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Transformers: Rescue Bots
Transformers: Rescue Bots

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 17 December 2011
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Amy Hynden Walch "Bugs in the System"
Anthropologist Jeff Bennett "Four-Legged Hero"
Automated Conductor Maurice LaMarche "The Griffin Rock Express"
Bad Kids TV Voice Steve Blum "Rescue Bots Academy"
Blades Parvesh Cheena
Blurr Max Mittelman
Bot Dog Vendor Robbie Daymond "All Bots Great and Small"
Boulder Imari Williams
Buster Dee Bradley Baker "Rescue Dog"
Captain Ansel Ambrose J.B. Blanc "Phantom of the Sea"
Captain Shaw Maurice LaMarche "Deep Trouble," "Tip of the Iceberg," "A New Hero"
Captain Wild Steve Blum "The Griffin Rock Triangle"
Carin Nancy Linari "Buddy System"
Chase D.C. Douglas
Chester Arthur Jeff Bennett "Small Blessings," "The Haunting of Griffin Rock," "Now and Then"
Chief Charlie Burns Maurice LaMarche
Cody Burns Elan Garfias
Cody Burns (adult) Oliver Vaquer "One of the Ages"
Colonel Quint Quarry Jim Cummings "Big Game," "Quarry vs. Quarry"
Computer Voice Jeff Bennett "Deep Trouble"
Cook Ghost Kath Soucie "The Haunting of Griffin Rock"
Countdown Voice Jeff Bennett "Space Bots"
Customer Shannon McKain "The Attack of Humungado"
Dani Burns Lacey Chabert
Deputy Barney Jeff Bennett "The Haunting of Griffin Rock," "Bugs in the System"
Distress Signal Voice Maurice LaMarche "Unfinished Business"
Dr. Bieber Maurice LaMarche "The Switcheroo Effect"
Dr. Ezra "Doc" Greene LeVar Burton
Dr. McSwain Ginny McSwain "Family Business"
Dr. Thaddeus Morocco Tim Curry (2012)
  Greg Ellis (2014 -)
Driver Parvesh Cheena "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock"
ERVIS Jason Marsden "A New Hero"
Elma Hendrickson Kath Soucie "The Haunting of Griffin Rock," "Now and Then"
Evan Robbie Daymond "Small Blessing," The Haunting of Griffin Rock," "One of the Ages," "Bots and Robbers"
Female Robotic Voice Lacey Chabert
Ferry Rider D.C. Douglas "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock"
Fisherman Jason Marsden "Unfinished Business"
Francine "Frankie" Greene Diamond White
Gangster Ghost Maurice LaMarche "The Haunting of Griffin Rock"
Graham Burns Shannon McKain
Hayley Danica McKellar "One of the Ages," "Buddy System," "Too Many Kades," "Endangered Species"
Heatwave Steve Blum
Helper Bot LeVar Burton "Deep Trouble"
High Tide Michael Bell
Huxley Prescott Jeff Bennett
Inventor Ghost Steve Blum "The Haunting of Griffin Rock"
Ira the Caveman Jason Marsden "Did You See What I Thaw?"
Jerry Shannon McKain "The Haunting of Griffin Rock," "Shake Up," "Prescott's Bots," "Too Many Kades"
Jimmy Jason Marsden "The Griffin Rock Express"
Jules Verne Diedrich Bader "The Last of Morocco"
Kade Burns Jason Marsden
Lady of Griffin Rock Kath Soucie "The Haunting of Griffin Rock"
Large Guy Steve Blum "Flobsters on Parade"
Lighthouse Keeper Steve Blum "The Lost Bell"
Man Imari Williams "All Bots Great and Small"
Maura the Magnificent Cree Summer "More Than Meets the Eye"
Mayor Luskey Jeff Bennett
Milo Jason Marsden "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock," "Pirates Ahoy"
Mom Ginny McSwain "Family Business"
MorBot Maurice LaMarche "It's a Bot Time"
Movie Detective Maurice LaMarche "Bots and Robbers"
Mr. Alper Steve Blum
Mr. Bunty Steve Blum "One of the Ages," "The Attack of Humungado"
Mr. Harrison D.C. Douglas
Mr. Perkins Steve Blum "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock"
Mr. Schulte Jeff Bennett "Time After Time"
Mr. Sharma Parvesh Cheena "Rescue Boy"
Mrs. Dumont Jeff Bennett "Did You See What I Thaw?"
Mrs. Luskey Nicole Dubuc "Rescue Dog"
Mrs. Neederlander Billie Hayes "Walk on the Wild Side," "Little White Lies," "Buddy System"
Mrs. Rubio Lacey Chabert "The Vigilant Town," "Too Many Kades"
Myles Robbie Daymond "Small Blessing," The Haunting of Griffin Rock," "One of the Ages," "Bots and Robbers"
Newsreel Narrator Michael Bell "Now and Then"
Optimus Prime Peter Cullen
Panicked Beachgoer Shannon McKain "Deep Trouble"
Platform Voice Maurice LaMarche "Rescue Bots Academy"
Poopsie Dee Bradley Baker "Rescue Dog"
Priscilla Pynch Katherine McNamara
Professor Anna Baranova Kath Soucie "The Griffin Rock Triangle," "Countdown," "Space Bots"
Q-Drones Jim Cummings "Big Game"
Salvage Jason Marsden
Scientist Peter Cullen "It's a Bot Time"
Scrapmaster Beta Maurice LaMarche "The Island of Misfit Tech"
Security Droids Jason Marsden "The Island of Misfit Tech"
Ship Captain Jim Cummings "Quarry's Quarry"
Soldier Ghost Imari Williams "The Haunting of Griffin Rock"
Southern Belle Voice Lacey Chabert "Rescue Bots Academy"
Taylor Roger Craig Smith "Road Trip"
Technician #1 Steve Blum "Space Bots"
Technician #2 Kath Soucie "Space Bots"
Timmy Jason Marsden "Time After Time"
Townsfolk #1 D.C. Douglas "The Griffin Rock Express"
Transmitted Voice Maurice LaMarche "The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock"
Trex LeVar Burton "Return of the Dinobot"
Utility Worker Maurice LaMarche "Time After Time"
Vendor Maurice LaMarche "Rescue Dog"
Vigil Bill Mumy "The Vigilant Town," "No Place Like Dome"
Wi-Fido Dee Bradley Baker "Rescue Dog"
Woman Lacey Chabert "Unfinished Business," "All Bots Great and Small"
Woodrow Burns Mark Hamill
Zookeeper Billie Hayes "Buddy System"

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