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What's with Andy?
What's with Andy?

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 03 June 2001

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Al Larkin Dee Bradley Baker (2001-2002)
  Arthur Holden (2003-2007)
Andrew Leech Craig Francis (2003-2007)
  Scott Parkin (2001-2002)
Andy Larkin Ian James Corlett
Craig Bennett Carlos Alazraqui (2001-2002)
  Matt Holland (2003-2007)
Danny Pickett Daniel Brochu (2003-2007)
  Bumper Robinson (2001-2002)
Freida Larkin Cathy Cavadini (2001-2002)
  Susan Glover (2003-2007)
Jen Larkin Jessica Kardos (2003-2007)
  Jenna von O (2001-2002)
Jervis Coltrane Dee Bradley Baker (2001-2002)
  Bruce Dinsmore (2003-2007)
Lori Mackney Jaclyn Linetsky (2003-2004)
  Eleanor Noble (2006-2007)
  Colleen O'Shaughnessey (2001-2002)
Martin Bonwick Dee Bradley Baker (2001-2002)
  Michael Yarmush (2003-2007)
Mayor Henry K. Roth Rick Jones (2003-2007)
  Tom Kenny (2001-2002)
Mr. Hutchins Ian James Corlett (2001-2002)
  Bruce Dinsmore (2003-2007)
Peter Lik Danny Cooksey (2001-2002)
  Mark Hauser (2003-2007)
Principal DeRosa Maurice LaMarche (2001-2002)
  Terrence Scammell (2003-2007)
Steve Rowgee Jr. Craig Francis (2003-2007)
  Tom Kenny (2001-2002)
Steve Rowgee Sr. Terrence Scammell (2003-2007)
  Andre Sogliuzzo (2001-2002)
Teri Cathy Cavadini (2001-2002)
  Holly Gauthier-Frankel (2003-2007)

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