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Powerpuff Girls, The
Powerpuff Girls, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 18 November 1998 - 25 March 2005
Voice Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ace Jeff Bennett
Amoeba Boys Chuck McCann
Bernie Bernstein Tom Kenny "Flim Flam"
Big Ben Jeff Bennett "Members Only"
Billy Bob Bergen "Flim Flam"
Blossom Kaori Asou (Japanese) (TV Tokyo Dub)
  Cathy Cavadini
  Mirjami Heikkinen (Finnish)
  Cristina Hernández (Spanish (Latin American))
Boomer Rob Paulsen
Bossman Chuck McCann "Too Pooped to Pop"
Boy Tara Strong "Beat Your Greens"
Brian James Arnold Taylor "Documentary"
Brick Rob Paulsen
Broccloid Emperor Jeff Bennett "Beat Your Greens"
Bubbles Cathlen Gawlich (German)
  Perla Liberatori (Italian)
  Kurumi Mamiya (Japanese) (Cartoon Network Japan Dub)
  Yuuka Nanri (Japanese) (TV Tokyo Dub)
  Marlies Somers (Dutch)
  Tara Strong
Bud Smith Christine Cavanaugh "Supper Villain" "Just Desserts"
Bunny Christine Cavanaugh "Twisted Sister"
  EG Daily "Sweet 'n' Sour"
Butch Roger L. Jackson
Buttercup EG Daily
  Kiti Kokkonen (Finnish)
Casting Director Jennifer Hale "Flim Flam"
Cat Cathy Cavadini "Sweet 'n' Sour"
Chief Jeff Bennett "Flim Flam"
Cop Tom Kane "Too Pooped to Pop"
Cop #1 Patrick Pinney "Flim Flam"
Crook #1 Jeff Bennett "Flim Flam"
  EG Daily "Ice Sore"
Crook #2 Bob Bergen "Flim Flam"
  Scott Menville "Ice Sore"
Crook #3 Patrick Pinney "Flim Flam"
Daddy Bird Lou Romano "A Very Special Blossom"
Dick Hardly Jeff Bennett "Knock It Off"
Down Under Mate Jeff Bennett "Members Only"
E-Male Rob Paulsen "Members Only"
Evil Cat Mark Hamill "Cat Man Do"
Fat Kid Tom Kenny "Beat Your Greens"
Female Teller Cathy Cavadini "Flim Flam"
Femme Fatale Grey Griffin
Fireman Tom Kenny "Too Pooped to Pop"
Football Dad Tom Kane "Beat Your Greens"
Football Jimmy Jeff Bennett "Beat Your Greens"
Football Mom Cathy Cavadini "Beat Your Greens"
Fred Tom Kenny "I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future"
Fuzzy Lumpkins Jim Cummings
Gabby Baloni Grey Griffin "Nano of the North"
Girl Walla Cathy Cavadini "Slumbering with the Enemy"
  EG Daily "Slumbering with the Enemy"
  Tara Strong "Slumbering with the Enemy"
Gnome Jess Harnell "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey"
Guard #1 Bob Bergen "Flim Flam"
Guard #2 Jeff Bennett "Flim Flam"
Guard #3 Patrick Pinney "Flim Flam"
Hanout Scott Menville "Ice Sore"
Harold Smith Jeff Bennett "Supper Villain," "Just Desserts"
Him Tom Kane
Jennifer Tara Strong "Slumbering with the Enemy"
Julie Smith Kath Soucie "Supper Villain," "Just Desserts"
Junior Chuck McCann "Too Pooped to Pop"
Kid Cathy Cavadini "Birthday Bash"
  EG Daily "Flim Flam"
  Tara Strong "Birthday Bash"
Lady #2 Tara Strong "Too Pooped to Pop"
Lady #3 Cathy Cavadini "Too Pooped to Pop"
Lenny Baxter Tom Kenny "Collect Her"
Little Boy EG Daily "Ice Sore"
Little Brother Kimberly Brooks "Beat Your Greens"
Madame Argentina June Foray "I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future"
Maitre D Bob Bergen "Flim Flam"
Major Glory Rob Paulsen "Members Only"
Major Man Jeff Bennett "Major Competition"
Male Actor Patrick Pinney "Flim Flam"
Male Teller Patrick Pinney "Flim Flam"
Man Frank Welker "Down and Dirty"
Man #1 Jeff Bennett "Flim Flam"
Man #2 Tom Kane "Flim Flam"
  James Arnold Taylor "Documentary"
Mary Jennifer Hale
Maryanne Smith Kath Soucie "Supper Villain," "Just Desserts"
Mascumax Clancy Brown "Members Only"
Mask Scara Phyllis Diller "A Made Up Story"
Mayor of Townsville Tom Kenny
Mike Believe Aaron Spann "Imaginary Fiend"
Miss Sara Bellum Jennifer Martin
  Urara Takano (Japanese)
Mitch Mitchelson Tom Kenny
Mojo Jojo Jacek Czyż (Polish)
  Roger L. Jackson
  Christian Pelissier (French)
Mom Jennifer Hale "Flim Flam"
Mom #1 Kimberly Brooks "Beat Your Greens"
Mono Tom Kane "Nano of the North"
Monster Frank Welker "Down and Dirty"
Mopey Popo Dee Bradley Baker "Prime Mates"
Mr. Green Dee Bradley Baker "Substitute Creature"
Ms. Keane Jennifer Hale
Narrator Tom Kenny
Newscaster Jeff Bennett "Flim Flam"
  Tom Kane "Super Friends"
Old Lady EG Daily "Too Pooped to Pop"
Police Dispatch James Arnold Taylor "Documentary"
Power Plant Guy Dee Bradley Baker "Too Pooped to Pop"
Princess Morbucks Jennifer Hale
Professor Utonium Tom Kane
Puppy Tara Strong "Sweet 'n' Sour"
Rainbow the Clown Tom Kenny "Birthday Bash"; "Mime for a Change"
Roach Coach Roger L. Jackson "Insect Inside"
Robin Snyder Julie Nathanson "Super Friends"
Sandman Greg Eagles "Dream Scheme"
Schoolgirl #1 Julie Nathanson "Get Back, Jojo"
Science Teacher Julie Nathanson "Get Back, Jojo"
Sedusa Jennifer Hale
Shaquille Silverstein Kevin Michael Richardson "Members Only"
Sister Kimberly Brooks "Beat Your Greens"
Skinny Chuck McCann "Too Pooped to Pop"
Superhero Woman Jennifer Hale "Super Friends"
Talking Dog Tom Kane
Teddy Scott Menville "Ice Sore"
Triplet #3 James Arnold Taylor "Substitute Creature"
Val Hallan Tom Kenny "Members Only"
Vendor Tom Kenny "Flim Flam"
Woman Jennifer Hale "Down and Dirty"
Woman #1 Cathy Cavadini "Flim Flam"
Woman #2 Tara Strong "Flim Flam"
Ya-Man Kevin Michael Richardson "Members Only"
Young Ms. Bellum Julie Nathanson "Get Back, Jojo"
Young Utonium Rob Paulsen "Get Back Jojo"
(additional voices) Gregg Berger
  Candi Milo
  Jukka Rasila (Finnish)

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