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Animals United
Animals United

Also Known As: Konferenz der Tiere
Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 07 October 2010

Remake of the 1969 German animated feature
Die Konferenz der Tiere

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Angie Dawn French
Biggie Sean Schemmel
Billy James Corden
Bob Tom Wayland
Bongo Omid Djalili
  Santiago Ziesmer (German)
Charles Andy Serkis
Cook Marc Diraison
Giselle Joanna Lumley
Ken Frank Schaff (German)
Meerkat #2 Frank Schaff (German)
Mole Veronica Taylor
Smiley Oliver Wyman
Socrates Stephen Fry
Sushi Bella Hudson
Toby Jason Donovan
Vulture #2 Jimmy Zoppi
Winifred Vanessa Redgrave
Winston Jim Broadbent
  Peter Groeger (German)

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