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Ed, Edd n' Eddy
Ed, Edd n' Eddy

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1999
Voice Director: Terry Klassen

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ed Matt Hill
Edd Dieter Jansen (Dutch)
  Samuel Vincent
Eddy Tony Sampson
Jimmy Keenan Christensen
Jonny David Paul Grove
Kevin Kathleen Barr
  Hiroyuki Tsuru (Japanese)
Laughing Townspeople Keenan Christensen "Urban Ed"
Lee Kanker Janyse Jaud
Marie Kanker Kathleen Barr
May Circe Luna (Spanish (Latin American))
May Kanker Erin Fitzgerald (Seasons 2, 4-6)
  Jenn Forgie (2001-2002)
  Circe Luna (Spanish (Latin American))
Nazz Erin Fitzgerald (Seasons 2, 4-6)
  Jenn Forgie (2001-2002)
  Tabitha St. Germain (1999-2000)
Rolf Peter Kelamis
Sara Marlies Somers (Dutch)
Sarah Janyse Jaud
  Perla Liberatori (Italian)

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