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Incredibles, The
Incredibles, The

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 05 November 2004
Official Website: http://www.theincredibles.com

Winner of two 2004 Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Sound Editing, and nominees for Best Original Screenplay (Brad Bird), and Best Sound.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bernie Kropp Denis Boileau (French)
  Antti Pekkanen (Finnish)
  Lou Romano
Bomb Voyage Dominique Louis
Crowd Member Joe Ranft
Dash / Dashiell Parr Spencer Fox
Edna "E" Mode Brad Bird
  Amanda Lear (French)
Elastigirl / Helen Parr Holly Hunter
Elderly Spectator #1 Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
  Frank Thomas
Elderly Spectator #2 Francisco Colmenero (Spanish (Latin American))
  Ollie Johnston
Frozone / Lucius Best Samuel L. Jackson
Gilbert Huph Wallace Shawn
Honey Best Kimberly Adair Clarke
Kari Bret Parker
Mirage Elizabeth Peña
  Fernanda Tapia (Spanish (Latin American))
Mr. Incredible / Bob Parr Sebastian Llapur (Spanish (Argentinian))
  Sasu Moilanen (Finnish)
  Craig T. Nelson
Newsreel Narrator Teddy Newton
Principal Wayne Canney
  Pascal Massix (French)
  Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
Radio Voice Mario Filio (Spanish (Latin American))
Rick Dicker Ricardo Alanis (Spanish (Argentinian))
  Bud Luckey
Rusty McAllister (Boy on Tricycle) Nicholas Bird
Syndrome / Buddy Pine Jason Lee
  Thure Lindhardt (Danish)
The Underminer Pascal Massix (French)
  John Ratzenberger
  Humberto Vélez (Spanish (Latin American))
Thief Raúl Aldana (Spanish (Latin American))
Tony Rydinger Raúl Aldana (Spanish (Latin American))
  Michael Bird
Violet Parr Kelly Marot (French) (1st Dubbing)
  Sarah Vowell
(additional voices) Mark Andrews
  Louis Braga III
  Pete Docter
  Louis Gonzales
  Elisabeth Greenberg
  Juliet Greenberg
  Billy Guardino
  Dennis Jennings
  Annituuli Kasurinen (Finnish)
  Bob Peterson
  Jeff Pidgeon
  A.J. Riebli
  Katherine Ringgold
  Andrew Stanton

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