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Secret Millionaires Club
Secret Millionaires Club

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 23 October 2011

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Becky Mela Lee "Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure"
Bohai Johnny Yong Bosch "Down and Out in Beijing"
D.E.B. Debbie Bosanek
David Allan Jones Steve Staley
Elena Ramirez Julie Maddalena
Elena Ramirez's Brothers Christine Marie Cabanos "Be Cool to Your School"
Enzo Kyle Hebert "The Cost of Giving"
Girl Player Erika Harlacher "The Cost of Giving"
Gisele Erin Fitzgerald "A Gift Shop Too Far"
Hayley Erika Harlacher "Paranormally, We Don't Do This Kind of Thing"
Hostess Wendee Lee "Paranormally, We Don't Do This Kind of Thing"
Hou "Lisa" Lihua Stephanie Sheh
Jay-Z Jay-Z "Be Cool to Your School"
Millie Mela Lee "Avast Ye Downloads!"
Millie's Dad Joe J. Thomas "Avast Ye Downloads!"
Millie's Mom Amanda C. Miller "Avast Ye Downloads!"
Mr. Evans Victor Sgroi "Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure"
Mr. Graham Joe J. Thomas "Paranormally, We Don't Do This Kind of Thing"
Mrs. Ramirez Amanda C. Miller "Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure"
Nick Cannon Nick Cannon "Avast Ye Downloads!"
Pete Jr. Victor Sgroi "When Pigs Fly"
Radley Hemming Chris Jai Alex "A Gift Shop Too Far"
  Ogie Banks
Shaquille O'Neal Shaquille O'Neal "Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure"
Sid Joe J. Thomas "Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure"
Skateboarder Amanda C. Miller "Be Cool to Your School"
Sportscaster Joe J. Thomas "Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure"
Starty the Robot Chris Jai Alex
Truffles the Pig Amanda C. Miller "When Pigs Fly"
Warren Buffett Kevin Brief "Down and Out in Beijing"
  Warren Buffett
  Guy Pinkham "Listen to the Music," "Paranormally, We Don't Do This Kind of Thing," "A Gift Shop Too Far"

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