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Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 05 December 2015
Voice Director: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Handsome" Grinkon Brad Kane "That Purple Guy"
Adam Tom-Kat Badawy Mark Hamill "At the End of the Worlds"
Alex Brandon Scott "Ninki Ninja Fight Town," "Trading Faces"
Amber Briggs Olivia Holt "Amber," "Save the Worlds," "At the End of the Worlds"
Announcer Jess Harnell "Defending the Earth"
Announcer Mike John Anderson (X) "Ultrahyperball"
Announcer Ron John M. Henson "Ultrahyperball"
Aunt Rose Rosie Perez
Beach Ball Grandpappy Brian Posehn "Balls"
Bill Nye Bill Nye "A Game of Cat and Mouse"
Blaze Sean Astin "Where Dragons Dare," "Save the Worlds," "Alpha, Bravo, Unicorn," "At the End of the Worlds"
Boat Maria Yvette Nicole Brown "The Pirates, the Parrot, the Puzzles and the Talking Boats," "At the End of the Worlds"
Boone Wiseman Adam DeVine
Bowling Ball Elizabeth Bond "Balls," "Back to the Past of Future Balls"
  Kari Wahlgren "Balls"
Brock Zero Gary Cole
Bruce Vilanch Bruce Vilanch "Defending the Earth"
Captain Super Captain Adam West "I'm Super," "I'm Still Super," "Save the Worlds," "At the End of the Worlds"
Captain of the Guard J.B. Blanc "Rockullan, Papyron, Scissorian"
Chinchilla Dee Bradley Baker
Club Owner Neil Kaplan "Rootilda"
Coach Ecscard Fred Tatasciore "The QPC," "Trading Faces"
Coach Jackie Jane Kaczmarek "Ultrahyperball"
Coach Wallace Jason Alexander "Ultrahyperball"
Crispity Cockatoo Maurice LaMarche "Cereal Fugitives"
Cute-Ling General Kate Micucci "The Ripple Effect"
Cute-Ling Mayor Kumail Nanjiani "The Ripple Effect"
Dr. Hissy Kevin Michael Richardson "Babypocalypse," "The Chinchilla"
Drab Lieutenant Pamela Adlon "It's a Colorful Life"
Eight Ball Jeff Bennett "Balls," "Back to the Past of Future Balls"
Flurgle Dee Bradley Baker
Fredricks Maurice LaMarche "Larry Manor," "The QPC"
General Michael-Leon Wooley "Brainzburgerz," "At the End of the Worlds"
General Shirley B. Awesome Wanda Sykes "Shirley B. Awesome," "Save the Worlds"
General Talon Tress MacNeille "Alpha, Bravo, Unicorn"
Grinkon Fred Tatasciore "That Purple Guy"
Helper Hue Harland Williams "It's a Colorful Life"
Hideo Roger Craig Smith "Ninki Ninja Fight Town"
Hogarth Blake Anderson "Boone's Apprentice," "At the End of the Worlds"
Hooded Pixie John DiMaggio "Wings of Destiny"
Judge Blort Clooney Chris Parnell "Defending the Earth"
Lady Starblaster Sigourney Weaver "Lady Starblaster"
Land Shark Maria Bamford "Sensitivity Shark"
Matilda Lauren Lapkus "Trading Faces," "At the End of the Worlds"
Matthews Maria Bamford "Larry Manor"
Mayor Pink Panda Diana Rigg "Babypocalypse," "The Chinchilla," "At the End of the Worlds"
Merchant Cree Summer "The Most Dangerous World Imaginable"
Milkman Paul Reubens "Cereal Criminals," "Cereal Fugitives," "At the End of the Worlds"
Montage Singer Kenny Loggins "Where Dragons Dare"
Mountain Beast Kevin Michael Richardson "The Last Mountain Beast"
Mr. Flannigan Reginald VelJohnson "My Mischievious Son"
Mrs. Monkenfluffer Maria Bamford "Totally Into Your Body," "Trading Faces"
Mrs. Wright Judith Light "My Mischievous Son"
Narrator Maurice LaMarche "It's a Colorful Life"
Nug Maria Bamford "Rock and Roll"
Old Man Middleberg Jess Harnell "Trading Faces"
Orchid Rena Strober "Plantywood: City of Flora," "Be My Ghost," "Rootilda"
Penn Zero Thomas Middleditch
Phyllis Sam Levine
President Maria Bamford "3 Big Problems," "13 Big Problems," "At the End of the Worlds"
Princess Argelbleccht Blunkenthorthph Elizabeth Henstridge "That Purple Girl," "That Purple Guy," "At the End of the Worlds"
Principal Larry Larry Wilmore
Professor Evil Professor Adam West "I'm Still Super," "At the End of the Worlds"
Queen Rena Strober "The Princess Most Fair"
Rippen Alfred Molina
Rodeo Clown Announcer Jeff Gordon "Chuckle City 500"
Rootilda Rena Strober "Rootilda"
Rufus Peter Stormare "Fish and Chips," "Sensitivity Training"
Ryan Pete Holmes "A Tale of Two Wizards"
Sashi Kobayashi Tania Gunadi
Sheriff Scaley Briggs Beau Bridges "The Old Old West," "Amber," "Save the Worlds," "At the End of the Worlds"
Snow Monkey Bus Steve Blum "Ninki Ninja Fight Town"
Snowman Henry Winkler "North Pole Down," "At the End of the Worlds"
Soda Jerk Garry Marshall "Chuckle City," "Chuckle City 500"
Sonny Jeffrey Ross "Be My Ghost," "At the End of the Worlds"
Super Amazing Bouncy Ball Curtis Armstrong "Back to the Past of Future Balls," "At the End of the Worlds"
Sylvester Kobayashi George Takei
Tony the Elephant Dee Bradley Baker "Trading Faces"
Troll Maurice LaMarche "A Tale of Two Wizards"
Uncle Chuck Lenny Venito
Unicorn Soldiers Maurice LaMarche "Alpha, Bravo, Unicorn"
Vonnie Zero Lea Thompson
Wacky Bustgutty Jeff Gordon "Chuckle City 500"
Windmill Monster James Hong "At the End of the Worlds"
Yancie Kobayashi Lauren Tom
Yumi Hynden Walch "Ninki Ninja Fight Town"
(additional voices) Dee Bradley Baker
  Maria Bamford
  Jeff Bennett
  Susan Blakeslee
  Elizabeth Bond
  Corey Burton
  Laura Dickinson
  Grey Griffin
  Jess Harnell
  Sean Kenin
  Lauren Lapkus
  Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  Kevin Michael Richardson
  Sam Riegel
  Brandon Scott
  Rena Strober
  Cree Summer
  Fred Tatasciore
  James Arnold Taylor
  Joe J. Thomas
  Lauren Tom
  Kitana Turnbull
  Hynden Walch
  Michael-Leon Wooley

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