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Genre: Radio Series
Release Dates: 26 April 1952 - 18 June 1961

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Andy Hill Sam Edwards "The Choice," "The Second Choice"
Andy Travis Sam Edwards "Kite's Reward"
Announcer George Fenneman (Chesterfield commercials, ca. 1954-1956)
  Roy Rowan
  George Walsh
Announcer #2 John Stephenson (Chesterfield commercials, 1955)
Bank Robber Lou Krugman "Bum's Rush"
Bartender Joe Duval "Kite's Reward"
  Frank Gerstle "The Boughten Bride"
Bartender (Elkader) John Dehner "Joe Phy"
Bassett Vic Perrin "Innocent Broad"
Budge Grilk Vic Perrin "Potato Road"
Bunker John Dehner "Sunday Supplement"
Burl Alden Vic Perrin "Why Not"
Charlie Bowen Frank Cady "Robin Hood"
Charlie Deesha Vic Perrin "Horse Deal""
Chen Wong Edgar Barrier "The Queue"
Chester Wesley Proudfoot Parley Baer
Clem Bates Joe Duval "The Brothers"
Colonel Blore Edgar Barrier "Fawn"
Crego Lawrence Dobkin "The Killer"
Cuff Peters Vic Perrin "Nina"
Cutter Nestor Paiva "Wild West"
Cyrus Taggart John Dehner "Why Not"
Dainty Margarita Jeanette Nolan "Wagon Show"
Danch Lou Krugman "Spring Term"
Dick Curry Lou Krugman "The Kentucky Tolmans"
Doc Charles Adams Paul Frees "The Cast" (Dec. 12, 1953 broadcast only)
  Howard McNear
Doc Holliday Harry Bartell "Doc Holliday"
Dubie Coots/Lou Medallon Vic Perrin "The Lamb"
Dyke Howard Lou Krugman "Drop Dead"
Ephraim Hunt Edgar Barrier "The Reed Survives"
Fly Joseph Kearns "Trust"
Francie Richards Georgia Ellis "Billy the Kid"
Franklin J. Reeves Harry Bartell "Robber Bridegroom"
Gallagher Paul Frees "The Soldier"
Gil Shank Vic Perrin "The New Hotel"
Gil Varden Sam Edwards "Scared Kid"
Hank Groat Barney Phillips "Skid Row"
Hank Reisling Vic Perrin "Prairie Happy"
Hank Shinn Vic Perrin "The Liar from Blackhawk"
Hotel Clerk Harry Bartell "Brush at Elkader"
Howard Bulow Vic Perrin "How to Die for Nothing"
Jack Teeg John Dehner "Pretty Mama"
Jake Kroal Vic Perrin "Kite's Reward"
Jay Buford Vic Perrin "The Trial"
Jayhawker Barney Phillips "Trouble in Kansas"
Jed Tolman Joseph Kearns "The Kentucky Tolmans"
Jesse Wheat Frank Cady "Young Love"
Jim Buck Harry Bartell "The Choice"
  Frank Gerstle "Robber Bridegroom"
Jim Hoyt Lawrence Dobkin "Trouble in Kansas"
Jim Thompson Harry Bartell "The Brothers"
Jingle Bob Junius Matthews "The Kentucky Tolmans"
Joe the Waiter Ben Wright "The Cook"
Judge Peter Leeds "The Kentucky Tolmans"
Judge Bent Ben Wright "Categorical Imperative"
Judge Stokes John Dehner "The Trial"
Jury Foreman Vic Perrin "The Trial"
Kid Sam Edwards "Reward for Matt"
Laura Jeanne Bates "Robber Bridegroom"
Lou Paxton Lawrence Dobkin "Innocent Broad"
Lou Shippen Lawrence Dobkin "Brush at Elkader"
Lt. Adams Vic Perrin "The Soldier"
Lt. Flagg Harry Bartell "The Indian Horse"
Magnus Proudfoot Robert Easton "Magnus"
Man in Crowd Barney Phillips "Professor Lute Bone"
Marshal Matt Dillon William Conrad
Maw Hawkins Jeanette Nolan "Maw Hawkins"
Miss Kitty Russell Georgia Ellis
Moss Grimmick John Dehner "Yorky"
Mr, Ship Harry Bartell "The Trial"
Mr. Botkin Joe Duval
Mr. Green John Dehner "Texas Cowboys," "The Queue"
  Lawrence Dobkin "Prairie Happy"
Mr. Hantree John Dehner "Home Surgery"
Mr. Hightower Harry Bartell "Billy the Kid"
Mr. Hinkle Vic Perrin "Brush at Elkader"
Mr. Horn Ben Wright "Harriet"
Mr. Jim Dobie John Dehner "The New Hotel"
  Vic Perrin "Kitty Lost"
Mr. Jonas Harry Bartell "Dooley Surrenders"
  Richard Deacon "The Killer"
Mr. Kelly Joseph Kearns "Wild West"
Mrs. Blake Paula Winslowe "The Mortgage"
Mrs. Bonney Mary Lansing "Billy the Kid"
Mrs. Creole Georgia Ellis "The Noose"
Mrs. Fisher Helen Kleeb "Robin Hood"
Mrs. Fletcher Mary Lansing "Shakespeare"
Mrs. Hornby Jeanette Nolan "Reward for Matt"
Mrs. Junius Chamberlain Jeanette Nolan "Dowager's Visit"
Mrs. Reeves Helen Kleeb "Reward for Matt"
O. Irving Henry Hans Conried "Shakespeare"
Old Gant Junius Matthews "Overland Express"
Old Woman Georgia Ellis "Trust"
Parson Kirkland John Stephenson "Heat Spell"
Professor Lute Bone John Dehner "Professor Lute Bone"
Puggy Raydo John Dehner "Til Death Do Us Part"
Red Samples Vic Perrin "Matt for Murder"
Robert P. Carter John Stephenson "The Boughten Bride"
Roughneck Barney Phillips "The Choice"
Sam Noonan John Dehner "Pussycats"
  Lawrence Dobkin "The Guitar," "Chester's Murder"
  Lou Krugman "The Mistake"
  Howard McNear "Boy," "Dutch George," "Young Love"
  Barney Phillips "Kitty Lost"
Sammy Lou Krugman "The Brothers"
Sandy King Sam Edwards "The Cook"
Scott Cooley Lawrence Dobkin "The Boughten Bride"
Sedgley Carstairs Ben Wright "Second Son"
Senator Hooper John Dehner "One for Lee"
Shaw Vic Perrin "Spring Term"
Stagecoach Driver Vic Perrin "Overland Express"
Stock-tender Howard McNear "Trust"
Sut Grider Paul Frees "Heat Spell"
Teamster Vic Perrin "The Killer"
Teddy Blue Fisher Lawrence Dobkin "Robin Hood"
Teeters Harry Bartell "Crack-Up"
Tewksbury John Dehner "Prairie Happy"
Thorne Finley Lee Millar Jr. "Doc Holliday"
Trumbull Lawrence Dobkin "Land Deal"
Tyler John Dehner "The Guitar"
Van Wolcott Harry Bartell "The Trial"
Viney Stang Vic Perrin "Uncle Oliver"
Weed Pindle Vic Perrin "The Guitar"
Wesley Proudfoot Parley Baer "Marshal Proudfoot"
Wilbur Hawkins Edgar Barrier "What the Whiskey Drummer Heard"
Wild Bill Hickock John Dehner "Matt for Murder"
  John McIntire "Hickock"
Will Thompson Vic Perrin "The Brothers"
William Bonney Dick Beals "Billy the Kid"
Yorky Dick Beals "Yorky"
Yorky Kelly Dick Beals "The Buffalo Hunter"
Zimmer John Dehner "Trust"
  Lou Krugman "Overland Express"

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