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Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Giants

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 21 October 2012
Voice Director: Keythe Farley

Sequel to "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Arkeyan Conquertron George Takei
Auric the Bear Steve Blum
Barkley Kevin Michael Richardson
Bash Keith Silverstein
Batterson Neil Kaplan
Boomer Joey Camen
Bouncer Bumper Robinson
Brock Troy Baker
Cali the Cat Sumalee Montano
Camo Andre Sogliuzzo
Captain Frightbeard John Kassir
Chill Julie Nathanson
Crusher Kevin Sorbo
Dino-Rang Thomas Bromhead
Double Trouble Alex Ness
Drill Sergeant Thomas Bromhead
Drobot Alex Ness
Eruptor Keythe Farley
Eye-Brawl Travis Willingham
Eye-Small Travis Willingham
Flameslinger Keith Szarabajka
Flashwing Tara Strong
Flynn the Cat Patrick Warburton
Fright Rider Yuri Lowenthal
Ghost Roaster John Kassir
Gill Grunt Darin De Paul
Glumshanks Chris Cox
Hatterson Neil Kaplan
Hex Courtenay Taylor
Hot Dog Carlos Alazraqui
Hot Head Patrick Seitz
Hugo the Mole Michael Yurchak
Ignitor Dwight Schultz
Jet-Vac Greg Ellis
Kaos Richard Steven Horvitz
Lightning Rod Alex Ness
Master Eon Daniel Hagen
Mini Jini Laura Bailey
Noodles Jeff Bergman
Persephone Laura Bailey
Pop Fizz Bobcat Goldthwait
Prism Break Peter Lurie
Quigley Hope Levy
Seraphina Tara Strong
Shroomboom Matthew Moy
Slam Bam Fred Tatasciore
Sonic Boom Lani Minella
Sprocket EG Daily
Spyro the Dragon Josh Keaton
Stealth Elf Audrey Wasilewski
Stump Smash Kevin Michael Richardson
Sunburn Troy Baker
Swarm Danny Jacobs
Terrabite Joey Camen
Terrafin Joey Camen
Thumpback Daniel Neil
Tree Rex Kevin Michael Richardson
Trigger Happy Dave Wittenberg
Trigger Snappy Dave Wittenberg
Voodood Andre Sogliuzzo
Warnado Fred Tatasciore
Weapon Master Neil Kaplan
Wham-Shell Christopher L. Parson
Whirlwind Salli Saffioti
Whisper Elf Audrey Wasilewski
Zap Jeff Bergman
Zook Fred Tatasciore
(additional voices) David Markus
(voice) Abraham Benrubi
  Bob Bergen
  Cam Clarke
  Hunter Davis
  Robin Atkin Downes
  Ian Gregory
  Matthew Yang King
  David Lodge
  Matthew Mercer
  Dave B. Mitchell
  Masasa Moyo
  Nolan North
  Liam O'Brien
  Lloyd Sherr

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