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Niko and the Sword of Light
Niko and the Sword of Light

Genre: Animated Internet Series
Release Dates: 21 July 2017 - 06 September 2019

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aura Jennifer Hale "From the Cliffs of Catastrophe to the Pools of Destiny"
Belatha Kari Wahlgren
Captain Nekton Diane Delano "Sky Whale City"
Comodore Algus Chompsky Dee Bradley Baker
Diggantus Stephen Root "From the Tunnels of Terror to the Den of Doom"
Dingle Kevin Michael Richardson
Dolphin Queen Susan Silo "From the Sea of Suffering to the Faraway Shore"
Doris Kari Wahlgren
Dusty Jennifer Hale
Flicker Dee Bradley Baker
Jackal Corey Burton
King Scampi John Michael Higgins "From the Sea of Suffering to the Faraway Shore"
Lantern Fish Phil Hayes "From the Sea of Suffering to the Faraway Shore"
Little Girl Hynden Walch "A Day in Carondolet"
Lump Kevin Michael Richardson
Mandok Tom Kenny
Mugwhump Jim Cummings "From the Swamp of Sorrow to the Hills of Humiliation"
Nar Est Steve Blum
Narrator Jim Cummings
Niko Andre Robinson
Olivier Falstaff Scenechuer Josh Groban "The Thorn of Contention"
Otto the Automatron Clancy Brown "The Automatron"
Prickletwister Tom Kenny "From the Tumbledowns to the Gap of Gloom"
Prince of Whale Patton Oswalt "Sky Whale City"
Princess Lyra Kari Wahlgren
Rasper Steve Blum
Roxy Jennifer Hale "From the Endless Expanse to the Thorns of Tribulation"
Sargous Tom Kenny
Shrimp Trooper Kevin Michael Richardson "From the Sea of Suffering to the Faraway Shore"
Windcrag Laraine Newman "The Forest of Fangs"
Wispy Hynden Walch
Xerxes Dee Bradley Baker

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