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Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 09 October 2012

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral Havelock John Slattery
Anton Sokolov Roger L. Jackson
Aristocrat Mo Collins
  Brian T. Delaney
  Andre Sogliuzzo
Assassin Jon Curry
  Peter Jessop
Barrister Timsh John Mariano ("The Knife of Dunwall" DLC)
Billie Lurk Kristy Wu ("The Knife of Dunwall" DLC)
Boyle Sisters Anna Graves
Brigmore Witch Abby Craden ("The Brigmore Witches" DLC)
  Colleen O'Shaughnessey ("The Brigmore Witches" DLC)
Callista Curnow Lena Headey
City Watch Geoffrey Blake
  S. Scott Bullock
Corvo's Heart April Stewart
Custis Pendleton Zach Hanks
Daud Michael Madsen
Dead Eel Thug Kimberly Brooks ("The Brigmore Witches" DLC)
Delilah Copperspoon Erin Cottrell ("The Knife of Dunwall" DLC)
Empress Jessamine Kaldwin April Stewart
Female Street Speaker Carrie Fisher
Granny Rags Susan Sarandon
Guard Captain Geoff Curnow Christopher Corey Smith
Hatter Thug Kimberly Brooks ("The Brigmore Witches" DLC)
Lady Emily Kaldwin ChloŽ Grace Moretz
Lord Overseer Campbell Daniel Hagen
Lord Regent Hiram Burrows Kristoffer Tabori
Madam Prudence Jodi Carlisle
Male Street Speaker Gregg Berger
  S. Scott Bullock ("The Brigmore Witches" DLC)
Morgan Pendleton Zach Hanks
Nurse Trimble Enn Reitel ("The Brigmore Witches" DLC)
Piero Joplin Brad Dourif
Royal Torturer Nick Jameson
Slackjaw Al Rodrigo
Thalia Timsh Tricia Pierce ("The Knife of Dunwall" DLC)
Weeper Anna Graves
  Andre Sogliuzzo

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