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Animatrix, The
Animatrix, The

Genre: Anime Film
Release Date: 2003
Voice Director: Jack Fletcher

An anthology collection of nine shorts, set within The Matrix universe and focusing on backstory, minor characters, or events outside of the film's focus. A mixture of directors, production companies, and styles were used, including several anime portions and a CG segment from Square's US studio.

Four of the shorts debuted on the Matrix website and Final Flight of the Osiris was released theatrically, accompanying the film Dreamcatcher. The rest debuted in the home video release, under the collective title The Animatrix.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
01 Versatran Spokesman Dane A. Davis "The Second Renaissance, Part 2"
Agent Matt McKenzie "World Record," "Beyond," "A Detective Story"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "World Record"
  James Arnold Taylor "Detective Story"
Alexa Melinda Clarke "Matriculated"
Chyron Rodney Saulsberry "Matriculated" segment
  Jin Yamanoi (Japanese) "Matriculated"
Cis Hedy Burress "Program"
  Agnès Manoury (French) "Program"
Clarence T.C. Carson "A Detective Story"
Cop Kevin Michael Richardson "Kid's Story"
Crew Man John DiMaggio "Final Flight of the Osiris"
Crew Woman Tara Strong "Final Flight of the Osiris"
Dan Hiroki Touchi (Japanese) "World Record"
  Victor Williams "World Record"
Dan's Dad John Wesley "World Record"
Duo Phil LaMarr "Program"
Extrerminators Dwight Schultz "Beyond"
Housewife Tress MacNeille "Beyond"
Jue Pamela Adlon "Final Flight of the Osiris"
Kenny Tress MacNeille "Beyond"
Kid Debi Derryberry "The Second Renaissance, Parts 1 & 2"
Kid Walla James Arnold Taylor "Kid's Story"
Manabu Pamela Adlon "Beyond"
  Kensho Ono (Japanese) "Beyond"
Masa Kath Soucie "Beyond"
Masaji Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese) "Beyond"
Misha Tara Strong "Beyond"
Mother Jill Talley "The Second Renaissance, Parts I&II"
Narrator Julia Fletcher "World Record"
Neo Keanu Reeves "Kid's Story"
Nonako Dwight Schultz "Matriculated"
Nurse Tara Strong "World Record"
Old Woman Bette Ford "Final Flight of the Osiris"
Operator Tom Kenny "Final Flight of the Osiris"
Pilot Rick Gomez "Final Flight of the Osiris"
Pudgy Kath Soucie "Beyond"
Raul James Arnold Taylor "Matriculated"
Rick James Arnold Taylor "Detective Story"
Rox Olivia d'Abo "Matriculated"
Sandro Jack Fletcher "Matriculated"
Sara Kath Soucie "Beyond"
Teacher John DeMita "Kid's Story"
Thadeus Kevin Michael Richardson "Final Flight of the Osiris"
The Instructor Julia Fletcher "The Second Renaissance, Parts 1 & 2"
The Kid Clayton Watson "Kid's Story"
Tom Alex Fernandez "World Record"
Townspeople Julia Fletcher "Beyond"
  Tom Kenny "Beyond"
Townsperson Jill Talley "Beyond"
Trinity Carrie-Anne Moss "Kid's Story", "A Detective Story"
Yoko Hedy Burress "Beyond"
(additional voices) Dwight Schultz "The Second Renaissance, Part 2"
  Jill Talley "The Second Renaissance, Part 2"
  James Arnold Taylor "The Second Renaissance, Part 2"

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