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Garfield and Friends
Garfield and Friends

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 1988 - 1994
Voice Director: Mark Evanier

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Al Swindler Carl Ballantine
Aloysius Pig Kevin Meaney "Temp Trouble" "The Discount of Monte Cristo" "Kiddie Korner"
Announcer Rod Roddy "Over The Rainbow"
Bertie Buddy Bear Gregg Berger
Biff Rat Frank Welker "Basket Brawl"
Billy Buddy Bear Howard Morris
Binky Thom Huge
Bo Frank Welker
Bobby Buddy Bear Thom Huge
Booker Frank Welker
Cactus Jake Pat Buttram
Director Mark Evanier "Mistakes Will Happen"
Dr. Garbanzo Bean Frank Welker "Roboodie", "Robodie II"
Dr. Liz Wilson Julie Payne
Edward R. Furrow Frank Welker
Elmwood Kress Frank Welker "The Curse of Klopman"
Floyd Gregg Berger
Fox Howard Morris
Fred Duck Frank Welker
Garfield Lorenzo Music
General Mayhem Frank Welker "The Pizza Patrol"
Gort Thom Huge
Jack Nicholson-esque Mouse Frank Welker "Basket Brawl"
Jon Thom Huge
Jon's Boss Larry Storch "Caped Avenger"
Lanolin Julie Payne
Mad Man Murray Gregg Berger
Mailman Gregg Berger
Main Title Announcer Gary Owens
Mort Frank Welker
Mouse Announcer Dick Tufeld "The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test"
Nermal Desiree Goyette
Newscaster Greg Berg "Rip Van Kitty"
Odie Gregg Berger
Orson Pig Gregg Berger
  Stefano Onofri (Italian)
Penelope Victoria Jackson
Plato Frank Welker "The Bunny Rabbits Is Coming!", "Cock-A-Doodle Duel"
Rod Serling Frank Welker "The Lasagna Zone"
Roy Rooster Thom Huge
Sheldon Frank Welker
The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster Frank Welker "The Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster", "Return of the Incredibly Stupid Swamp Monster"
Wade Duck Howard Morris
Wart Howard Morris
(additional voices) Frank Buxton "TV of Tomorrow"
  June Foray
  Stan Freberg
  Harvey Korman
  Kenneth Mars

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