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Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh
Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 29 July 2016

A Netflix original series.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Apple Dayci Brookshire "Party of Slumber"
Barker Tom Kenny "Get Me to the Gorg"
Ben Schwartz Ben Schwartz "Home for the Holidays"
Benny Tom Kenny "Angerdome"
Bobe Dawnn Lewis "Wrinkly Humans People"
Boovius Wayne Knight "The Gray Matter"
Brandon Ryan Crego "Werewolves of Chicago"
Chelsea Abby Elliott "Party of Slumber"
Chercophonie Cher "Chercophonie"
Chicken O'Reilly Tom Kenny "Sant-Oh"
Denton Mark Whitten "Podlings"
DieAnne Grey Griffin "Angerdome"
Donny Nolan North
Dr. Ahhh Tom Kenny "Boov Flu Blues", "Struck Through the Heart"
Eye Patch Greg Mark Whitten "Little Kisses"
Fox Atticus Shaffer "Kung Boov"
Garfeldt Mark Whitten "Dumpster Dining"
Gorg Babies Dee Bradley Baker "Sitting on Babies"
Gorgantua Dee Bradley Baker "Sitting on Babies"
Gratuity "Tip" Tucci Rachel Crow
Guppa Nolan North "Wrinkly Humans People"
Jaz Dayci Brookshire "Party of Slumber"
Julio Jon Heder "Best Frenemies"
K-Trong Tom Kenny "Get Me to the Gorg", "Sitting on Babies"
Kandas Grey Griffin "Podlings"
Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson "Home for the Holidays"
Kreegle Dee Bradley Baker "The Gray Matter"
Krunkle Thurop Van Orman "Krunkle Krush"
Kyle Matt Jones
Laramie Tom Kenny "Dumpster Dining"
Lucy Ana Ortiz
Lupen Derp Ryan Crego
Moochie Beth Behrs
Oh Mark Whitten
Papa 'Lectric Tom Kenny "Struck Through the Heart"
Pauline Pappernacky Cheri Oteri
Pig Ryan Crego
Pom Pom Pappernacky Kelly Donohue "Beauty Tip", "Party of Slumber"
Reejis Mark Whitten "Podlings"
Sharzod Ron Funches
Slushious Nika Futterman
  Anna Konkle "Boov Up and Drive", "Angerdome"
Smek Nolan North
Smudge Marcus Scribner "Kung Boov"
Terry Mark Whitten "Podlings"
Traffic Cone Larry Nolan North "Little Kisses"
(additional voices) Phil LaMarr
  Aimee Proal

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