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Teamo Supermo
Teamo Supermo

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2002

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Birthday Bandit Mark Hamill
Captain Crandall / Crandall Spencer Breslin
Chief Joe Alaskey
  Brian Doyle-Murray
Cloaked Skull Joe Flaherty "The Haunted House on Horror Hill"
Comrade Z Maurice LaMarche "The Mark of Comrade Z"
Crandall's Mom Julia Sweeney
DJ Despicable Casey Kasem "Doin' the Supremo"
Dastardly Dentist Tim Curry "An Appointment with the Dentist"
Dehydro Diedrich Bader "Reservoir Frogs," "When Elements Unite," "Out to Dry"
Dr. Sonambulist Jonathan Freeman
Electronica / Polly Pixel Grey Griffin "Electronica's Game," "Electronica's Game 2.0"
Evelyn Barbara Eden "Brenda's Birthday Bandit"
Fabrica Nicole Sullivan "Attack of the Stuffed Stuff"
Gauntlet / Mr. Crawford Wallace Shawn "Running the Gauntlet," "Tossing the Gauntlet," "The Gauntlet's New Gloves"
Governor Kevin Martin Mull
Hippy Chick Shelley Bennett
Hypnotheria April Winchell "Appetite for...Dessert"
Jean Rachel Crane
Laser Pirate / Larry Tim Curry "Capital Offense," "When Elements Unite," "Pyrite and Pirates"
Mr. Large Edward Asner "Grounded," "Mr. Large's Slippery Scheme"
Mr. Paulsen Fred Willard
Rope Girl / Brenda Alanna Ubach
Scooter Lad Pamela Adlon "And Then There Were Two," "The Wrath of Scooter Lad"
Skate Lad / Hector Alanna Ubach
Tourorist / Frenchy Stakas Tress MacNeille "A Monumental Crisis"
(additional voices) Jeff Bennett
  Jess Harnell

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