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Sesame Street
Sesame Street

Genre: Animated/Live Action/Puppet TV Series
Release Date: 10 November 1969

Synopsis: The setting is a small New York City street where children and puppets learn about numbers, the alphabet and other pre-school subjects taught in commercial spots, songs and games.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Five People in My Family" Brother Bob McGrath (Episode 8)
  Frank Oz (Episode 8)
"Five People in My Family" Father Jim Henson (Episode 8)
"Five People in My Family" Mother Loretta Long (Episode 8)
"Five People in My Family" Sister Caroll Spinney (Episode 8)
"Home to Me" City Boy Jim Henson (Episode 2122)
"Home to Me" Eskimo Richard Hunt (Episode 2122)
"Home to Me" Jungle Girl Fran Brill (Episode 2122)
"I Am a Fine Musician" Piccolo Player Loretta Long (Episode 10)
"I Am a Fine Musician" Trumpet Player Bob McGrath (Episode 10)
"I Am a Fine Musician" Tuba Player Jim Henson (Episode 10)
"One Banana" Lead Singer Jim Henson (Episode 2606)
"Pre-School Musical" Announcer Tyler Bunch (Episode 4165)
"Surprise" Lead Singer Jerry Nelson (Episode 268)
"The Most Important Meal of the Day" Chef Julianne Buescher (Episode 3240)
Abby Cadabby Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (2006-)
Abigail Snuffleupagus Martin P. Robinson
Adam T. Glaser Jerry Nelson
Adrienne Bip Camille Bonora (Episode 2484)
Agent Van Cuckoo Tyler Bunch (Episode 4305)
Agnes Camille Bonora (Episode 2594)
Airplane David Rudman (Episode 3817)
Al Jerry Nelson (Episode 3109)
Aladdin Frank Oz (Episode 297)
Alfred Duck John Tartaglia
Alice Fran Brill (Episode 2313)
Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes Joan Gerber (animated segments)
Alice Burns Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4165)
Alice Snuffleupagus Judy Sladky
Alice the Actress Camille Bonora (Episode 2619)
Ambulance Driver Paul McGinnis (Episode 4137)
Anderson Cucumber Matt Vogel (Episode 4232)
Andre David Rudman (Episode 3018)
Andy Jerry Nelson
Angry Jerry Nelson (Episode 2787)
Anne Phibian Fran Brill (Episode 4201)
Annette Monster Camille Bonora (Episode 2755)
Announcer Gary Owens ("Today's Secret Drawing" segments, others)
Announcers Jerry Nelson
Ant Matt Vogel (Episode 4147)
Anyone's Nose Singer Louise Gold (Episode 3523)
Anything Muppet Barber Richard Hunt (Episode 718)
  Frank Oz (Episode 45)
Anything Muppet Boy Frank Oz (Episode 1)
Anything Muppet Boy (singing voice) Emilio Delgado (Episode 406)
  Bob McGrath (Episode 1)
Anything Muppet Bus Driver Jim Henson (Episode 2244)
Anything Muppet Cableman Joey Mazzarino Episode 3812
Anything Muppet Candlemaker Richard Hunt (Episode 2640)
Anything Muppet Carpenter Jim Henson (Episode 951)
Anything Muppet Dad Jim Henson (Episode 1)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2921)
Anything Muppet Dentist David Rudman (Episode 2244)
Anything Muppet Doctor Frank Oz (Episode 67)
Anything Muppet Firefighter Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4037)
  Frank Oz (Episode 23)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2621)
  David Rudman (Episode 4037)
Anything Muppet Girl Frank Oz (Episode 1)
Anything Muppet Girl (singing voice) Marilyn Sokol (Episode 406)
Anything Muppet Grocer Jim Henson (Episode 67)
Anything Muppet Librarian Jim Henson (Episode 718)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 1858)
Anything Muppet Lifeguard Fran Brill (Episode 951)
Anything Muppet Mail Carrier Camille Bonora (Episode 2621)
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3812)
Anything Muppet Mom Caroll Spinney (Episode 1)
Anything Muppet Mom (singing voice) Loretta Long (Episode 1)
Anything Muppet Newsdealer Jim Henson (Episode 276)
Anything Muppet Nurse Fran Brill (Episode 884)
Anything Muppet Pilot Jerry Nelson (Episode 884)
Anything Muppet Postman Jim Henson (Episode 23)
Anything Muppet Saddler Kevin Clash (Episode 2640)
Anything Muppet Teacher Jerry Nelson (Episode 276)
  Frank Oz (Episode 276)
Anything Muppet Trashman Jim Henson (Episode 45)
Anything Muppet Uncle Jim Henson (Episode 1)
Anything Muppet Uncle (singing voice) Will Lee (Episode 1)
Aristotle Richard Hunt
Arlene Frantic Fran Brill
Arnold Schnuffleupanegger Noel MacNeal (Episode 3153)
Art Fishbottom Tyler Bunch (Episode 4214)
Artie Abrams Muppet David Rudman (Episode 4260)
Attendee #7 Noel MacNeal (Episode 3073)
Augustine Washington Frank Oz (Episode 1060)
Aunt Chloe Camille Bonora (Episode 3159)
Aunt Edna Julianne Buescher (Episode 3133)
Aunt Jill Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Baa Baa Walters Fran Brill (Episode 2602)
Baby Bear David Rudman
Baby Bobby Jim Henson (Episode 2125)
Baby Fats Domino Kevin Clash (Episodes 3426, 3608)
Baby Monster Jim Henson
  Caroll Spinney
Baby Natasha Kevin Clash
Baby Tooth Kevin Clash
Bad Bart Jim Henson
Bad Humor Man Jerry Nelson (Episode 3085)
Bakeob Peter Linz (Episode 4505)
Baker Jim Henson (looping)
("Song of..." number segments)
Ball of Wax John Kennedy (Episode 4313)
Barber Frank Oz (Episode 2648)
Barkley Bruce Connelly (1993 - )
  Brian Muehl (1977-1984)
Barry Rhymie Jim Henson
  Jerry Nelson
Bart Frank Oz (Episodes 687, 4034)
Baseball Hat Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3796)
Baskerville the Hound Frank Oz (Episode 67)
Bathtub John Tartaglia (Episode 4058)
Batman Olan Soule (animated guest spots, 1969-1970)
Beachball David Rudman (Episode 3786)
Beautiful Day Monster Jim Henson
  Frank Oz
  Caroll Spinney
Bed Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3983)
Beginning Jim Henson (Episode 138)
Bell Fran Brill (Episode 4077)
Bellhop Gregg Berger (animated segments)
Belly Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4505)
Ben Jim Henson (Episode 693)
Bennett Snerf (Anything Muppet version) Caroll Spinney (Episode 256)
Bennett Snerf (Monster version) Jerry Nelson (Episode 131)
Benny Rabbit Kevin Clash
Benny the Gangster Richard Hunt
Bernie the Baker Rick Lyon (Episode 2619)
Bert Carl Billquist (Swedish)
  Eric Jacobson (2001-)
  Frank Oz (1969-2001; occasionally thereafter)
Betty Bowl of Plastic Fruit David Rudman (Episode 2572)
Betty Lou Fran Brill
  Lisa Buckley (1993-)
  Jim Henson
  Frank Oz (Episode 67)
  Marilyn Sokol (Episodes 808, 810)
  Caroll Spinney
Betty Lou's Mom Julianne Buescher (Episode 3215)
Bicycle Alice Dinnean (Episode 3969)
Biff Jerry Nelson
Big Bad Wolf Tyler Bunch (Episodes 4145, 4266, 4319)
  Kevin Clash (1980s)
  Joey Mazzarino (1990-2006)
  Jerry Nelson
  Martin P. Robinson (1990-2006)
  David Rudman (Episodes 3001, 4411)
  Matt Vogel (Episode 4318)
Big Barney Jerry Nelson (Episode 704)
Big Bird Danny Seagren (Episode 83)
  Caroll Spinney (1969-2015)
  Matt Vogel (1998-)
Big Glad Wolf Louise Gold (Episode 3001)
Big Grad Wolf Fran Brill (Episode 3001)
Big Jeffy Jeff Moss
Big Mad Wolf Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3001)
Big Rad Wolf Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3001)
Big Sad Wolf Camille Bonora (Episode 3001)
Big Tomato Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4506)
Bill David Rudman (Episode 4516)
Bill Compton Muppet Jerry Nelson (Episode 4215)
Billy Jerry Nelson (Episode 1133)
Billy Idle Kevin Clash (Episode 2432)
Billy Monster Fran Brill (Episode 271)
  Jim Henson (Episode 678)
Billy the Grownup Richard Hunt (Episode 2902)
Bip Bipadotta Jim Henson
Birthday Cake Fran Brill (Episode 3940)
  Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4184)
Black Bean Widow Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4525)
Blake Shelton Muppet Tyler Bunch (Episode 4304)
Blecka the Grouch Julianne Buescher (Episode 3133)
Block Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4318)
Blgg Joey Mazzarino ("Abby's Flying Fairy School" animated segments, 2009-)
Bob Lackey Louise Gold (Episode 3133)
Bobby Tyler Bunch (Episode 4405)
  David Rudman (Episode 3284)
Bon Bon Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4525)
Bongos (Left Drum) Tyler Bunch (Episode 4161)
Bongos (Right Drum) Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4161)
Book Martin P. Robinson
Bookworms Lead Singer Ivy Austin (Episode 3035)
Bottle Tyler Bunch (Episode 4303)
Bowler Hat Jerry Nelson (Episode 3796)
Brad Richard Hunt (1978-1980)
Brandeis John Tartaglia (Episode 4307)
Britta Camille Bonora
Brittany Pierce Muppet Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4260)
Brown Anything Muppet Boy Peter Linz (Episode 3240)
Brown Wrestler Matt Vogel (Episode 4313)
Brownie Square John Kennedy (Episode 4318)
Bruce Monster Jim Henson
Bruce Rumpelstiltskin Frank Oz (Episode 724)
Bruno Richard Hunt ("School in the Afternoon" segments)
Bruno the Trashman Caroll Spinney
Bubbles Martin Andrea Martin ("Elmo's World" segments)
Bud David Rudman (Episode 4215)
Bulldozer Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4120)
Bunny the Grouch Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4237)
Burt Matt Vogel (Episode 4236)
Bushman Bill Brian Muehl (Episode 2256)
Buster the Horse Martin P. Robinson
Cactus Jim Martin (Episode 3867)
Caesar Penguin Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4114)
Camera Fran Brill (Episode 4108)
Cap-Ten Kirk Eric Jacobson (Episode 4504)
Captain Americauliflower Eric Jacobson (Episode 4525)
Captain Breakfast Brian Muehl (Episode 2159)
Captain Donald Cragen Muppet Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4109)
Captain Vegetable Jim Henson (1982)
  Richard Hunt (1983-1984)
Carl Carrot Richard Hunt (Episode 1101)
Carl Mericana Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2506)
Carl the Cop Richard Hunt (Episode 2619)
Carlos Jerry Nelson (Episode 2496)
Carol the Baker Fran Brill (Episode 709)
Carrie Ann Inaba Muppet Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4144)
Carrie Underworm Carrie Underwood (Episode 4203)
Carrot Brian Muehl (Episode 2423)
Carson Frank Oz (Episode 4315)
Carson Daly Muppet Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4304)
Cat Pam Arciero (Episode 3087)
  Frank Oz (Episode 694)
Cecille Michele Mariana (animated segment)
Cee Lo Green Muppet Kevin Clash (Episode 4304)
Celeste Camille Bonora (Episode 3001)
Cereal Girl Ivy Austin (Episodes 2687, 3053)
Chad Kevin Clash (Episode 4165)
Channel Announcer Jerry Nelson ("Elmo's World" segments)
Charlie Jim Henson
  Richard Hunt
  Jerry Nelson
  Frank Oz (Episode 135)
Cheerful Richard Hunt (Episode 2787)
Cheese Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4108)
Chef Julianne Buescher (Episode 3240)
Chester O'Leary Jerry Nelson (Episode 1836)
Chet Bob Payne (Episode 2475)
Chewie the Cookie (Episode 4504)
Chicago the Lion David Rudman
Chicken Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3087)
China Shop Clerk Dave Goelz (Episode 3068)
Chip the Cat Kevin Clash
Chris Berman Muppet Chris Berman (Episode 4090)
Christina Aguilera Muppet Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4304)
Christopher Clumsy Jim Thurman (animated segments)
Christopher Columbus Jerry Nelson (Episode 700)
Cinderella Pam Arciero (Episode 2491)
  Jerry Nelson (Episodes 516, 684)
Clancy Richard Hunt
  Brian Muehl
  Frank Oz (Episode 1405)
  Martin P. Robinson
Clay Eric Jacobson (Episode 4405)
Clementine Camille Bonora (1988-1992)
  Kevin Clash (1985-1988)
  Brian Muehl (1979-1985)
Cloud Kevin Clash (Episode 2893)
  Frank Oz (Episode 406)
Clucky Luciano Frank Oz (Episode 4305)
Clumsy Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4114)
Coach Bela Pogolyi Tyler Bunch (Episode 4421)
Colambo Joey Mazzarino
Cookie Monster Frank Oz (1969-2001; occasionally thereafter)
  David Rudman (2001-)
  Caroll Spinney (Episode 89)
Cookie Monster's Mommy Kevin Clash (Episode 4059)
  Steve Whitmire (Episode 4025)
Cookie Monster's Sister Jerry Nelson (Episode 2909)
Corny the Corn Jerry Nelson (Episode 2893)
Count von Count Jerry Nelson (19722012)
  Matt Vogel (2013-)
Count von Count's Grandma Camille Bonora (Episode 2624)
Count von Count's Grandpa Richard Hunt (Episode 2624)
Countess Dahling von Dahling Fran Brill
Countess Von Backwards Camille Bonora
Cousin Bear Joey Mazzarino (Episodes 3927, 3987)
Cousin Monster Jerry Nelson
Cowboy X Jean Shepherd ("Cowboy X" animated segment)
Cowboy with a Drawl Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4081)
Cowgirl Louise Gold (Episode 3110)
Cranky the Rottendoodle David Rudman (Episode 4127)
Creamette Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4411)
Cube Matt Vogel (Episode 4318)
Curly Bear Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Cynthia Frank Oz (Episode 1107)
Cyranose de Bergerac Jerry Nelson (Episode 3133)
D-Tective Dave David Rudman (Episode 3499)
Dan Jim Henson (Episode 2363)
Dan Rather-not Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4160)
Darlene Louise Gold (Episode 3499)
Darth Baker Tyler Bunch (Episode 4504)
Darth Chicken Matt Vogel (Episode 4305)
Davey Monkey David Rudman
David Finch Jerry Nelson (Episode 2822)
David Letterguy Matt Vogel (Episode 4125)
Davy Jones Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4403)
Deena Karen Prell (1980-1981)
Detective Eliot Stabler Muppet Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4109)
Detective John Munch Muppet David Rudman (Episode 4109)
Detective Olivia Benson Muppet Fran Brill (Episode 4109)
Dexter Kevin Clash
Dick Kevin Clash ("School in the Afternoon" segment)
Dicky Tick Martin P. Robinson (Episodes 2580, 2970)
Dimples the Dog Kevin Clash
Dip the Cat Richard Hunt
  David Rudman (1992-)
Disc Jockey Jerry Nelson (Episode 3073)
Diva D'Abruzzo Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3851)
Doc Holiday Frank Oz (Episode 700)
Doctor Two Eric Jacobson (Episode 4504)
Dog Kevin Clash (Episode 3087)
Don Music Richard Hunt
Donald Grump Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4104)
Donkey Rick Lyon (Episode 3087)
Dr. Edwynn David Rudman (Episode 3021)
Dr. Feel Steve Whitmire (Episodes 4073, 4077)
Dr. Lily Rosenbloom Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4426)
Dr. Livingston Jerry Nelson (Episode 1736)
Dr. Nobel Price Kevin Clash (1984-1988)
  Brian Muehl (1979-1984)
Dr. Rainbrain Frank Oz (Episode 2396)
Dragon Matt Vogel (Episode 4315)
Drippy Jerry Nelson (Episode 279)
Duck Kevin Clash
Duck Clark Matt Vogel (Episode 4089)
Dusty Eric Jacobson (Episode 3950)
Dwayne Kevin Clash ("School in the Afternoon" segments)
Easter Bunny Richard Hunt (Episode 777)
Eddie Richard Hunt (Episode 2538)
Elephant Dave Goelz (Episode 3067)
Elizabeth Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Elmo Kevin Clash (ca.1984-)
  Ryan Dillon (2013-)
  Richard Hunt (1981-ca.1984)
  Brian Muehl (1979-1981)
Elmo's Grandma Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4417)
Elmo's Grandpa Tyler Bunch (Episode 4417)
Elmo's Great-Grandmother Camille Bonora (Episode 2598)
Emperor Jerry Nelson (Episode 299)
Encyclopedia Salesman Frank Oz (Episode 691)
End Frank Oz (Episode 138)
Enjelfood Tyler Bunch (Episode 4411)
Enormous Athlete Tyler Bunch (Episode 4302)
Enzo Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4127)
Epienine Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4411)
Ernest the Grouch Jerry Nelson (Episode 2895)
Ernie Billy Barkhurst (2014-2017)
  Gerd Duwner (German)
  Jim Henson (1969-1990)
  Peter Linz (2017-)
  Steve Whitmire (1990-2014)
Estimation Crustacean Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4525)
Ethel Mermaid Louise Gold
Evil Prime Minister Frank Oz (Episode 299)
Fairy Godmother Camille Bonora (Episode 2491)
  Fran Brill (Episodes 133, 135)
Fanny Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4319)
Fanny the Firefighter David Rudman (Episode 2619)
Farley Richard Hunt (Episode 1116)
  Jerry Nelson
Farmer Brown's Wife Fran Brill (Episode 2877)
Farmer Fowler Richard Hunt (Episode 2893)
Farmer Frankie Frank Oz (Episode 709)
Farmer McGregor Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3112)
Fastest-Drawing Fred John Tartaglia (Episode 4313)
Fat Blue Anything Muppet Jerry Nelson (Episode 280)
Fat Cat Performer Jim Henson (Episode 536)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 536)
  Frank Oz (Episode 536)
Fearful David Rudman (Episode 2787)
Felicity M. Elizabeth Houston ("School in the Afternoon" segments)
Fenwick Jim Henson (Episode 1740)
Fenwick la Touche Richard Hunt (Episode 2484)
Ferlinghetti Donizetti Kevin Clash (1984-1986)
  Richard Hunt (1980-1984)
Fico Jerry Nelson (Episode 3133)
Finn Hudson Muppet Kevin Clash (Episode 4260)
Fire Truck Jim Martin (Episode 4037)
Firefighter Jackson Martin P. Robinson (Episode 1736)
First Lady Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4311)
Fish Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2835)
Fiverine Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4504)
Flakey Jim Henson (Episode 279)
Flantine Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4411)
Flo Bear David Rudman
Fluffy the Elephant Martin P. Robinson
Football Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4274)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 3786)
Forgetful Jones Michael Earl (1979-1981)
  Richard Hunt (1981-1992)
Forgettinest Jones Richard Hunt (Episode 2505)
Fran Fran Brill (Episode 4125)
Frances Oznowicz Frank Oz (Episode 890)
Frank Lloyd Left Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2859)
Frankie Eric Jacobson (Episodes 4125, 4203)
  David Rudman (Episode 2596)
Frankie Monster Jerry Nelson (Episode 2755)
Frazzle Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4419)
  Jerry Nelson
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3156)
Fred Monster Frank Oz
Fred the Horse Jerry Nelson
Freddy David Rudman
Freddy Smith Jim Henson (Episode 3006)
Frieda Fran Brill (Episode 2004)
Frieda's Baby Brother Richard Hunt (Episode 2004)
Frieda's Mom Pam Arciero (Episode 2004)
Friendly Froggies Five Tyler Bunch (Episode 4315)
  Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4315)
  John Kennedy (Episode 4315)
  Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4315)
  John Tartaglia (Episode 4315)
Frog Kevin Clash (Episode 2494)
Gardener Matt Vogel (Episode 4099)
Gassy Matt Vogel (Episode 4114)
Geefle Jim Henson (Episode 706)
Gene the Genie Tyler Bunch (Episode 4189)
Genie Jim Henson (Episode 764)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 927)
Genie of the Toothpaste Jim Henson (Episode 764)
George Jerry Nelson (Episode 695)
George Washington Jim Henson (Episode 2640)
George Washington (young) Jerry Nelson (Episode 1060)
Geppetto Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4143)
Giant Boulder Eric Jacobson (Episode 4161)
Giant Octopus John Tartaglia (Episode 4303)
Gilbert Richard Hunt
Gladys the Cow Jennifer Barnhart (2003-)
  Richard Hunt (ca. 1970's-1992)
Glass of Water Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3831)
Glo Camille Bonora (Episode 2879)
Gloria Esteworm Ivy Austin (Episode 3448)
Gloria Globe Michele Mariana (animated segment)
Goat Jim Martin (Episodes 2835, 3087)
Goldilocks Jennifer Barnhart (2005)
  Camille Bonora (1991-1997)
  Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (2012, 2015)
  Alice Dinnean (1997-2004)
Gonger Warrick Brownlow-Pike
Gonk Jerry Nelson (Episode 706)
Gonnigan Jeremy Redleaf ("Abby's Flying Fairy School" animated segments, 2009-)
Googel Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Goozie Orman Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4514)
Graduating Penguins Pam Arciero (Episode 4112)
  Kevin Clash (Episode 4112)
  Ryan Dillon (Episode 4112)
  Eric Jacobson (Episode 4112)
  Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4112)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4112)
Grampy Bear Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4417)
Grandmama Bear Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3893)
Grandmother Happy Jim Henson (Episode 112)
Grandpa Grouch Richard Hunt
Granny Bird Caroll Spinney
Granny Fanny Nesselrode Jim Henson (Episode 406)
  Caroll Spinney
Granny Grouch Jerry Nelson (Episode 131)
Green Anything Muppet Subject Richard Hunt (Episode 2424)
Green Anything Muppet Townsperson Richard Hunt (Episode 764)
Grenadier Guardsman Richard Hunt (Episode 2404)
Gretel Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4125)
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4303)
  Noel MacNeal (Episodes 4093, 4110)
Groucho Marx Muppet Matt Vogel (Episode 4143)
Grover Jim Henson (Episode 57)
  Eric Jacobson (2001-)
  Frank Oz (1969-2001; occasionally thereafter)
Grover's Back-Up Monster Singer Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4525)
Grover's Backup Monster Singer Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4525)
Grover's Mommy Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3975)
  Kathryn Mullen (Episode 3101)
  Frank Oz (Episode 677)
Grundgetta Pam Arciero (1985-)
  Brian Muehl (1982-1984)
Guinea Pig Matt Vogel (Episode 4165)
Gulliver the Sea Gull Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4021)
Guntag Gelman-Jones Jerry Nelson (Episode 3275)
Gus Kevin Clash (Episodes 2643, 3743)
Gus Hopper Joey Mazzarino (Episodes 3225, 4087)
Guy Smiley Jim Henson (1969-1990)
  Eric Jacobson (2008-)
  Caroll Spinney (Episode 10)
Guy Smiley Singers Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4412)
  John Tartaglia (Episode 4412)
Gyros Spiniapolis Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2292)
H-Man Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4115)
H. Ross Parrot Jerry Nelson (ca. 1996)
Hairy Hairy More Contrary Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4198)
Ham Actor Tyler Bunch (Episode 4318)
Hammy Eric Jacobson (Episode 4114)
Hammy Swinette Ivy Austin (Episode 2982)
Hansel Heather Asch (Episode 4110)
  Peter Linz (Episode 4093)
  Matt Vogel (Episodes 4125, 4303)
Hardhead Henry Harris Roscoe Orman ("Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School" segments)
Hare Jerry Nelson (Episode 636)
Harold Bear Peter Linz (Episode 4417)
Harold Happy Jim Henson (Episode 112)
Harriet Hare Louise Gold (Episode 3195)
Harry Monster Jerry Nelson (Episode 3087)
Harry the Hopping Haystack Jim Martin (Episode 3195)
Harvey Kneeslapper Frank Oz
  Matt Vogel (Episode 4209)
Harvey Kneeslapper's Fat Blue Victim Jim Henson (Episode 298)
  Richard Hunt (Episode 343)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 303)
Harvey Kneeslapper's Lavendar Victim Richard Hunt (Episode 2623)
Harvey Monster Jim Henson
  Richard Hunt
  Jerry Nelson
  Frank Oz
Headline Howie Richard Hunt (Episode 796)
Helen Happy Frank Oz (Episode 112)
Helmet Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3969)
Henny Drummschtick Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3139)
Henry Jim Henson (Episode 948)
Henry Piggins Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4081)
Herb Kevin Clash (Episode 2879)
Herb the Apatosaurus Matt Vogel (Episode 4113)
Herbert Birdsfoot Jerry Nelson
Herbert Hare Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3195)
Hero Guy David Rudman ("Hero Guy" segments)
Herry Monster Peter Linz (2015-)
  Jerry Nelson (1970-2003)
Herry Monster's Mom Alice Dinnean (1997-1998)
Hetti the Yeti Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4418)
High-Walking Hidi Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4308)
Hippie Jim Henson (Episode 116)
  Frank Oz (Episode 3)
  Caroll Spinney (Episode 28)
Hiram Kevin Clash (Episode 4236)
Hoots the Owl Kevin Clash
Horatio the Elephant Joey Mazzarino
Howie Eatswell Matt Vogel (Episode 4138)
Howie Rabbit Fran Brill
Hubert the Human Cannonball Matt Vogel (Episode 4257)
Humphrey David Rudman
Humpty Dumpty Tyler Bunch (Episode 4145)
  Jerry Nelson (Episodes 3076, 4068, 4263)
  Frank Oz (Episode 705)
I.M. Pig Jerry Nelson (Episode 3979)
Ice Cube Kevin Clash (Episode 4318)
Ingrid Joey Mazzarino
Invisible Man Richard Hunt (Episode 1107)
Irvine Martin P. Robinson
Irvine the Grouch Martin P. Robinson
Itchy Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4114)
Itchy the Rottendoodle Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4127)
Izzy Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4029)
J Friends Singer Fran Brill (Episode 527)
  Jim Henson (Episode 527)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 527)
  Frank Oz (Episode 527)
J.P. Kevin Clash
Jack Richard Hunt (Episode 2617)
  Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4211)
Jack Be Nimble Joey Mazzarino
Jack the Boss Tyler Bunch (Episode 4168)
Jamie Fox Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4111)
Jascha Lombardi Frank Oz (Episode 337)
Jax Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4405)
Jeanette Karen Prell (Episode 1804)
Jeff Bawksworthy Tyler Bunch (Episode 4179)
Jeff Probst Muppet Tyler Bunch (Episode 4134)
Jerome Jerry Nelson (Episode 3656)
Jesse Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
Jimmy Jerry Nelson (Episode 3035)
Joe Jerry Nelson (Episode 1575)
Joe Busby Jerry Nelson (Episodes 323, 330)
Joe Doe Tyler Bunch (Episode 4135)
Joe Hundred Guy Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4063)
Joe Hundred Guy's Butler Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4063)
Joey Monkey Joey Mazzarino
Juanita Sonia Manzano (Episode 815)
Judy Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4419)
Judy Finstermacher Bob Payne (Episode 2173)
Julia Stacey Gordon
Juliet Camille Bonora (1987-1991)
  M. Elizabeth Houston (1986-1987)
Jumpin' Jack Rabbit Jerry Nelson (Episode 676)
June Moon Fran Brill (Episode 4135)
Junior Fran Brill (Episode 3779)
Karina the Ballerina Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4091)
Kate Pierson Muppet Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3844)
Kathleen the Cow Jennifer Barnhart
Katie Pam Arciero ("School in the Afternoon" segment)
Keith Heartburn Frank Oz (Episode 4258)
Kermit the Forg Richard Hunt (Episode 1405)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 2403)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2861)
Kermit the Frog Jim Henson (1969-1990)
  Steve Whitmire (1993-)
Kermit the Frog's Doctor Kevin Clash (Episode 2649)
Kermit the Gorf Jerry Nelson (Episode 2403)
Kermit the Grof Jerry Nelson (Episode 2403)
King Jim Henson (Episode 407)
  Frank Oz (Episode 278)
  Caroll Spinney (Episode 233)
King Gerry the Generous Jim Henson (Episode 2787)
King Gerry the Generous's Doctor Richard Hunt (Episode 2787)
King Kenny the Kind Frank Oz
King Peter the Persnickety Jim Henson (Episode 764)
King Richard the Chicken-Hearted Jim Henson (Episode 2424)
King Wasteful V Jerry Nelson (Episode 2980)
Kingfish Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3981)
Kingston Livingston III Kevin Clash
Kurt Hummel Muppet Tyler Bunch (Episode 4260)
Kuwa Fran Brill (Episode 2459)
Lady Agatha Camille Bonora (Episodes 2622, 3009)
Ladyfinger Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4401)
Lamb Louise Gold (Episode 3087)
  Joey Mazzarino (Episode 2835)
Lamb-Manuel Lin-Manuel Miranda (Episode 4262)
Lamont the Dog Frank Oz (Episode 696)
Lance Jim Henson (Episode 280)
Larry Rhymie Richard Hunt
  Frank Oz
Lars Eric Jacobson (Episode 4411)
Lavender Anything Muppet Subject Cheryl Blaylock (Episode 2424)
Lecture Lady Andrea Martin ("Elmo's World" segments)
Lefty the Gangster Jim Henson
Lefty the Gangster's Boss Jerry Nelson
Lefty the Salesman Frank Oz
Len Goodman Muppet Matt Vogel (Episode 4144)
Leonard Wolf Jerry Nelson (Episode 4035)
Lieutenant Tao David Rudman (Episode 4213)
Lila Kathryn Mullen
Little Bird Fran Brill
Little Bo Peep Fran Brill
Little Girl Fran Brill (Episode 2269)
Little Green Riding Hood Camille Bonora (Episodes 3136, 3189)
Little Jack Horner Jerry Nelson (Episodes 3121, 3167)
  Matt Vogel (Episode 4098)
Little Jerry Jerry Nelson
Little Miss Muffet Camille Bonora
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4523)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 667)
  Frank Oz (Episode 280)
Little Red Riding Hood Fran Brill (Episodes 2503, 3977)
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4318)
  Richard Hunt (Episode 691)
Liz Lemon Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4168)
Liza Rita Moreno (Episode 948)
Loaf of Bread Marilyn Sokol (Episode 709)
Log David Rudman (Episode 2822)
Log Bird Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2822)
London Frog Jerry Nelson (Episode 2404)
Long Jane Silver Camille Bonora (Episode 3033)
Lord Hog Jerry Nelson (Episode 2404)
Lothar the Grouch Brian Muehl (Episode 1364)
Louisey Louise Gold (Episode 2995)
Lovey James Kroupa (Episode 2787)
Lucy Jones Frank Oz (Episode 67)
Luke Piewalker Peter Linz (Episode 4504)
Lulu Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Lynn-Lynn M. Elizabeth Houston (Episode 2282)
Mack Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4224)
Madame Alma Cluck Ivy Austin (Episode 3750)
Madlenka Stephanie D'Abruzzo (animated segments)
Mae Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4070)
Maggie Cadabby Jennifer Barnhart
Mailbox Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4031)
Mallard Capone David Rudman (Episode 4305)
Mallard Duck Tyler Bunch (Episode 4109)
Mama Bear Jennifer Barnhart (2003-)
  Alice Dinnean (1991-2002)
Mama Bird Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4401)
Mama Countess Julianne Buescher (Episode 3690)
Man in Brown David Rudman (Episode 4079)
Maria Louise Gold (Episode 3111)
Mariah Cowey Ivy Austin (Episode 3036)
Mariela Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4165)
Mariska Fran Brill (Episode 4109)
Marissa the Mouse Fran Brill (Episode 4123)
Marius Muppet John Tartaglia (Episode 4411)
Marshal Earp Marilyn Sokol (Episode 675)
Marshal McClean Jim Henson (Episode 2605)
Martha M. Elizabeth Houston ("School in the Afternoon" segments)
Martians Julianne Buescher
  Kevin Clash
  Jim Henson
  Richard Hunt
  Eric Jacobson
  Jerry Nelson
  Frank Oz
  Martin P. Robinson
  David Rudman
  John Tartaglia
Marvin Jim Henson (Episode 681)
Mary Mary Quite Contrary Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4198)
Mary Rhymie Jerry Nelson
  Bob Payne
Maurice Jim Henson (Episodes 597, 1133)
Maurice Monster Jim Henson
  Richard Hunt (Episodes 1836, 3087)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 1157)
Maurice Pig Matt Vogel (Episode 4095)
Max Bear Tyler Bunch (Episode 4193)
Mean Manny Jerry Nelson (Episode 1166)
Mel Kevin Clash
Meloni Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4109)
Melvin Milk Jerry Nelson (Episode 1101)
Merry Monster Joey Mazzarino
Meryl Sheep Camille Bonora (ca. 1988-1990)
Middle Jerry Nelson (Episode 138)
Mike the Baker Jerry Nelson (Episode 817)
Miller's Daughter Jerry Nelson (Episode 724)
Mimsy Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3729)
Minnesota Mel Tyler Bunch (Episode 4161)
Minnie Mynah Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4512)
Miss M Ivy Austin (Episode 2837)
Miss Marble Camille Bonora
Miss Vicki Fran Brill (Episode 4069)
Moby Pink Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4303)
Moe Busby Frank Oz (Episodes 323, 330)
Mommy Snuffleupagus Jennifer Barnhart (2005)
  Noel MacNeal (1980s-1990s)
  Jerry Nelson (1970s)
Mona Monster Cheryl Blaylock
Monkey Matt Vogel (Episode 3862)
Morty the Musical Muse Tyler Bunch (Episode 4265)
Mother Goose Eric Jacobson (Episode 4198)
Mouse Fran Brill (Episode 3087)
Mr. Between Dave Goelz (Episode 3091)
Mr. Big Jerry Nelson (Episode 3184)
Mr. Bricklayer David Rudman (Episode 2859)
Mr. Browning Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4405)
Mr. Chatterly Jerry Nelson
Mr. Draper Frank Oz (Episode 4188)
Mr. Essex Jim Henson (Episode 2291)
Mr. Gue Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4260)
Mr. Ice Cream Cone Man Jerry Nelson (Episode 193)
Mr. Johnson Jerry Nelson (1971-2012)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4140)
Mr. Lucky Jerry Nelson (Episode 666)
Mr. MiCookie Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4405)
Mr. Moses Richard Hunt (Episode 2996)
Mr. Nose Jim Henson (Episode 131)
Mr. Pogosticker Matt Vogel (Episode 4410)
Mr. Snuffleupagus Michael Earl (1978-1980)
  Jerry Nelson (1971-1978)
  Martin P. Robinson (1980-)
Mr. Tiger Eric Jacobson (Episode 4095)
Mr. Yak Matt Vogel (Episode 4192)
Mrs. Altuna Rooney Frank Oz (Episode 1446)
Mrs. Crustworthy Fran Brill
Mrs. Dogooder Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4127)
Mrs. Frazzle Louise Gold
Mrs. Grouch Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4237)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3141)
Mrs. Hathahkugel Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4219)
Mrs. Sparklenose Jessica Stone ("Abby's Flying Fairy School" animated segments, 2009-)
Ms. Angora Fran Brill (Episode 4526)
Ms. Barrett Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4405)
Ms. Carpenter Fran Brill (Episode 2859)
Ms. Scarlett Camille Bonora (Episode 2455)
Mucklemore's Backup Singer Eric Jacobson (Episode 4514)
  Peter Linz (Episode 4514)
Munch David Rudman (Episode 4109)
Murphy Brownbag Candice Bergen (Episode 2714)
Murray Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4116)
Murray Monster Joey Mazzarino (2007-)
Murray the Cow Eric Jacobson (Episode 4109)
Narf Joey Mazzarino
Narrator Craig Good ("Luxo Jr." segments)
  Allen Swift ("Melvin the Moving Man" cartoon)
Nelson Steve Whitmire (Episode 1804)
Newt the Night Watchman Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2619)
Niblet the Gerbilcorn Tyler Bunch ("Abby's Flying Fairy School" animated segments, 2009-)
Nick Normal Jerry Nelson (Episode 2489)
Noel Cowherd Jerry Nelson (Episode 2902)
Nora Nicks Fran Brill (Episode 2489)
Norman David Rudman
Nose McDonald Tyler Bunch (Episode 4301)
Nucky Ducky Thompson Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4305)
Number Guy (folksinger) Jerry Nelson (animated segments, 1996)
Numberella Fran Brill (Episode 3073)
Numberella's Stepmother David Rudman (Episode 3073)
Numberella's Stepsister Camille Bonora (Episode 3073)
  M. Elizabeth Houston (Episode 3073)
Oak Tree Jerry Nelson (Episode 406)
Old King Cole Jerry Nelson (Episode 1129)
Old MacDonald Richard Hunt
  Joey Mazzarino
  Martin P. Robinson
Old Mother Hubbard Jerry Nelson (Episode 696)
Omagrossa Fran Brill (Episode 4104)
Onion Man Peter Linz (Episode 4525)
Only One Cannoli Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4504)
Ooze Tyler Bunch (Episode 4503)
Opera Singer Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4081)
Orange Royal Mouse Guard John Tartaglia (Episode 4315)
Orange Wrestler Tyler Bunch (Episode 4313)
Oscar the Grouch Eric Jacobson (2015-)
  Caroll Spinney (1969-2015)
Ostrich Lady Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4218)
Osvaldo, el Grun Peter Linz (1990s)
  Gabriel Velez
Othmar the Grouch Brian Muehl (Episode 1755)
Ovejita Carmen Osbahr
Pablo Paint Palette Kevin Clash (Episode 2572)
Pair of Dice John Tartaglia (Episode 4318)
Pandora Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4257)
Papa Bear Joey Mazzarino
Papino the Pixie Tyler Bunch (Episode 4260)
Parker Monster Ryan Dillon (Episode 4404)
  Jerry Nelson
  David Rudman (Episode 2573)
Parker Piper Frank Oz (Episode 1563)
Pat Playjacks Jim Henson (Episode 2579)
Patti Paintbrush Kevin Clash (Episode 2572)
Pearl Brian Muehl
Pedro Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3438)
Pentagon Tyler Bunch (Episode 4311)
Peter Piper Kevin Clash
  Eric Jacobson (Episode 4511)
  James Kroupa
  Martin P. Robinson
Phil Ryan Dillon (Episode 4516)
  Martin P. Robinson ("School in the Afternoon" segments)
Philip Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4405)
Phoebe Alice Dinnean (2001)
  John Tartaglia (2002)
Phooey Louie Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3950)
Pillow Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3983)
Pink Hoodie Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3806)
Pink Royal Mouse Guard Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4315)
Pino Matt Vogel (Episode 4082)
Pinocchio Frank Oz (Episode 876)
Pipe Organ Fran Brill
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo
  Joey Mazzarino
  David Rudman
  John Tartaglia
Piper Piper Jerry Nelson (Episode 1563)
Pizzeria Dos Worker Kevin Clash (Episode 2881)
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2881)
Pio Dave Goelz (Episode 3100)
Placido Flamingo Richard Hunt (1986-1992)
Poco Loco Michael Earl (1978-1980)
  Jerry Nelson (1974-1978)
Pokey Jim Henson (Episode 279)
Polly Darton Fran Brill
Poppa Piper Frank Oz (Episode 1563)
Porter Piper Frank Oz (Episode 1563)
Potter Piper Richard Hunt (Episode 1563)
Prairie Dawn Fran Brill (1971-2014)
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo (2015-)
  Marlies Somers (Dutch)
Preposterous the Groucher Spaniel Kevin Clash
Preston Rabbit Jim Martin
Prince Richard Hunt (Episode 3073)
Prince Cha-Cha-Charming Tyler Bunch (Episode 4109)
Prince Charming Frank Oz
  Martin P. Robinson (Episode 3542)
Princess Cutie Fran Brill (Episode 233)
Princess Geraldine Fran Brill (Episode 2787)
Princess Katie Cheryl Blaylock
Princess Parfaita Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4504)
Princess Penelope Frank Oz (Episode 764)
Princess with the Pea Louise Gold
Professor Hastings Frank Oz
Professor Nucleus Von Fission Jerry Nelson (Episode 1115)
Proud Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2787)
Provenza Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4213)
Prunella Louise Gold (Episode 3119)
Pumpkin Anything Muppet Subject James Kroupa (Episode 2424)
Pumpkin Anything Muppet Townsperson Jerry Nelson (Episode 764)
Purple Anything Muppet Subject Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2424)
Queen of Nacho Picchu Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4301)
Quinn Fabray Muppet Fran Brill (Episode 4260)
Rachel Berry Muppet Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4260)
Rapunzel Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3890)
  Louise Gold (Episode 3460)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 692)
Rhombus of Recipes John Tartaglia (Episode 4301)
Richard Richard Hunt (Episode 2612)
Rico the Robot Tyler Bunch (Episode 4185)
  Joey Mazzarino (Episodes 4186, 4196)
Ringmaster Tyler Bunch (Episode 4308)
Rita Rucci Fran Brill (Episode 2292)
Roberta Jim Henson (Episode 1107)
Robin Casey Kasem (animated guest spots, 1969-1970)
Rocky Dave Goelz (Episode 3134)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 1107)
Rocky's Mother Frank Oz (Episode 1107)
Roosevelt Franklin Matt Robinson
Roosevelt Franklin's Mother Loretta Long
Rooster Jim Martin (Episode 3087)
Rosa Pam Arciero (Episode 2282)
Rosalyn Snuffleupagus Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4093)
Rosita Carmen Osbahr
Rosita's Abuela Emilio Delgado (Episode 4096)
  Sonia Manzano (Episode 4415)
Roxanne Louise Gold
Roxie Marie Fran Brill
Royal Apple Tree Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2787)
Royal Chef Brian Muehl (Episode 2424)
  Frank Oz (Episode 764)
Royal Cook Jim Henson (Episode 278)
Royal Doctor Jerry Nelson (Episode 278)
Royal Firefighter Jim Henson (Episode 278)
Royal Lackey Jerry Nelson (Episode 671)
Royal Paper Maker Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2980)
Royal Postman Jerry Nelson (Episode 278)
Ruby Camille Bonora
Rudy Frankie Cordero
Rusty Brian Muehl (Episode 1710)
Ryan Evans Muppet Tyler Bunch (Episode 4165)
Sabre-Toothed Tiger Brian Muehl (Episode 2939)
Sad Kevin Clash (Episode 2787)
Sally Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4516)
  Karen Prell (Episode 1575)
Sally Messy Yuckyael Louise Gold
Sally Screamer Frank Oz (Episode 279)
Sally Smith Kathryn Mullen (Episode 2423)
Sally Soho Camille Bonora (Episode 2572)
Sally Wilson Pam Arciero (Episode 2859)
Sam the Robot Jerry Nelson
Sammy the Snake Jerry Nelson (Episode 278)
Sandy Fran Brill (Episode 4013)
Sandy the Snake Jerry Nelson (Episode 2933)
Santa Claus Frank Oz (Episode 777)
School David Rudman (Episode 4093)
Scudge Jim Henson (Episode 89)
  Frank Oz (Episode 72)
  Caroll Spinney (Episode 116)
Seagull Peter Linz (Episode 4135)
Sensative-Nose Ryan Dillon (Episode 4114)
Sergeant Jerry Nelson (Episode 2628)
Sergeant Gabriel Kevin Clash (Episode 4213)
Sergeant Thursday Jerry Nelson (Episode 693)
Shark Brian Muehl (Episode 1446)
Sharpay Evans Muppet Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4165)
Sheep-ret Service Tyler Bunch (Episode 4311)
  Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4311)
  David Rudman (Episode 4311)
Sheepa the Sherpa Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4418)
Shelley Turtle Martin P. Robinson
Sherlock Hemlock Jerry Nelson
Sherry Netherland Julianne Buescher (1993-1996)
  Alice Dinnean (1996-1998)
Shivers the Penguin Caroll Spinney
Shoe Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3791)
Showered Rosell Jim Henson (Episode 986)
Sigrid Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4411)
Simon Soundman Jerry Nelson
Sinister Sam Jim Henson
Sir John Feelgood Jerry Nelson (Episodes 3040, 3086)
Sir Rodney Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2622)
Slam Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3950)
Sleeping Beauty Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4109)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 713)
Slowest-Drawing Ed Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4313)
Small AM Monster Pam Arciero (Episode 4112)
Smart Tina Sonia Manzano (ca. 1972-1976)
Smelly Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4114)
Smilin' Jack Frank Oz (Episode 355)
Sneaker Richard Hunt (Episode 2292)
Sneaky Jim Henson (Episode 279)
Snookey Jerry Nelson (Episode 279)
Snooks Jerry Nelson (Episode 2475)
Snow White Frank Oz (Episode 279)
Snufertiti Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2687)
Sonny Friendly Richard Hunt (1986-1992)
  David Rudman (1992-2000)
Sooey Oinker Ivy Austin
Sophie Carmen Osbahr (Episode 4127)
Spalding Monster Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3117)
  David Rudman (Episode 3135)
Sparky Jerry Nelson (Episode 279)
Spill O'Reilly Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4160)
Spot Leslie Carrara-Rudolph ("Abby's Flying Fairy School" animated segments, 2009-)
Squirrelle Ivy Austin (1993-ca. 1996)
Stan Richard Hunt (Episode 2363)
Stella Camille Bonora
Stephanie Chicken Camille Bonora (Episode 2893)
Stinky the Stinkweed Joey Mazzarino
Stuie Monster Richard Hunt (Episode 812)
Sue Kathryn Mullen (Episode 1575)
Sue Sylvester Muppet Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4260)
Sugar Cube Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4318)
Sullivan Martin P. Robinson
Summer Squall Fran Brill (Episode 3166)
Sun Fran Brill (Episode 3982)
  Kevin Clash (Episode 2486)
  Jim Martin (Episode 2893)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 406)
Super Chicken Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4105)
  Tyler Bunch (Episode 4176)
Super Fairy Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4258)
Super Nanny Louise Gold (Episode 3122)
Superman Lennie Weinrib (Episode 184)
Surprised Jim Martin (Episode 2787)
Susie Frank Oz (Episode 1133)
Suzetta Something Loretta Long ("Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School" segments)
Suzie Kabloozie Ruth Buzzi (animated segments, 1994-)
Swampy Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4104)
T-Shirt Salesman Frank Oz (Episode 2403)
Tarnish Brothers Richard Hunt (Episode 734)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 734)
  Frank Oz (Episode 734)
Taxi Driver McGillicuddy Brian Muehl (Episode 1736)
Taylor McKessie Muppet Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4165)
Teeny Little Superguy Jim Thurman (animated segments)
Telephone Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3870)
Telephone Operator Richard Hunt (Episode 733)
Telly Monster Brian Muehl (1979-1984)
  Bob Payne (1979)
  Martin P. Robinson (1984-)
Tessie Twiddlebug Rickey Boyd (2006-)
  Frank Oz (1973-1990)
The Amazing Mumford John Kennedy (2018-)
  Jerry Nelson (1971-2002)
The Biggest Person in the Kingdom Frank Oz (Episode 407)
The City Mouse Frank Oz (Episode 349)
The Closer Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 4213)
The Country Mouse Jerry Nelson (Episode 349)
The Fastest Person in the Kingdom Jerry Nelson (Episode 407)
The Golden Cabbage of Destiny Matt Vogel (Episode 4526)
The Grand High Triangle Lover Kevin Clash
The Grand Royal Square Lover Louise Gold (Episode 3116)
The Grand Royal Square Lover's Assistant Jerry Nelson (Episode 3116)
The Great Fentini Jerry Nelson (Episode 4037)
The Great Halfini Tyler Bunch (Episode 4410)
The Great In-Betweeni Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4308)
The Great Pyramid of Squeeza Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4526)
The Lady in the Fancy Bathrobe Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4318)
The London Frog Jerry Nelson (Episode 2404)
The Man in the Sleeveless Undershirt John Tartaglia (Episode 4318)
The Mighty Corn Tyler Bunch (Episode 4525)
The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe Fran Brill (Episode 4519)
  Frank Oz (Episode 1050)
The Pied Piper Frank Oz (Episode 519)
The Singing Dentists Lead Singer Kevin Clash (Episode 2861)
The Smallest Person in the Kingdom Frank Oz (Episode 407)
The Smartest Person in the Kingdom Jerry Nelson (Episode 407)
The Square Frank Oz (Episode 448)
The Top Banana Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3862)
The Young Man Who Lives in a Glove Jerry Nelson (Episode 1050)
The Young Woman Who Lives in a Hat Richard Hunt (Episode 1050)
Thomas Twiddlebug Rickey Boyd (2006-)
  Jim Henson (1973-1990)
Three Little Pigs Kevin Clash
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo
  Richard Hunt
  Eric Jacobson
  Noel MacNeal
  Joey Mazzarino
  Jerry Nelson
  Frank Oz
  Martin P. Robinson
  David Rudman
Tig David Rudman (Episode 4405)
Timmy Kevin Clash (Episode 2282)
Timmy Twiddlebug Rickey Boyd (2006-)
  Richard Hunt (1973-1990)
Tina Tracie Mick (Episode 4167)
Tina Twiddlebug Rickey Boyd (2006-)
  Jerry Nelson (1973-1990)
Tito Martin P. Robinson
Tito the Bat Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3499)
Tom Twinkletoes Tyler Bunch (Episode 4144)
Tommy Richard Hunt (Episode 1133)
Tommy Wilson Noel MacNeal (Episode 2859)
Tony Jerry Nelson (Episode 3111)
Tony the Turtle Martin P. Robinson (Episode 2601)
Tooth Frank Oz (Episode 1101)
Tooth Fairy Joey Mazzarino (Episode 3060)
Tornado Jerry Nelson (Episode 3984)
Tortoise Frank Oz (Episode 676)
Tough Eddie Richard Hunt (1980s)
  Jerry Nelson
Toulouse Richard Hunt (Episode 2939)
Townspeople Richard Hunt (Episode 764)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 764)
Tree Kevin Clash (Episode 2980)
Trey John Tartaglia (Episode 4165)
Trudy Monster Frank Oz (Episode 72)
Tumbleweed Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3867)
Turkey Noel MacNeal (Episode 3087)
Two-Headed Monster (Left Head) Richard Hunt (1978)
  Eric Jacobson (2016-)
  Joey Mazzarino (2001-2016)
  Jerry Nelson (1979-2000)
Two-Headed Monster (Right Head) Peter Friedman (1978)
  Adam Hunt (1995)
  Richard Hunt (1980-1992)
  David Rudman (1998-)
Two-Headed Monster's Mother Jim Henson (Episode 2640)
Tyrone David Rudman (Episodes 2643, 3743)
Umeko Camille Bonora (Episode 2459)
Uncle Abe Noel MacNeal (Episode 3874)
Uncle Louie Jerry Nelson (Episode 135)
Uncle Talbot Jerry Nelson (Episode 3692)
Vanessa Pam Arciero ("School in the Afternoon" segment)
Velma Blank David Rudman
Velvet Leslie Carrara-Rudolph ("Elmo: The Musical" segments)
Vertigo Fran Brill (Episode 4114)
Victor Richard Hunt (Episode 2362)
Vincent Twice Martin P. Robinson
Violin Tyler Bunch (Episode 4140)
Violin Bow Fran Brill (Episode 4140)
Virginia Virginia Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (Episode 4161)
Vivian Fran Brill (Episode 2362)
Walter Jerry Nelson (Episode 298)
Walter Cranky Martin P. Robinson (Episode 4160)
Walter the Vampire Jerry Nelson (Episode 2362)
Warren Wolf Jim Henson
Watson the Dog Kevin Clash
Weatherman Richard Hunt (Episode 693)
Well-Clad Wolf Jerry Nelson (Episode 3001)
Whoopie Pie Peter Linz (Episode 4417)
Wicked Witch Frank Oz (Episode 685)
Willy Nilly Richard Hunt (Episode 717)
Wisdom Tooth Stephanie D'Abruzzo (Episode 3919)
Witches Jim Henson (Episode 450)
  Richard Hunt (Episode 450)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 450)
Wodehouse Richard Hunt (Episode 2622)
Wolfgang the Seal Kevin Clash
Woodsman Frank Oz (Episode 691)
Wyoming Walt Matt Vogel (Episode 4161)
Yellow Submarine Captain Frank Oz (Episode 17)
Yellow Submarine Engineer Jim Henson (Episode 17)
Yellow Submarine Pilot Caroll Spinney (Episode 17)
Yo-Yo Jennifer Barnhart (Episode 4080)
Young Son Jim Henson (Episode 299)
Zebediah Bob Payne (Episode 2226)
Zizzy Zoomers Jim Henson (Episode 431)
  Jerry Nelson (Episode 431)
  Frank Oz (Episode 431)
Zoe Jennifer Barnhart (2015-)
  Fran Brill (1993-2014)
Zostic Joey Mazzarino ("Super Morphin Mega Monsters" segments)
Zowie-Zown the Upside-Down Clown Matt Vogel (Episode 4308)
Zucchin-eye Joey Mazzarino (Episode 4525)
(additional muppets) Tim Lagasse
  Alison Mork
(animated voices) Terence McGovern (ca. 1960's/70's)
(theme song vocalist) Kevin Clash ("Madlenka" segments)
  Lin-Manuel Miranda ("Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment)
(theme song vocals) Christine Winter
(various animated voices) Bob Arbogast
  Daws Butler
  Hal Smith
(various singing voices) Ivy Austin
(vocalist) Ruth Pointer ("Pinball Number Count" segments)

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