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Batman: Bad Blood
Batman: Bad Blood

Genre: Animated Direct-to-Video Film
Release Date: 02 February 2016

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alfred Pennyworth James Garrett
Batman / Bruce Wayne Jason O'Mara
Batman II / Nightwing / Dick Grayson Sean Maher
Batwing / Luke Fox Gaius Charles
Batwoman / Kate Kane Yvonne Strahovski
Black Mask / Roman Sionis Steve Blum
Blockbuster John DiMaggio
Calculator / Noah Kuttler Jason Spisak
Chuckie Soi Matthew Mercer
Colonel Jacob Kane Geoff Pierson
Commissioner James Gordon Bruce Thomas
Firefly / Garfield Lynns Steve Blum
Hellhound Matthew Mercer
Heretic / Damian Wayne Clone Travis Willingham
Killer Moth / Drury Walker Jason Spisak
Lucius Fox Ernie Hudson
Mad Hatter / Jervis Tetch Robin Atkin Downes
President of the United States Richard McGonagle
Renee Montoya Vanessa Marshall
Reporter Christine Lakin
Robin / Damian Wayne Stuart Allen
Starfire / Koriand'r Kari Wahlgren
Talia al Ghul Morena Baccarin

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