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Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

Also Known As: GTA V
Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 17 September 2013

Trivia: Many voice actors in GTA V are actual gang members.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Moorehead Rides Again" Announcer J.R. Horne
Ashley Butler Traci Godfrey
Aunt Denise Janet Hubert
Beach Lifeguard Terri Douglas
Border Patrol Chris Tergliafera
Boss Zelder Adam Sietz
Bradley Snider Ryan Woodle
Bravado Commercial Announcer Jeremy Schwartz
Brothers Edmund and Fitzgerald Adam Sietz
Butch Jim Conroy
Canadian Lloyd Floyd
Casey Thomas Poarch
Channel X DJ Keith Morris
Crevis Commercial Announcer Jeremy Schwartz
Cris Formage Fred Melamed
Daryl Johns Benton Greene
Dick Lloyd Floyd
Dirk Lloyd Floyd
Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris J.B. Smoove
Duane Earl Danny McBride
Gordon Moorehead Lloyd Floyd
Hillbilly Chris Tergliafera
Hugh Harrison Fred Armisen
Igor Pablovich Adam Sietz
Impotent Rage Frank Simms
LSPD Emerson Brooks
Local Population John Eric Bentley
  Tyler Bunch
  Dane Cook
  Jim Cummings
  Ralph Gunderman
  Jake Hart
  Pailo Heitz
  Arif S. Kinchen
  Linda Larkin
  Misty Lee
  Yuri Lowenthal
  Vargus Mason
  Liam O'Brien
  Darren O'Hare
  Angel Parker
  Charles Parnell
  Jeremy Redleaf
  Rebecca Riedy
  Fiona Robert
  Michael Sinterniklaas
  Brett Tabisel
  Alanna Ubach
  Travis Willingham
  Debra Wilson
  Michael-Leon Wooley
  Michael Yurchak
Los Santos Rock Radio DJ Kenny Loggins
Mark Fostenburg Tim Barker
Master Lloyd Floyd
Michael De Santa Ned Luke
Mr. Cheng George Kee Cheung
Mrs. Thornhill Patricia Kilgarriff
Officer A. J. Castro
Pablo Lloyd Floyd
Packie McReary Ryan Johnston
Paige Harris Julie Marcus
Private Luke Adam Sietz
Proposition 45 Commercial Announcer Jeremy Schwartz
Radio Los Santos DJ Big Boy
Redwood Indian Bill Lobley
Republican Space Rangers Announcer Bill Ratner
Rocco Pelosi Greg Siff
Russian Lloyd Floyd
Sir Everly Malcontent Lloyd Floyd
Space 103.2 DJ Bootsy Collins
Steve Haines Robert Bogue
Sword Boy Lloyd Floyd
Tao's Translator Phil Nee
The Low Down 91.1 DJ Pam Grier
Uberman Lloyd Floyd
United Paper Man Milton James
Violet Linda Larkin
stoppayingyourmortgage.net Commercial Announcer Charles Parnell
(additional voices) Emerson Brooks
  Robert Clotworthy
  Dave B. Mitchell
  Jim Pirri
  Paula Rhodes

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