abyss"
Cleric Loran Corey Burton
Drusa Juliet Landau "Lost Planet," "Invasion," Homecoming"
Duke Nigel Jeff Bennett "Steam Lantern"
Dulock Kevin Michael Richardson "Heir Apparent"
Galia Vanessa Marshall "Fear Itself," "In Love and War"
Ganthet Ian Abercrombie
General Zartok Clancy Brown "Lost Planet," "Invasion"
Goggan Rob Paulsen "Razer's Edge," "Flight Club"
Green Lantern / Guy Gardner Diedrich Bader
Green Lantern / Hal Jordan Josh Keaton
Hector Hammond John DiMaggio
Iolande Tara Strong "Heir Apparent," "Regime Change"
Kilowog Kevin Michael Richardson
Kothack John DiMaggio "Heir Apparent," "Regime Change"
Lady Catherine Grey Griffin "Steam Lantern"
Lanos Brian George "Larfleeze"
Larfleeze Dee Bradley Baker "Larfleeze"
Leph Corey Burton "Fear Itself"
M'Ten Brian George "Beware My Power" Pt. 1
Mogo Kevin Michael Richardson
Myglom Robert Englund "Razer's Edge"
Parallax Clancy Brown
Police Officer Kevin Michael Richardson "In Love and War"
Princess Gi'ata Jennifer Hale "In Love and War," "Homecoming"
Queen Aga'po Grey Griffin
Ragnar Will Friedle
Ragnar's Ring Kevin Michael Richardson "Regime Change"
Razer Jason Spisak
Saint Walker Phil Morris
Salaak Tom Kenny
Sayd Susan Blakeslee
Scar Sarah Douglas "Scarred"
Science Director Sarah Douglas "Cold Fury"
Shyir Rev Kurtwood Smith
Sinestro Ron Perlman
Skallox Kevin Michael Richardson
Star Sapphire / Carol Ferris Jennifer Hale
Steam Lantern Robin Atkin Downes "Steam Lantern"
Thila Grey Griffin "Fear Itself"
Tomar Re Jeff Bennett
Veon Jason Spisak
Yarley Corey Burton "Fear Itself"
Zilius Zox Tom Kenny

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