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Axe Cop
Axe Cop

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 27 July 2013

Based on the web comic of the same name.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Adolf Hitler Peter Serafinowicz "Zombie Island...In Space"
Anita Maria Bamford "Baboons Rising"
  Megan Mullally
Army Chihuahua Giancarlo Esposito "Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back"
Axe Cop / Axey Smartist Nick Offerman
Axe Cop's Dad Sam Elliott "Axe Cop Saves God"
Axe Girl Lake Bell "The Ultimate Mate"
Axey Smartist (young) Cullen McCarthy "Taxi Cop"
Baboons Dee Bradley Baker "Baboons Rising"
Baby Man Michael Madsen "No More Bad Guys"
Bad Hunter Clancy Brown "Night Mission: The Extincter"
Bad Santa Raymond J. Barry "Birthday Month"
Bat Warthog Man Vincent Kartheiser
Bat Warthog Man's Friend Megan Mullally "Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back"
Beautiful Girly Bobs Alison Brie "The Dumb List"
Ben Ben Mendelsohn "When Night Creatures Attack," "Bald Cop"
Best Fairy Ever Deborah Ann Woll "The Dumb List"
Bigfoot Clancy Brown "Night Mission: The Extincter"
Book Cop Jonathan Banks "An American Story"
Book Cop's Dad James Adomian "An American Story"
Book Cop's Mom Megan Mullally "An American Story"
Boy (possessed voice) Peter Serafinowicz "The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules"
Boy's Father Beck Bennett "The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules"
Brilliant Evil Scientist Alfred Molina "President Cop"
Chemist M. Peter Serafinowicz "Zombie Island...In Space"
Chief of Police Tyler the Creator "No More Bad Guys"
Dinosaur Horn Store Salesman Todd Barry "Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back"
Dr. Doo Doo Peter Serafinowicz "Zombie Island...In Space"
Dr. Miles Heather Lawless "Baboons Rising"
Dr. Rang Patton Oswalt "An American Story"
Extincter David Strathairn "Night Mission: The Extincter"
Farmer Joe Unger "28 Days Before"
Fife Cop Ken Marino "An American Story"
Flute Cop / Flutey Smartist Ken Marino
Frog Dennis Haysbert "Super Axe"
Gobber Smartist Megan Mullally "Birthday Month"
God Kristen Schaal "Axe Cop Saves God"
Gray Diamond / Mark Frankenstein Rob Huebel
Guy on Car Jerrod Carmichael "Babysitting Uni-Baby"
Isabella M. Megan Mullally "Zombie Island...In Space"
Joanie Megan Mullally "Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back"
Junior Cobbb Clancy Brown "President Cop"
King of All Time Peter Serafinowicz "The Center of the Ocean"
King of England Jared Harris "An American Story"
Liborg Tyler the Creator "Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back," "Babysitting Unibaby"
Lobster Man Andre Braugher "The Center of the Ocean"
Magic Police Officer James Adomian "Babysitting Uni-Baby"
Magic Show Audience Member Dan Harmon "Babysitting Uni-Baby"
Mr. Chicken Chickenslice Jack McBrayer "Axe Cop Saves God"
Newscaster Maria Bamford "Bald Cop"
Police Officer Joe Unger "When Night Creatures Attack"
Queen of England Megan Mullally "Zombie Island...In Space"
Rabbit Ghost Peter Serafinowicz "The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules"
Radio DJ Jonathan Banks "Babysitting Uni-Baby"
Ray Mike O'Malley "Taxi Cop"
Ray (young) Cullen McCarthy "Taxi Cop"
Red-Haired Woman Jane Adams "Super Axe"
Redcoat Peter Serafinowicz "An American Story"
Refugee Woman Tara Strong "Baboons Rising"
Reporter Clancy Brown "President Cop"
Satan Clancy Brown "Axe Cop Saves God"
Science Corp Scientist Richard Riehle "Baboons Rising"
Scoot Scoot McNairy "When Night Creatures Attack," "Bald Cop"
Secret President Larry Richard Riehle "Baboons Rising"
Sockarang Patton Oswalt
Soldier Clancy Brown "Mark Frankenstein"
Super Axe Jordan Peele "Super Axe"
Tear Sparrow Jewel "The Center of the Ocean"
Todd Todd Barry "The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules"
Tracy Megan Mullally "Super Axe"
Tutukaka Female June Squibb "The Ultimate Mate"
Tutukaka Male Richard Riehle "The Ultimate Mate"
Uni-Man Peter Serafinowicz "Babysitting Unibaby," "28 Days Before"
Vampire Man Baby Kid Dee Bradley Baker "Night Mission: The Moon"
Vampire Man Baby Kid's Dad Alfred Molina "Night Mission: The Moon"
Waitress Luenell "Axe Cop Saves God"
  Megan Mullally "When Night Creatures Attack"
Warden Udo Kier "Heads Will Roll"
Water Queen Jemima Kirke "The Center of the Ocean"
Wizard Artist Rabbit Peter Serafinowicz "President Cop"
(voice) Stephanie Beatriz "The Center of the Ocean"
  Michael Chiklis "Heads Will Roll"
  Matthew Silverstein "Heads Will Roll"
  Dwight Yoakam "Mark Frankenstein"

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