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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

Genre: Animated TV Series
Release Dates: 01 August 2017 - 06 September 2019

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ben Tennyson Tara Strong "Crossover Nexus"
Captain Planet David Coburn "The Power is Yours!"
Dendy Melissa Fahn
Doctor Greyman Dana Snyder
Dr. Blight Tessa Auberjonois "The Power is Yours!"
Dr. Sphinxon Constance Shulman "Radical Rescue"
Elsa Frankenstein Pat Musick "Monster Party"
Enid Ashly Burch
Fink Lara Jill Miller
Four Arms John DiMaggio "Crossover Nexus"
Garnet Estelle "Crossover Nexus"
I Am Weasel Michael Dorn "Crossover Nexus"
Ilana Tara Strong "Crossover Nexus"
Jake the Dog John DiMaggio "Crossover Nexus"
K.O. Stephanie Nadolny
  Courtenay Taylor
Kwame LeVar Burton "The Power is Yours!"
Lord Boxman Jim Cummings
Mr. Gar David Herman
Mr. Logic James Urbaniak
Phantasma Russi Taylor "Monster Party"
Radicles Ian Jones-Quartey
Radicles (singing voice) Sterling Jarvis "Rad Likes Robots"
Raven Tara Strong "Crossover Nexus"
Real Magic Skeleton Ben Jones
Red Strike Michael Dorn "Crossover Nexus"
Shannon Kari Wahlgren
Shnitzel John DiMaggio "Crossover Nexus"
Sibella Susan Blu "Monster Party"
Tanis Natalie Palamides "Monster Party"
Twisty Ali Wong "Soda Genie"
Uncle Grandpa Peter Browngardt "Crossover Nexus"
Winnie Kristen Li "Monster Party"

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