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Wander Over Yonder
Wander Over Yonder

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 16 August 2013 - 2016
Voice Director: Sam Riegel

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Andy the Watchdog Andrew Daly "The Eye on the Skull Ship"
Announcer Frank Welker "The Cartoon"
Badlands Dan Clancy Brown "The Bad Guy"
Balloon Man Tom Kenny "The Fugitives"
Beast Fred Tatasciore "The Egg"
Beeza Tara Strong "The Ball"
Bill Rob Riggle "The Family Reunion"
Bob the Watchdog Tom Kenny "The Brainstorm"
Brainz Jeff Bennett "The Big Job"
Buster Bill Farmer "The Ball"
Captain Corey Burton "The Ball"
Captain Tim Fred Tatasciore "The Pet"
Cashier Keith Ferguson "The Nice Guy"
Celestial Being Keith Ferguson "The Picnic"
Clipper Kevin Michael Richardson "The Big Job"
Commander Peepers Tom Kenny
Commander Peepers (cartoon version) Eddie Deezen "The Cartoon"
David Lyon Matthias "The Legend"
Destructor Fred Tatasciore "The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!"
Dorothy Sandy Martin "The Family Reunion"
Dr. Screwball Jones Weird Al Yankovic "The Boy Wander," "The Battle Royale"
Dragon King Fred Tatasciore "The Hero"
Emily Ripov Jennifer Hale "The Search for Captain Tim"
Emperor Awesome Sam Riegel "The Picnic" "The Fancy Party" "The Party Animal"
Fire Lion Fred Tatasciore "The Little Guy"
General Outrage Steve Blum "The Big Job"
Gil Bryan Callen "The Family Reunion"
Glenn Kevin Michael Richardson "The Box"
Gram Laraine Newman "The Family Reunion"
Hank Connor Wise "The Legend"
Harvax Jeff Bennett "The Time Bomb"
Huckleberry Knucklehead Owen Faust "The Toddler"
Jamie Blake Bertrand "The Legend"
Janet the Planet Kari Wahlgren "The Lonely Planet"
Kragthar of Kraaaaagtttthh Fred Tatasciore "The Fancy Party," "The Battle Royale" "The Bad Neighbors"
Little Bits G. Hannelius "The Stray"
Little Girl Grey Griffin "The Nice Guy"
Lord Dominator NoŽl Wells
Lord Dominator (disguised voice) Fred Tatasciore
Lord Hater Keith Ferguson
  Kenta Miyake (Japanese)
Lord Hater (cartoon version) Jon Hamm "The Cartoon"
Lord of Illumination John Hodgman "The Box," "The Gift"
Major Threat / Jeff Piotr Michael "The Good Bad Guy," "The Bad Neighbors"
Mandrake the Malfeasant Keith Ferguson "The Loose Screw," "The Battle Royale"
Maurice the Moon Rene Auberjonois "The Lonely Planet"
Mavis Kristen Schaal "The Cartoon"
Melodie Sabrina Carpenter "The Legend"
Michelle April Winchell "The Helper"
Obvious Teen H. Michael Croner "The Black Cube"
Old Man Alex Hirsch "The Cartoon"
Papa Doom Kevin Michael Richardson "The Bad Guy"
Pete Fred Tatasciore "The Gift II: The Giftening"
Phil Ken Marino "The Family Reunion"
Prince Cashmere Bill Fagerbakke "The Troll"
Princess Demurra Jennifer Hale "The Hero"
Private Westley the Watchdog Aziz Ansari "The Little Guy"
Queen Entezoa Rich Fulcher "The Fancy Party"
Rock Mother April Winchell "The Fugitives"
Ryder Will Arnett "The Rider"
Sherblorg King Kevin McDonald "The Loose Screw"
Sir Brad Starlight James Marsden "The Hero" "The Enemies"
Skipper Jason Ritter "The Cartoon"
Snailman the Mailman Fred Tatasciore "The Box"
Sock Puppet Craig McCracken "The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!"
Something the So and So Sam Riegel "The It," "The Battle Royale," "The Matchmaker"
Soosy Du Alex Hirsch "The Cartoon"
Sourdough the Evil Sandwich Rich Fulcher "The Fancy Party," "The Axe," "The Battle Royale"
Stacy NoŽl Wells "The Black Cube"
Stella Starbella June Squibb "The Loose Screw"
Stok Charlie Adler "The Time Bomb"
Sylvia Masako Katsuki (Japanese)
  April Winchell
Teddy the Watchdog Tom Kenny "The Gift II: The Giftening"
Thrax Fred Tatasciore "The Buddies"
Troll Keith Ferguson "The Troll"
Trudy Traveler Edie McClurg "The Tourist"
Wander Jack McBrayer
Wild Card Dwight Schultz "The Big Job"
Worm Rich Fulcher "The Fancy Party"

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