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China, IL
China, IL

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 02 October 2011

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Agent Green Andy Richter "Rewind, Pause, Play!," "Baby Boom," "The Dean's List"
Aquarium Boss Dave Coulier "Rewind, Pause, Play!," "Dean vs. Mayor"
Brenda EG Daily "Total Validation"
Carabas Robert Clotworthy "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"
DJ Don Jose Hannibal Buress "The Perfect Lecture," "Do You Know Who You Look Like?," "Kenny Winkler Rules"
Dr. Jack Falgot Gary Anthony Williams
Flap Flap EG Daily "Total Validation"
Frank Smith Brad Neely
Grace Heather Lawless "Do You Know Who You Look Like"
Harold Jason Alexander "Baby Boom," "Coming Out of the Casket"
Jackie Lather Dave Coulier "Rewind, Pause, Play!"
Jen Natasha Leggero "Frankensteve"
Kally EG Daily "Total Validation"
Kally's Dad Dave Coulier "Total Validation"
Kevin Costner Robert Clotworthy "Is College Worth It?"
Mark "Baby" Cakes Brad Neely
Matt Attack Hannibal Buress
Mayor Tommy Blacha "The Dean's List," "China-Man Begins," "Prank Week"
Mrs. Merks EG Daily "Surfer God"
Pony Merks Greta Gerwig
Professor Leonard Cakes Jeffrey Tambor
Ronald Reagan Dave Coulier "Rewind, Pause, Play!," "The Diamond Castle"
Steve Smith Brad Neely
Street Troll Tommy Blacha "Total Validation"
  Hannibal Buress "Total Validation"
The Dean Hulk Hogan
Wise Old Monk James Hong "Prank Week"

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