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Loud House, The
Loud House, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 12 May 2016

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Dessert Storm" Host Charlie Schlatter "Room with a Feud"
"Swarm of the Zombies" Marathon Announcer Michael McDonald "Last Loud on Earth"
"The Dream Boat" Announcer Brian Stepanek "Roughin' It," "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos," "The Mad Scientist," "Love Birds"
"The Harvester" Narrator John DiMaggio "The Price of Admission"
"Vest Friends Forever" Host Daran Norris "Everybody Loves Leni"
"Zombie Bran" Commercial Announcer Gary Anthony Williams "Cereal Offender"
A. Kidd Ben Giroux "Cooked"
Abigail Jill Talley "Community Disservice"
Ace Savvy John DiMaggio "Deal Me Out"
Ace Savvy Narrator Jeff Bennett "Pulp Friction"
  Keith Ferguson "Kings of the Con"
Ad Voice Carlos Alazraqui "Missed Connection"
Adelaide Chang Lexi Sexton "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes"
Agnes Johnson Susan Blakeslee
Agnes Johnson's Mom Jill Talley "Stall Monitor"
Airport Security Guard Dee Bradley Baker "Legends"
Airport Woman Cristina Pucelli "Legends"
Albert "Pop-Pop" Fred Willard
Alexis Nika Futterman "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes"
Alien Brian Stepanek "Rocket Men"
Alistair Jessica DiCicco "Tricked"
Aloha Comrade Host Brian Stepanek "Cooked"
Amir Parsa Montazeri "The Write Stuff"
Amy Maile Flanagan "Net Gains"
  Kamali Minter "Stage Plight"
Andrew Jacob Hopkins "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru"
Angry Driver Brian Stepanek "Rita Her Rights"
Announcer Catherine Taber "Kings of the Con"
Annoyed Customer Brian Stepanek "Home of the Fave"
Appliance Robot Brian Stepanek "Mall of Duty"
Art Teacher Catherine Taber "Shell Shock"
Artie Dombrowski Daniel DiMaggio "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru," "Pasture Bedtime"
  Lara Jill Miller "Overnight Success"
Audience Kid Jessica DiCicco "Funny Business"
Audience Member Dino Andrade "Face the Music with the Casagrandes"
Aunt Pam's Parlor Commercial Announcer Nika Futterman "Any Given Sundae"
Automated Voice Kari Wahlgren "Rocket Men"
Baby Grey Griffin "Deal Me Out"
Bailey Jessica DiCicco "White Hare"
Ballerina Catherine Taber "Tricked"
Band Leader Carlos Alazraqui "Save the Date"
Bandmate John DiMaggio "House Music"
Banger's & Mosh Host John DiMaggio "Cooked"
Barbara Nika Futterman "White Hare"
Baseball Announcer Daran Norris "Good Sports"
  Rob Paulsen "The Old and the Restless"
Bass Player Jess Harnell "Yes Man"
Bates John DiMaggio "Out on a Limo"
Beatrice Lara Jill Miller "White Hare"
Beatrix Yates Stephanie Sheh "Future Tense"
Beau Yates Stephanie Sheh "Future Tense"
Beaverton Police Officer Jamie Kaler "Net Gains"
Bebe Cristina Pucelli "White Hare"
Becca Chang Melissa Joan Hart "Friended with the Casagrandes," "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Becky Lara Jill Miller "Party Down," "Deal Me Out," "Scales of Justice"
Belinda Lea Moreno "White Hare"
Bella Jessica DiCicco "White Hare"
Belle Yates Stephanie Sheh "Future Tense"
Benny Jessica DiCicco "L is for Love"
  Sean Giambrone "Stage Plight," "A Pimple Plan"
Bernadette Grey Griffin "White Hare"
Bernice Blair Dinucci "White Hare"
Bernie Fred Tatasciore "The Old and the Restless," "Heat Poet's Anxiety," "Geriantics"
Bert Daran Norris "Driving Ambition"
Bertha Blair Dinucci "White Hare"
Bertrand James Arnold Taylor "A Grave Mistake"
Beth Lisa Schaffer "White Hare"
Bethany Chrissy Cannone "White Hare"
Betty Catherine Taber "White Hare"
Beulah Grey Griffin "White Hare"
Beverly Catherine Taber "White Hare"
Bianca Altara Michelle "White Hare"
Bicyclist John DiMaggio "Homespun"
Big Rabbit Kid Addie Chandler "White Hare"
Biker #2 Brian Stepanek "Can't Hardly Wait"
Biker Girls Catherine Taber "Hand-Me-Downer"
Bill Buck Jeff Bennett "Pulp Friction"
Billy's Father Jess Harnell "Two Boys and a Baby"
Bippa Cristina Pucelli "White Hare"
Birdie Lea Moreno "White Hare"
Blair Liliana Mumy "White Hare"
Blake Bradley Jack Griffo "Fandom Pains"
Blanch Lara Jill Miller "White Hare"
Blarney John DiMaggio "For Bros About to Rock"
Bobbie Fletcher Karsyn Elledge "Snow Way Out"
Bobby Santiago Carlos Pena Jr.
Bodhi Nika Futterman "White Hare"
Boris Nika Futterman "A Grave Mistake"
Boy Cree Summer "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Boy #1 Roxana Ortega "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
Boy #2 Eric Bauza "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
Boyz Will Be Boyz Carlos Pena Jr. "For Bros About to Rock"
Brandy Lisa Schaffer "White Hare"
Bratty Kid Calvin Zwicker "Cereal Offender"
Bratty Kid's Mom Cristina Pucelli "Cereal Offender"
  April Stewart "Funny Business"
Brenda Liliana Mumy "White Hare"
Brie Chrissy Cannone "White Hare"
Brie Throwers Member Kelly Jean Badgley "Net Gains"
Brooke Altara Michelle "White Hare"
Brunette Woman Lara Jill Miller "Cereal Offender"
  Mindy Sterling "Rita Her Rights"
Bruno Eric Bauza "Friended with the Casagrandes," "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
Bud Grouse John DiMaggio
Bulldozer Driver Trevor Devall "Scales of Justice"
Bumper Yates Jr. Carson Pak "Future Tense"
Bumper Yates Sr. Barry Williams "Future Tense"
Burnt Bean Manager Cristina Pucelli "The Write Stuff"
Burpin' Burger Dad John DiMaggio "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Burpin' Burger Man James Arnold Taylor "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Burpin' Burger Mom Lauren Tom "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Burpin' Burger Teen James Arnold Taylor "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Bus Driver Carlos Alazraqui "Tripped"
  Richard Steven Horvitz "Back Out There"
  Phil LaMarr "Cooked"
  Brian Stepanek "Kick the Bucket List"
Buskbey Dino Andrade "Face the Music with the Casagrandes"
Buttery Voiced Narrator Grey Griffin "Driving Ambition"
Byron Maile Flanagan "Middle Men," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
CJ Casagrande Jared Kozak
Caleb McCauley Christopher Bell (XIX) "Sitting Bull"
Camille McCauley Bria Singleton "Sitting Bull"
Captain Kari Wahlgren "Rocket Men"
Car Lot Manager Jim Meskimen "Vantastic Voyage"
Card Shark Eric Bauza "Kings of the Con"
Carlino Casagrande Alex Cazares
Carlitos Casagrande Roxana Ortega
Carlos Casagrande Carlos Alazraqui
Carlota Casagrande Alexa Vega
Carnival Manager Trevor Devall "A Fair to Remember"
Carnival Worker Trevor Devall "A Fair to Remember"
Carol Pingrey Ashlyn Madden "Selfie Improvement"
Casey Christian J. Simon "City Slickers"
Cashier Kari Wahlgren "Shop Girl"
Chad Nika Futterman "Overnight Success"
Chandler McCann Daniel DiVenere "The Waiting Game," "Jeers for Fears"
Charles Dee Bradley Baker
Chaz Richard Steven Horvitz "Party Down," "L is for Love," "Deal Me Out"
Cheerleaders Catherine Taber "Hand-Me-Downer"
Cherry Dot Voice Catherine Taber "Any Given Sundae"
Cheryl Grey Griffin
Chinah Alexa Vega "Gown and Out"
Chunk John DiMaggio
Cici Lauren Tom "Middle Men," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Classmate Grey Griffin "Frog Wild"
Classmate #1 Joshua Rush "Save the Date"
Classmate #4 Jadon Sand "Save the Date"
Classmate's Mom Catherine Taber "Save the Date"
Claudette Jill Talley "Gown and Out"
Cliff Dee Bradley Baker
Club Manager Kath Soucie "Roadie to Nowhere"
Clyde McBride Caleel Harris (2016-2018)
  Andre Robinson (2018-)
Coach Hutch Jane Lynch "Driving Ambition"
Coach Keck Grey Griffin "Middle Men," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Coach Niblick Daran Norris "Driving Ambition"
Coach Pacowski Jeff Bennett
Colonel Austin John DiMaggio "Last Loud on Earth"
Colonel Crackers Fred Tatasciore "Hand-Me-Downer"
Commercial Announcer Charlie Schlatter "Read Aloud"
Computer Voice Catherine Taber "Making the Case"
Concierge Mollie Freilich "Tripped"
Conductor Carlos Alazraqui "City Slickers"
Cory Eric Bauza "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Creepy Little Girl Voice Jessica DiCicco "The Price of Admission"
Crowd Member Jessica DiCicco "Tripped"
Crying Baby Liliana Mumy "Come Sale Away"
Customer Carlos Alazraqui "Save the Date"
Customers Catherine Taber "Snow Way Out"
DJ Charlie Schlatter "Dance, Dance Resolution"
Dad #1 Charlie Schlatter "Funny Business"
Dad in the Van Fred Tatasciore "Vantastic Voyage"
Dana Lara Jill Miller "Cheater by the Dozen"
Dance Instructor Sunil Malhotra "Racing Hearts"
Danny Caleel Harris "White Hare"
Dante Cristina Pucelli "A Grave Mistake"
Darcy Homandollar Mariel Sheets "Friend or Faux?"
Darin McGowan Caricature John DiMaggio "Intern for the Worse"
Daughter Catherine Taber "Not a Loud"
Daughter in Car Lara Jill Miller "Tripped"
David Richard Steven Horvitz "L is for Love"
Delivery Girl Alex Cazares "Missed Connection"
Delivery Man Brian Stepanek "Undie Pressure"
Dental Patient Lara Jill Miller "Tripped"
Diane Chrissy Cannone "Net Gains"
Diem Doan Caricature Nika Futterman "Tricked"
  Lara Jill Miller "Suite and Sour"
Diner #1 Catherine Taber "Missed Connection"
Dog Show Judge Dee Bradley Baker "A Mutt Above"
  Jessica DiCicco "A Mutt Above"
  Grey Griffin "A Mutt Above"
Dona Alex Cazares "No Show with the Casagrandes"
Donnie Maddie Taylor "Toads and Tiaras"
Dr. Arturo Santiago Eugenio Derbez "Roll Model with the Casagrandes," "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
Dr. Feinstein Charlie Schlatter "A Novel Idea"
Dr. J Sirena Irwin "The Mad Scientist"
Dr. Shuttleworth Mindy Sterling "Potty Mouth"
Driver John DiMaggio "A Novel Idea"
Dry Cleaning Employee Catherine Taber "Game Off"
Dunk Tank Attendant Keith Ferguson "Kings of the Con"
Edwin John DiMaggio "Spell It Out," "Fandom Pains"
Eighth Grader Maile Flanagan "Middle Men"
El Falcón de Fuego Carlos Alazraqui "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
Elderly Woman Nika Futterman "Cooked"
Elevator Operator Ruben Garfias "City Slickers"
Employee Cristina Pucelli "Out on a Limo"
  Fred Tatasciore "Job Insecurity"
Exterminator Fred Tatasciore "Along Came a Sister"
Fairway University Professor Brian Stepanek "Driving Ambition"
Farmer Fred Tatasciore "Hand-Me-Downer"
Female Customer #1 Nika Futterman "Come Sale Away"
Female Customer #2 Catherine Taber "Come Sale Away"
Female Director Catherine Taber "Fool Me Twice"
  Jill Talley "Kings of the Con"
Female Judge Betsy Sodaro "Kings of the Con"
Female Mercado Customer Krizia Bajos "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Female Samples Employee Alex Cazares "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Female Vocalist Grey Griffin "Kings of the Con"
Fenton the Feel-Better Fox Jill Talley "The Crying Dame"
Fiona Alexandra Ryan "Crimes of Fashion," "Everybody Loves Leni," "Leader of the Rack"
Firefighter John DiMaggio "Missed Connection"
Flash Card Richard Steven Horvitz "Deal Me Out"
Flat Tire Blake Bertrand "Hand-Me-Downer," "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru"
Flip John DiMaggio
Football Announcer John DiMaggio "Good Sports"
Fourth Grade Girl Jill Talley "Community Disservice"
Free Sample Lady Jill Talley "Cereal Offender"
Frida Puga Casagrande Roxana Ortega
Friend #1 Brian Stepanek "Friendzy"
Friend #2 Jill Talley "Friendzy"
Friend #3 Jessica DiCicco "Friendzy"
Friend #4 Lara Jill Miller "Friendzy"
Fright TV Announcer Charlie Schlatter "Fandom Pains"
  Brian Stepanek "Spell It Out"
Fritz James Arnold Taylor "Suite and Sour"
GPS Catherine Taber "Any Given Sundae"
Gabby Kari Wahlgren "Crimes of Fashion"
Gabby's Mom Grey Griffin "Crimes of Fashion"
Game Announcer Fred Tatasciore "The Waiting Game"
Game Show TV Announcer John DiMaggio "Spell It Out"
Game Voice Brian Stepanek "Changing the Baby"
  Catherine Taber "Dance, Dance Resolution"
Gardening Grandma Jill Talley "Friendzy"
Geo Audrey Wasilewski
Georgia Shondalia White "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes"
Giovanni Carlos Alazraqui "Cheater by the Dozen"
Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro Host Ben Giroux "Cooked"
Girl Grey Griffin "Good Sports"
Girl #1 Lara Jill Miller "The Green House"
  Kari Wahlgren "Rocket Men"
Girl #2 Jill Talley "Rocket Men"
Girl Duck Audrey Wasilewski "Love Birds"
Girl Jordan Catherine Taber
Golf Announcer Daran Norris "Driving Ambition"
Goon #1 Jeff Bennett "Pulp Friction"
Goon #2 Nika Futterman "Pulp Friction"
Grant Grant Palmer "Snow Way Out," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow," "Cooked," "Recipe for Disaster"
Gravybot Carlos Alazraqui "The Loudest Thanksgiving"
Great Aunt Ruth Grey Griffin "Two Boys and a Baby"
Griselda Jill Talley "Spell It Out," "Fandom Pains"
Guessing Booth Attendant Nika Futterman "Kings of the Con"
Gus' Games and Grub Manager Fred Tatasciore "The Waiting Game"
Guy Grazer James Arnold Taylor "Present Tense"
Gym Class Girl Catherine Taber "Teachers' Union"
Haiku Georgina Cordova
Hammer Booth Attendant Cristina Pucelli "Kings of the Con"
Hank Mateus Ward "The Loudest Yard," "Tricked"
Harold McBride Wayne Brady
Hassan Grey Griffin "Tails of Woe"
Hattie Lara Jill Miller "Back Out There"
Hawk Wilbur Zaldivar "The Loudest Yard," "Tricked"
Hazeltucky Pool Manager Grey Griffin "Linc or Swim"
Heavenly Chorus Grey Griffin "Pulp Friction"
Hector Casagrande Ruben Garfias
High Roller Attendant Keith Ferguson "Kings of the Con"
Hipster Man Eric Bauza "Friended with the Casagrandes"
Hipster Woman Alex Cazares "Friended with the Casagrandes"
Home Decor Employee James Arnold Taylor "Present Tense"
Hot Air Balloon Operator Brian Stepanek "Missed Connection"
Hot Dog Customer Brian Stepanek "A Novel Idea"
Hot Dog Kid Jill Talley "Tricked"
Howard McBride Michael McDonald
Hunter Spector Brian Stepanek
Huntington Oaks Pool Manager Brian Stepanek "Linc or Swim"
Interviewer Jeff Bennett "Shop Girl"
Jackie Romi Dames "Everybody Loves Leni"
  Jessica DiCicco "Gown and Out"
Jancey Yates Maureen McCormick "Future Tense"
Jay Rock Brian Stepanek "Undie Pressure," "Making the Grade"
Jean Juan's French Mex Host Nika Futterman "Cooked"
Jeffery Ian James Corlett "Suite and Sour"
Jerry Kling Carlos Alazraqui "Tripped"
Jessica Grey Griffin "Geriantics"
Jock Daniel DiVenere "Jeers for Fears"
  Carlos Pena Jr. "Jeers for Fears"
Joey Richard Steven Horvitz "Party Down," "Deal Me Out"
Joke Guy Bruce Locke "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
Juice Clerk Sunil Malhotra "Racing Hearts"
Junior Comedian Contest Announcer Jim Meskimen "No Laughing Matter"
Junkyard Guy Jim Meskimen "Vantastic Voyage"
Karate Girl Jessica DiCicco "Back Out There," "Pasture Bedtime"
Kat Caitlin Carmichael "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru"
Kelly Jill Talley "Be Stella My Heart"
Kid Catherine Taber "Kings of the Con"
Kid #1 Grey Griffin "Deal Me Out"
Kid #2 Lara Jill Miller "Deal Me Out"
Kid in Audience Alex Cazares "Face the Music with the Casagrandes"
Kid in the Van #1 Nika Futterman "Vantastic Voyage"
Kid in the Van #2 Catherine Taber "Vantastic Voyage"
Kids Kimberly Brooks "Funny Business"
  Kari Wahlgren "Funny Business"
Kids in Flashback Collin Dean "Pulp Friction"
  Liliana Mumy "Pulp Friction"
Kindergarten Boy Nika Futterman "Community Disservice"
Kindergarten Girl Cristina Pucelli "Community Disservice"
Kindergartner Grey Griffin "Friend or Faux?"
  Lara Jill Miller "Shell Shock"
Kiosk Cashier John DiMaggio "Present Tense"
Kirby John DiMaggio "Out on a Limo"
Kirk Fogg Kirk Fogg "Legends"
Kotaro Phil LaMarr
Kurt Daran Norris "Everybody Loves Leni"
Kyle Marshall Caricature James Arnold Taylor "Suite and Sour"
La Galina Malvada Alex Cazares "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
La Tagresa Lauri Fraser "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
La Tormenta Sumalee Montano "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
Lab Scientist Brian Stepanek "The Mad Scientist"
Lana Loud Grey Griffin
Lana Loud Double Grey Griffin "Fool Me Twice"
Lance Juliocesar Chavez "The Green House"
  Jay Gragnani "Making the Case"
  Tex Hammond "Deal Me Out"
Lane Loud Rob Paulsen "One of the Boys"
Large Nose Girl Cristina Pucelli "Not a Loud"
Lars Loud Jessica DiCicco "One of the Boys"
Laundromat Manager Carlos Pena Jr. "No Show with the Casagrandes"
Lazer Maze Employee Sunil Malhotra "Racing Hearts"
Lee Catherine Taber "Pulp Friction"
Leif Loud Grey Griffin "One of the Boys"
Leni Loud Liliana Mumy
Leni Loud Double Liliana Mumy "Fool Me Twice"
Leo Ogie Banks "Stage Plight"
Leon Loud Grey Griffin "One of the Boys"
Levi Loud Lara Jill Miller "One of the Boys"
Lexx Loud Grey Griffin "One of the Boys"
Liam Lara Jill Miller
Lie-Detecting Camera Voice Jeff Bennett "House of Lies"
Lifespan-Increasing Suit Rob Paulsen "Geriantics"
Lily Loud Grey Griffin
Lincoln Loud Collin Dean (2016-2018)
  Tex Hammond (2018-)
  Grant Palmer (2016)
Lincoln Loud Double Ian James Corlett "Fool Me Twice"
Lincoln Loud's Dentures Jeff Bennett "Predict Ability"
Lindsey Sweetwater Jessica DiCicco "A Tattler's Tale"
Lisa Loud Lara Jill Miller
Lisa Loud Double Lara Jill Miller "Fool Me Twice"
Little Girl Jill Talley "Tripped"
Little Kid Lara Jill Miller "Deal Me Out"
Little Miss Cutie Pie Pageant Judge Daran Norris "Making the Case"
Little Miss Sunbeam Judge #1 Lara Jill Miller "Community Disservice"
Little Old Man Brian Stepanek "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos"
Loki Loud Seth Green "One of the Boys"
Lola Loud Grey Griffin
Lola Loud Double Grey Griffin "Fool Me Twice"
Loni Loud Sean Astin "One of the Boys"
Lord Tetherby Alan Ruck "Out on a Limo"
Lori Loud Catherine Taber
Lori Loud Double Catherine Taber "Fool Me Twice"
Luan Loud Cristina Pucelli
Lucha Libra Commentator Jorge Gutierrez "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
Lucy Loud Jessica DiCicco
Lucy Loud Double Jessica DiCicco "Fool Me Twice"
Luke Loud Greg Cipes "One of the Boys"
Luna Loud Nika Futterman
Luna Loud Double Nika Futterman "Fool Me Twice"
Lyberti Kamali Minter "Stage Plight"
Lynn Loud Jr. Jessica DiCicco
Lynn Loud Jr. (boy version) Jessica DiCicco "One of the Boys"
Lynn Loud Sr. Brian Stepanek
Lynn Loud Sr. Double Brian Stepanek "Fool Me Twice"
Maggie Kari Wahlgren "Funny Business"
Maggie's Mom Grey Griffin "Funny Business"
Mailman Brian Stepanek
Male Checkout Employee Eric Bauza "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Male Chef Bruce Locke "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Male Counselor Ben Giroux "Rocket Men"
Male Couple Eric Bauza "Friended with the Casagrandes"
  Ruben Garfias "Friended with the Casagrandes"
Male Customer #1 John DiMaggio "Come Sale Away"
Male Customer #2 Brian Stepanek "Come Sale Away"
Male Hi 'N' Buy Customer Sunil Malhotra "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Male Judge Eric Bauza "Kings of the Con"
Male Mercado Customer Eric Bauza "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Male Mercado Customer #1 Sunil Malhotra "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Male Vocalist Dee Bradley Baker "Kings of the Con"
Mall Cop Captain Jeff Bennett "For Bros About to Rock"
Man Jeff Bennett "House Music"
  John DiMaggio "Job Insecurity"
  Sunil Malhotra "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
  Daran Norris "Good Sports"
  Brian Stepanek "Suite and Sour"
Man in Car Daniel Ross "Tripped"
Mandee Ariel Fournier "Everybody Loves Leni"
Mango Man Brian Stepanek "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos"
Margarita Krizia Bajos "No Show with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Margie Grey Griffin "A Novel Idea"
Margo Roberts Brec Bassinger "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
  Lara Jill Miller "Intern for the Worse," "Friendzy"
Maria Santiago Sumalee Montano
Maya Kelly Jean Badgley "Net Gains"
Maybelle Telma Hopkins "No Show with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Mayor Davis Yvette Nicole Brown "Racing Hearts," "Last Loud on Earth"
Mazzy Cristina Pucelli "L is for Love"
Mechanical Voice Ben Giroux "Cooked"
Megan Cree Summer "Net Gains"
Michelle Rachel Butera "Really Loud Music"
Mick Swagger Jeff Bennett "Butterfly Effect," "For Bros About to Rock," "House Music"
Middle School Student Nika Futterman "Middle Men"
  James Arnold Taylor "Middle Men"
Miguel Tonatiuh "Everybody Loves Leni," "Leader of the Rack," "A Pimple Plan"
Miguel Puga Caricature Ian James Corlett "Suite and Sour"
Mildred Scalise Lara Jill Miller "Recipe for Disaster"
Miranda Cristina Pucelli "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes"
Miss Cute N' Mean Pageant Interviewer Catherine Taber "Chore and Peace"
Mollie Hannah Nordberg "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru," "Pasture Bedtime," "Tails of Woe"
  Catherine Taber "For Bros About to Rock"
Molly Wetta Annie Sertich "Read Aloud," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Mom in Car Catherine Taber "Tripped"
Morgan Maile Flanagan "Net Gains"
Morpheus Richard Steven Horvitz "A Grave Mistake"
Morticians Club Member Georgina Cordova "Fandom Pains"
  Jessica DiCicco "Fandom Pains"
  Liliana Mumy "Fandom Pains"
  Catherine Taber "Fandom Pains"
  Jill Talley "Fandom Pains"
Mourning Dove Dee Bradley Baker "Love Birds"
Moustache Guy Jill Talley "The Write Stuff"
Mover John DiMaggio "The Loudest Thanksgiving"
Moving Truck Driver Brian Stepanek "Fool Me Twice"
Mr. Bolhofner James Arnold Taylor "Middle Men," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Mr. Gurdle Curtis Armstrong "Stall Monitor"
Mr. Nakamura Bruce Locke "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes," "Roll Model with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Mr. Reynolds Eric Bauza "Friended with the Casagrandes"
Mr. Scully Phil LaMarr "Friended with the Casagrandes"
Mr. Spokes Richard Steven Horvitz "Back Out There," "Stall Monitor"
Mrs. Bernardo Grey Griffin "Jeers for Fears," "Stage Plight," "Cooked"
Mrs. DiMartino Sirena Irwin "Study Muffin"
Mrs. Flores Michelle C. Bonilla "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Mrs. Gurdle Grey Griffin "Stall Monitor"
Mrs. Jelinsky Susan Blakeslee "Linc or Swim," "Intern for the Worse"
  Grey Griffin "Driving Miss Hazy"
Mrs. Kernicky Lauri Fraser "Friended with the Casagrandes," "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes," "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
Mrs. Parker Cristina Pucelli "Tripped," "Shop Girl"
Mrs. Reynolds Nika Futterman "Friended with the Casagrandes"
Mrs. Shrinivas Angela Malhotra "Making the Grade," "Friend or Faux?"
Mrs. Vaporciyan Kath Soucie "Roadie to Nowhere"
Ms. Carmichael Kari Wahlgren "Shop Girl," "Crimes of Fashion," "Leader of the Rack"
Ms. Carmichael's Son Tucker Chandler "Crimes of Fashion"
Ms. Pham Lauren Tom "Middle Men"
Mummy Kid Brian Stepanek "Tricked"
Myrtle Jennifer Coolidge "Insta-gran," "Leader of the Rack," "Geriantics"
Navy Seal #1 Fred Tatasciore "The Old and the Restless"
News Announcer Brian Stepanek "Future Tense"
News Crew Member Trevor Devall "Scales of Justice"
News Reporter Catherine Taber
Newsman Tucker John DiMaggio "Butterfly Effect"
Nigel Nika Futterman "Tricked"
Nikki Natalie Coughlin "City Slickers"
Norm Jeff Bennett "Absent Minded," "Tails of Woe"
Nun Lara Jill Miller "Driving Miss Hazy"
Nurse Patti Lara Jill Miller "Teachers' Union," "Absent Minded," "Be Stella My Heart"
Obnoxious Guy Trevor Devall "Shop Girl"
Officer Schoffner Mindy Sterling "Rita Her Rights"
Old Woman Alex Cazares "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
  Jill Talley "Come Sale Away"
Oliver Carlton Byrd "Deep Cuts"
Olmec Dee Bradley Baker "Legends"
Orderly Phil LaMarr "Ruthless People"
Pageant Emcee Maddie Taylor "Gown and Out"
Pam Grey Griffin "Cheater by the Dozen"
Pam Fox Catherine Taber "Breaking Dad," "Sitting Bull"
Papa Wheelie Mason Vaughan "Hand-Me-Downer," "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru"
Par Sunil Malhotra "Roll Model with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes," "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
Park Kid Nika Futterman "A Pimple Plan"
Park Ranger Jeff Bennett "Raw Deal"
Party Boy Wyatt Griswold "Pasture Bedtime"
Passerby #1 Roxana Ortega "Face the Music with the Casagrandes"
Passerby #2 Dino Andrade "Face the Music with the Casagrandes"
Patchy Drizzle John DiMaggio "Snow Bored," "Homespun"
Paula Cree Summer "Net Gains," "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Paula's Mom Lara Jill Miller "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Penny Lara Jill Miller "Love Birds"
Pep John DiMaggio "No Such Luck," "Net Gains"
Percy John DiMaggio "Love Birds"
Persephone Lara Jill Miller "A Grave Mistake"
Pet Store Employee Brian Stepanek "Kick the Bucket List"
Photographer Susan Blakeslee "Frog Wild"
Photography Girl Grey Griffin "Middle Men"
Pizza Guy Brian Stepanek "Homespun"
Poetry Student #1 Grey Griffin "Head Poet's Anxiety"
Poetry Student #2 Lara Jill Miller "Head Poet's Anxiety"
Poetry Student #3 Fred Tatasciore "Head Poet's Anxiety"
Poetry Teacher Nika Futterman "Head Poet's Anxiety"
Police Officer John DiMaggio "Any Given Sundae"
  Alan Ruck "Out on a Limo"
  Brian Stepanek "Driving Miss Hazy"
  Fred Tatasciore "Friendzy"
Polly Pain Georgina Cordova "Dance Dance Resolution"
Port-a-Potty Occupant John DiMaggio "Tripped"
Postwoman Roxana Ortega "The Spies Who Love Me"
Pregnant Goth Mom Catherine Taber "Head Poet's Anxiety"
Preschooler #1 Catherine Taber "The Price of Admission"
Preschooler #2 Liliana Mumy "The Price of Admission"
Princess Valentina Roxana Ortega "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes"
Principal Phil LaMarr "Recipe for Disaster"
Principal Rivers Mela Lee "Deep Cuts"
Principal Wilbur T. Huggins Stephen Tobolowsky "Frog Wild," "Pulp Friction," "Absent Minded," "The Write Stuff"
Prisoner Trevor Devall "Net Gains"
  Matthew Willig "Tripped"
Public Address Announcer Wade Williams "The Loudest Yard"
Pucker Uppenheimer Jess Harnell "For Bros About to Rock," "Yes Man"
Quarterback Joshua Rush "The Loudest Yard"
Quizmaster Ian James Corlett "Fool Me Twice"
Record Store Owner Ian James Corlett "Roadie to Nowhere"
Referee Trevor Devall "Net Gains"
  Brian Stepanek "The Loudest Yard"
Rex Eric Bauza "Stage Plight"
Richie Evan Kishiyama "Jeers for Fears"
Ride Operator Nika Futterman "Kick the Bucket List"
Rip Hardcore Announcer John DiMaggio "Roughin' It"
Rita Loud Jill Talley
Rita Loud Double Jill Talley "Fool Me Twice"
Rival Coxswain Catherine Taber "Spell It Out"
Robot Jill Talley "The Mad Scientist"
Robot Arms Jill Talley "Can't Hardly Wait"
Ronnie Anne Santiago Izabella Alvarez (2019-)
  Breanna Yde (2016-2018)
Rosa Casagrande Sonia Manzano
Royal Woods Pool Manager Fred Tatasciore "Linc or Swim"
Royal Woods Roosters Coach Wade Williams "The Loudest Yard"
Ruby Nazneen Contractor "Stage Plight," "Deep Cuts"
Rusty Spokes Wyatt Griswold
Sam Sharp Alyson Stoner "Racing Hearts," "Deep Cuts"
  Jill Talley "L is for Love"
Sameer Makana Say "City Slickers"
Sasha Marlow Barkley "The Write Stuff"
Scalper John DiMaggio "For Bros About to Rock"
Scarecrow Cristina Pucelli "Jeers for Fears"
Schmitty Dee Bradley Baker "Pets Peeved"
School Cook James Arnold Taylor "Middle Men"
Scoots Grey Griffin
Scout Leader Grey Griffin "Racing Hearts"
  April Stewart "Patching Things Up"
Sean Jess Harnell "For Bros About to Rock"
Sebastian Romi Dames "Everybody Loves Leni"
Secretary Grey Griffin "Patching Things Up"
Security Panel Voice Grey Griffin "Pipe Dreams"
Semi-Truck Cat Dee Bradley Baker "Pets Peeved"
Senior Rob Paulsen "The Old and the Restless"
Senior Male Gift Wrap Customer Charlie Schlatter "Leader of the Rack"
Senior Male Hat Customer James Sie "Leader of the Rack"
Sergei Fred Tatasciore "Vantastic Voyage," "Job Insecurity"
Sergio Carlos Alazraqui "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos," "City Slickers"
Severed Head Jill Talley "Tricked"
Seymour Rob Paulsen "The Old and the Restless," "Insta-gran," "Geriantics"
Shannon Grey Griffin "Stage Plight"
Shopper #1 Kari Wahlgren "Shop Girl"
Sid Chang Leah Mei Gold
Siri-Like Voice Jill Talley "Kick the Bucket List"
Skippy Richard Steven Horvitz "L is for Love"
Sleepover Kid #1 Nika Futterman "Overnight Success"
Sleepover Kid #3 Grant Palmer "Overnight Success"
Sloppy's Worker Man John DiMaggio "Come Sale Away"
Small Man Brian Stepanek "Roadie to Nowhere"
Smellwood Brosin Charlie Schlatter "Read Aloud"
Soccer Coach Cree Summer "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Spa Attendant Alexa Vega "Gown and Out"
Spa Customer Maddie Taylor "Gown and Out"
Space Cadets Experience Commercial Announcer Ben Giroux "Rocket Men"
Spencer Ogie Banks "Stage Plight," "Deep Cuts"
Sports Announcer Jamie Kaler "No Such Luck," "Net Gains"
Spunk E. Pigeon Jill Talley "Read Aloud"
Stage Manager Grey Griffin "ARGGH! You For Real?"
  Jill Talley "Fool Me Twice"
Stan Stankco Cooper Barnes "Legends"
Stanley Chang Ken Jeong "Face the Music with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Steak Stankco Jace Norman "Legends"
Stella Haley Tju
Stella's Mom Stephanie Sheh "Stall Monitor"
Steve Dee Bradley Baker "Legends"
  Phil LaMarr "Vantastic Voyage"
Stevie Fox Lara Jill Miller "Sitting Bull"
Stroller Mom Grey Griffin "Hand-Me-Downer"
Student Jill Talley "Driving Ambition"
Stuffed Teddy Bear Jessica DiCicco "Change of Heart"
Sue Veronica Cartwright "The Old and the Restless"
Sully A.J. LoCascio "Deep Cuts"
Super Mart Manager Gary Anthony Williams "Cereal Offender"
Superintendent Chen Kana Koinuma "The Write Stuff"
T-Bone John DiMaggio "Can't Hardly Wait"
  Fred Tatasciore "Hand-Me-Downer," "The Old and the Restless"
TV Announcer Eric Bauza "Roll Model with the Casagrandes"
  Ruben Garfias "No Show with the Casagrandes"
  Michael McDonald "Rocket Men"
  Daran Norris "Sound of Silence"
  Brian Stepanek "No Such Luck," "Pets Peeved"
TV Robot Voice Brian Stepanek "Mall of Duty"
TV Show Announcer Cristina Pucelli "Any Given Sundae"
Tabby Pamela Adlon "Dance, Dance Resolution"
Tad Brian Stepanek "Party Down"
Tall Burly Man Carlos Pena Jr. "ARGGH! You For Real?"
Ted Jim Meskimen "Vantastic Voyage"
Teddy Bear Voice Lara Jill Miller "Come Sale Away"
Teen Carny Trevor Devall "A Fair to Remember"
Teen Girl Jessica DiCicco "Party Down"
  Grey Griffin "Spell It Out"
  Lara Jill Miller "Kings of the Con"
  Cristina Pucelli "Crimes of Fashion"
Teenage Girl Customer Jill Talley "Roadie to Nowhere"
Teenage Karate Girl Grey Griffin "Deep Cuts"
Temple Guard Brian Stepanek "Legends"
Teri Jessica DiCicco "Cheater by the Dozen"
Terrifying Zombie Catherine Taber "Get the Message"
The Kitty Dee Bradley Baker "Kings of the Con"
The Kitty's Trainer Eric Bauza "Kings of the Con"
Tie Guy Jeff Bennett "Shop Girl"
Tie Guy's Wife Lara Jill Miller "Shop Girl"
Tie Sales Clerk Phil LaMarr "Present Tense"
Time Machine Brian Stepanek "The Mad Scientist"
Timothy McCole Bill Mumy "A Fridge Too Far"
Todd the Robot Brian Stepanek "Making the Grade"
Tony Charlie Schlatter "Room with a Feud"
Tough Guy John DiMaggio "Mall of Duty"
Trashy John DiMaggio "Chore and Peace"
Trent Tristian Chase "Save the Date"
  Steele Gagnon "Jeers for Fears"
  Gunnar Sizemore "Deal Me Out"
Trevor Ben Giroux "Rocket Men"
Truck Driver Daniel Ross "Tripped"
Tween #1 Kimberly Brooks "Funny Business"
Tween #2 Charlie Schlatter "Funny Business"
Twin Sister #1 Liliana Mumy "Raw Deal"
Twin Sister #2 Lara Jill Miller "Raw Deal"
Umpire John DiMaggio "No Such Luck"
Upperclassman James Arnold Taylor "Middle Men"
Victoire Dee Bradley Baker "A Mutt Above"
Video Game Voice Brian Stepanek "Health Kicked," "Game Boys"
Viking Singer Lara Jill Miller "For Bros About to Rock"
Villain Ruben Garfias "No Show with the Casagrandes"
Vito Filliponio Carlos Alazraqui "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos," "No Show with the Casagrandes," "Face the Music with the Casagrandes," "Store Wars with the Casagrandes"
Waiter Carlos Alazraqui "Cheater by the Dozen," "Tripped"
  Trevor Devall "Shop Girl"
  James Sie "Leader of the Rack"
Walt Dee Bradley Baker
Warren Collin Dean "White Hare"
White-Haired Mom Grey Griffin "Not a Loud"
Whitney Wetta Caricature Catherine Taber "Suite and Sour"
Wild Card Willy Cosplayer Eric Bauza "Kings of the Con"
Wizard Kid Cristina Pucelli "Tricked"
Woman Nika Futterman "Shop Girl"
  Grey Griffin "Tripped"
  Lara Jill Miller "Mall of Duty"
  Jill Talley "Present Tense"
  Kari Wahlgren "Funny Business"
Woman in Car Nika Futterman "Tripped"
Woman on Police Scanner Jill Talley "Lock 'N' Loud"
Workout Coach Jill Talley "Come Sale Away"
Worm Brian Stepanek "Game Off"
Wyatt Brian Stepanek "Tricked"
Yoga Instructor John DiMaggio "Garage Banned"
Zach Jessica DiCicco
Zombie Nika Futterman "Jeers for Fears"
  Brian Stepanek "Last Loud on Earth"
Zombie Boy Calvin Zwicker "Cereal Offender"
Zombie Girl Lara Jill Miller "Cereal Offender"
(additional voices) Jonathan Hylander "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes"

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