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League of Legends
League of Legends

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 27 October 2009
Voice Director: Tony Oliver

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ahri Laura Post
Akali Laura Bailey
Ashe Melissa Hutchison
Ezreal Kyle Hebert
Garen Jamieson Price
Graves Kyle Hebert
Janna Erin Fitzgerald
Jarvan IV Kyle Hebert
Jayce Trevor Devall
Karma the Enlightened One Danielle McRae
Karthus Adam Harrington
Kassadin Adam Harrington
Katarina Tara Platt
Kha'Zix Steve Blum
Kog'Maw Patrick Seitz
Lee Sin David Wenham
Lucian Patrick Seitz
Malzahar Vic Mignogna
Mordekaiser Adam Harrington
Orianna Heather Pennington
Renekton Patrick Seitz
Riven the Exile Cristina Valenzuela
Rumble Richard Steven Horvitz
Ryze Adam Harrington
Shaco Adam Harrington
Shen Matt McKenzie
Sona Erin Fitzgerald
Talon Travis Willingham
Tryndamere Brian Sommer
Twisted Fate Owen Thomas
Varus Gavin Hammon
Viktor Owen Thomas
Volibear Patrick Warburton
Warwick Brian Sommer
Wilump the Yeti Brian Sommer
Wukong the Monkey King Spike Spencer
Xerath Michael McConnohie
Yasuo Liam O'Brien
Zac Patrick Warburton
Zed Steve Blum
Ziggs Richard Steven Horvitz

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