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Flight of the Amazon Queen
Flight of the Amazon Queen

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 1995
Official Website: http://www.gog.com/game/flight_of_the_amazon_queen

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anderson Enn Reitel
Bellboy William Hootkins
Big Hugh Mike Hurley
Bud William Hootkins
  Wolf Kähler (German)
Charon Wolf Kähler (German)
  Enn Reitel
Chef William Hootkins
Commander Rocket Comic Characters Stephan Grothgar (German)
  Brad Lavelle
Crystal Robot Erich Redman (German)
  Enn Reitel
Faye Russell Gertrude Thoma (German)
Frank Ironstein William Hootkins
Gorilla Christoph Waltz (German)
Henry Steffan Boje (German)
  Enn Reitel
Ian Barry James
Joe King Stephan Grothgar (German)
  Brad Lavelle
John William Hootkins
Klunk Mike Hurley
  Enn Reitel
Naomi Jessica Martin
  Gertrude Thoma (German)
Pygmy Chief Barry James
Rico Enn Reitel
  Christoph Waltz (German)
Secretary Jessica Martin
Skip Erich Redman (German)
Spaced Out Prisoner William Hootkins
  Christoph Waltz (German)
Sparky Erich Redman (German)
Temple Guardian Penelope Keith
Trader Bob Jon Coleman
  Christoph Waltz (German)
Zombie Woman Jessica Martin

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