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Fantastic Max
Fantastic Max

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1988
Voice Director: Gordon Hunt

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
A.B. Sitter Gregg Berger
Arlene Fifelton (Max's Mother) Gail Matthius
Arnold Fifelton (Max's Father) Paul Eiding
Ben Letterman Benji Gregory
FX Nancy Cartwright
Germ Howard Morris "Journey to the Center of My Sister"
Goldie the Space Gypsy Hamilton Camp "All in a Babe's Work"
Max Fifelton Ben Ryan Ganger
Mountain Climber Howard Morris "Journey to the Center of My Sister"
Zoe Richards Elisabeth Harnois
(additional voices) Lewis Arquette
  Rene Auberjonois
  George Ball
  Susan Blu
  Earl Boen
  Sorrell Booke
  Greg Burson
  William Callaway
  Selette Cole
  Townsend Coleman
  Peter Cullen
  Brian Cummings
  Tim Curry
  Jennifer Darling
  Jerry Dexter
  Richard Erdman
  Pat Fraley
  Joan Gerber
  Dan Gilvezan
  Dorian Harewood
  Phil Hartman
  Dana Hill
  Jerry Houser
  Arte Johnson
  Zale Kessler
  Maurice LaMarche
  Aaron Lohr
  Danny Mann
  Kenneth Mars
  Kellie Martin
  Chuck McCann
  Don Messick
  Brian Stokes Mitchell
  Lorenzo Music
  Alan Oppenheimer
  Rob Paulsen
  Henry Polic II
  Roger Rose
  Neil Ross
  Ronnie Schell
  Avery Schreiber
  Susan Silo
  John Stephenson
  Andre Stojka
  Russi Taylor
  Susan Tolsky
  B.J. Ward
  Jimmy Weldon
  Frank Welker
  Edward Winter

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