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BioShock Infinite
BioShock Infinite

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2013

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Andrew Ryan Armin Shimerman ("Burial at Sea" DLC)
Booker DeWitt Troy Baker
Chen Lin Vic Chao
Cornelius Slate Keith Szarabajka
Daisy Fitzroy Kimberly Brooks
  Lyndsy Kail
Elizabeth Courtnee Draper
Ezekiel Price Neil Kaplan
Jeremiah Fink Bill Lobley
John Hammond Neil Kaplan
Lady Comstock Laura Bailey
Preacher Whiting Richard Herd
Robert Lutece Oliver Vaquer
Rosalind Lutece Jennifer Hale
Rosalind Lutecee Lyndsy Kail
Thursday Warren Neil Kaplan
Zachary Hale Comstock Kiff Vandenheuvel
(additional voices) Troy Baker ("Burial at Sea" DLC)
  Steve Blum
  T.C. Carson
  Jesse Corti
  Roger R. Cross
  Stephanie D'Abruzzo
  Joey D'Auria
  Robin Atkin Downes
  Greg Ellis
  Betsy Foldes Meiman ("Burial at Sea" DLC)
  Brad Grusnick
  Jennifer Hale ("Burial at Sea" DLC)
  Scott Holst
  Brian Kimmet
  Arif S. Kinchen
  Matthew Yang King
  Ken Lally
  Misty Lee
  Yuri Lowenthal
  Jim Meskimen
  Masasa Moyo
  Elle Newlands
  Liam O'Brien
  Patrick Pinney
  Sam Riegel
  Cindy Robinson
  T. Ryder Smith
  Spike Spencer
  April Stewart
  Mark Allan Stewart
  Kaiji Tang
  Gwendoline Yeo

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