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Elder Scrolls Online, The
Elder Scrolls Online, The

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 04 April 2014
Voice Director: Margaret Tang

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abbot Durak Keith Szarabajka
Abnur Tharn Alfred Molina
Abzag the Monster Keith Szarabajka
Altmer Christopher Corey Smith
Argonian #7 Rachel Robinson
Azura Lynda Carter
Breton Female Rebecca Riedy
Female Bosmer #1 Mary Faber
Female Breton #1 Mary Faber
Female Breton #2 Courtenay Taylor
Female Khajiit #1 Sumalee Montano
Female Khajiit #2 Courtenay Taylor
Female Redguard Sumalee Montano
Hagraven #1 Rachel Robinson
High King Emeric Bill Nighy
Hircine Keith Szarabajka
Hrogi Michael Benyaer
Joruun the Skald King Peter Stormare
Justice Istah Michael Benyaer
Khajiit Christopher Corey Smith
Khajiit Female Rebecca Riedy
Lyris Titanborn Jennifer Hale
Male Altmer #1 J.B. Blanc
Male Altmer #2 Robin Atkin Downes
Male Altmer #3 Gideon Emery
Male Bosmer Liam O'Brien
Male Breton #1 J.B. Blanc
  Liam O'Brien
Male Dunmer #1 J.B. Blanc
Male Dunmer #2 Robin Atkin Downes
Male Dunmer #3 Gideon Emery
Male Khajiit #1 J.B. Blanc
Male Khajiit #2 Andrew Kishino
Mannimarco Jim Ward
Merric-at-Aswala Christopher Corey Smith
Molag Bal Malcolm McDowell
Mummy J.B. Blanc
Nord Stephen Oyoung
Nord Guard Male Michael Benyaer
Orc Andrew Kishino
  Sumalee Montano
  David Sobolov
Orc #8 Rachel Robinson
Prophet Michael Gambon
Queen Ayrenn Kate Beckinsale
  Tanja Geke (German)
Razum-dar Christopher Corey Smith
Red Guard Christopher Corey Smith
Sai Sahan Kevin Michael Richardson
  Reiner Schöne (German)
Sheogorath J.B. Blanc
Sir Cadwell John Cleese
Skeleton Liam O'Brien
Talking Skeleton Female Rebecca Riedy
Wraith Christopher Corey Smith
(additional voices) Jonathan Adams
  Troy Baker
  Julianne Buescher
  Jim Cummings
  Taliesin Jaffe
  Peter Lavin
  Marcella Lentz-Pope
  Robert Missler (German)
  Travis Willingham
  Ron Yuan

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