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Teen Titans
Teen Titans

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 19 July 2003 - 16 January 2006
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Official Website: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/titans/

The theme song is performed by Japanese pop duo, Puffy AmiYumi, who later went on to star in their own animated series, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Trivia: In a twist of irony or as an inside joke, the 5 voice actors for Teen Titans were cast as the Wild Flush Gang in Justice League: "Wild Cards". To add more irony to the casting, Starfire, the bubbly outgoing Titan, was cast as the introverted Ace, while Raven, the quiet introverted Titan, was cast as the very vociferous Queen.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Más y Menos" Freddy Rodriguez
Adonis Greg Cipes
  David Markus "The Beast Within"
Alien Dog Dee Bradley Baker "Every Dog Has His Day"
Andre LeBlanc Dee Bradley Baker "For Real"
Aqualad / Garth Wil Wheaton
Arella Virginia Madsen "The Prophecy"
Atlas Keith David "Only Human"
Beast Boy / Garfield Logan Greg Cipes
  Rainer Fritzsche (German)
Billy Numerous Jason Marsden
Blackfire Mayumi Asano (Japanese) "Sisters," "Betrothed"
  Hynden Walch "Sisters," "Betrothed"
Bob Tom Kane "Employee of the Month"
Brain Glenn Shadix
Brother Blood John DiMaggio
Bumblebee / Karen Beecher T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh
Captain Dave Coulier "Deep Six"
Cash James Arnold Taylor "Car Trouble"
Chu-Hui the True Master Takayo Fischer "The Quest"
Cinderblock Dee Bradley Baker
Cironielian Chrysalis Eater Cathy Cavadini "Transformation"
Control Freak Alexander Polinsky
Cron David Sobolov "Sisters"
Cyborg / Victor Stone Khary Payton
Ding Dong Daddy David Johansen "Revved Up"
Doctor Light / Arthur Light Rodger Bumpass "Nevermore," "Birthmark," "Kole"
Elasti-Girl / Rita Farr Tara Strong "Homecoming"
Fang Will Friedle "Date With Destiny"
Fixit Tom Kenny "The Sum of His Parts"
Galfore Alan Shearman "Betrothed"
General Immortus Xander Berkeley
Gizmo Lauren Tom
Gnarrk Dee Bradley Baker
H.I.V.E. Headmistress Andrea Romano "Final Exam"
Hot Spot Khary Payton "Winner Take All"
  Bumper Robinson
Jinx Lauren Tom
Johnny Rancid Henry Rollins
Kai Rino Romano "Sisters"
Katarou Keone Young
Kid Flash Michael Rosenbaum
Killer Moth Thomas Haden Church "Date with Destiny"
  Marc Worden "Can I Keep Him?"
Kole Dorothée Pousséo (French) "Kole"
  Tara Strong "Kole"
Krall Michael Clarke Duncan "Cyborg the Barbarian"
Larry the Titan Dee Bradley Baker "Fractured"
Lightning Quinton Flynn "Forces of Nature"
Mad Mod Malcolm McDowell
Madame Rouge Hynden Walch
Malchior Greg Ellis "Spellbound"
Mammoth Kevin Michael Richardson
Master of Games Jim Cummings "Winner Take All"
Melvin Russi Taylor "Hide and Seek"
Mento / Steve Dayton Xander Berkeley "Homecoming"
Monsieur Mallah Glenn Shadix
Mother Mae-Eye Billie Hayes "Mother Mae-Eye"
Mumbo Jumbo Tom Kenny
Narrator Tony Jay "Transformation"
Negative Man / Larry Trainor Judge Reinhold "Homecoming"
Overload James Arnold Taylor "Car Trouble"
Pantha Diane Delano "Calling All Titans," "Titans Together"
Plasmus Dee Bradley Baker
Private H.I.V.E. Greg Cipes
Professor Chang James Hong "X"
Puppet King Tracey Walter "Switched"
Raskov Ed O'Ross "Snowblind"
Raven Karine Foviau (French)
  Katja Primel (German)
  Tara Strong
Red Star Jason Marsden
Red X Scott Menville
Robin Kang Soo Jin (Korean)
Robin / Dick Grayson Julien Haggege (German)
  Scott Menville
Robotman / Cliff Steele Peter Onorati "Homecoming"
See-More Kevin Michael Richardson
Silkie Dee Bradley Baker
Slade Ron Perlman
Soto Dee Bradley Baker "Every Dog Has His Day"
Speedy Mike Erwin
Spike John DiMaggio "Only Human"
Starfire / Koriand'r Hynden Walch
Teether Tara Strong "Hide and Seek"
Terra / Tara Markov Ranja Bonalana (German)
  Ashley Johnson
  Natsuko Kuwatani (Japanese)
The Source Rob Paulsen "Employee of the Month"
Thunder S. Scott Bullock "Forces of Nature"
Timmy Tantrum Russi Taylor "Hide and Seek"
Tramm Dave Coulier "Deep Six"
Trident Clancy Brown "Deep Six"
Trigon the Terrible Kevin Michael Richardson (2005)
  Keith Szarabajka "Nevermore"
Trogaar Gary Sturgis "Go"
Val Yor Stephen Root "TROQ"
Warp Xander Berkeley "How Long Is Forever?"
Wildebeest Dee Bradley Baker "Trust"
  Jim Cummings "Winner Take All"

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