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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 17 February 2014 - 12 September 2016

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baby Monster Eric Bauza "Frog Day Afternoon"
Bear Ruffinbuff Tom Kenny "Birds of a Feather"
Big Daddy Crumbs David Forseth "Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting"
Big Dumb Monster John Kassir "Eat at Pumpers"
Breadmaker Fred Tatasciore
Buhdeuce Eric Bauza
Buhdeuce's Booty Roger Craig Smith "Bye Bye Booty"
Buhdeuce's Mom Mindy Sterling "Birds of a Feather"
Cloud Monster Max Mittelman "Oonski the Greatful"
Clown Robert Cait "Tunnel of Fear"
French Chef Robert Cait "Tunnel of Fear"
Indecisive Monster Jim Cummings "Eat at Pumpers"
Intercom Lady Vanessa Marshall "Mine All Mine"
Jelly Alexander Polinsky
Judge Pobun Stephen Stanton "Rodeo Ducks"
Ketta Kari Wahlgren
Lava Mole John DiMaggio "Mine All Mine"
Mama Monster April Winchell "Frog Day Afternoon," "Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting"
Messenger Robbie Daymond "From Bad to Nurse"
Mr. Pumpers Michael-Leon Wooley
Pizza Lord Maddie Taylor "Wrath of the Pizza Lord"
Poltergoose Max Mittelman "Poltergoose"
Rambamboo Audrey Wasilewski
Roboloafie Steve Blum "Roboloafie"
Rocket Robbie Daymond "Lost at Pond"
Sway Sway's Dad Tom Kenny "Birds of a Feather"
Sway3PO Robbie Daymond "Rocket Trouble"
SwaySway Robbie Daymond
SwaySway's Mom Cree Summer "Birds of a Feather"
T-Midi S. Scott Bullock
Toilet Monster John Kassir "Birthday Bread"
Tooth Fairy Eliza Schneider "Tooth Fairy Ducks"
Trash Bandit Trevor Devall "Trash Bandit"
Trippa B David Forseth "Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting"
Video Game Announcer Fred Tatasciore "Mine All Mine"
Zoona Tara Strong "Pizzawinners," "Wrath of the Pizza Lord"

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